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Creating Fictional Peoples

Sorry about not posting last week. I’ll try to be more on the ball from now on. Bad writer, bad!

I do a lot of Race building for my SciFi projects that I don’t end up using. Mainly, because it’s fun to make up weird aliens with stranger culture.

For me it always starts with a concept. Long time ago I created this race called the Runnil. Tall, with a long muzzle, and elaborate system of antlers or horns on their head, they were supposed to be slightly deer like.

Then, I had to figure if the way they were actually worked based on what science I understood and could research. I suppose I didn’t have to do that, but I think that’s half the joy of the genre making something that could be real.

From what I’ve read, seen, that scientist think it somewhat unlikely for a prey like Species to evolve to a ‘master’ species. Prey species are less intelligent on our own world. (This isn’t always the case, this is a generality).

What would elevate this prey species into something more intelligent? What if as a defensive action they evolved a connection to each other, subconsciously to alert themselves to predators. There is some theory that already exists. Over time maybe that evolved into Telepathy, because telepathy is cool.

Alright, they are telepathic aliens. A bit of leap there, but whatever, how would that change their culture? What rules or social mores would a race of telepaths have that would completely different from a verbal, vocal race like us?

First, I considered if they would be mute. Yet, if I went with my original plan, they did use communication other than telepathy at some point. Therefore, I left them capable of language. What I did change is that they stopped evolving a language in the traditional sense once telepathy became powerful enough. Only once they ran into other races who were not telepathic were they forced to redevelop that skill.

I figured headspace was not a private area. That there was probably only some areas where other of their species would not be allowed. That it would force their society to be open with each other. Or, more closed from each other. I mulled over which would be more interesting. A race of hermits didn’t appeal to me, so I went the other direction.

They were open with each other, their society fluid. Leadership structure following more or less a version of democracy, since communication between them is very free flowing.

That influenced how much they cared for fashion. They focused on the mind so much; I thought that clothing would end up being more comfortable and less about appearances. However, I figured after contact with other races would probably have an impact.

And, so on. How I do any kind of building world, race, or otherwise is to ask a series of questions that always leads to more questions. You’ll never answer all the questions. We can’t answer them all about the human species either. Eventually, you have to go until you’re comfortable to write about them.

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Creating Fictional Peoples


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