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Be Courageous Enough To Step Into Your Destiny

By Novel Writer Denise Turney

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Have you ever had a vision? In just an instant, have you seen yourself in a specific place, finalizing a certain achievement? Let that happen just once and you might believe in Destiny. On the other hand, even if you say that you don’t believe in destiny, such an event could change your life. Why?

Sparks of Inner Vision

Inner vision lets you see your life differently. Instead of seeing yourself as merely enduring whatever comes at you, you may start to see your life attached to a purpose. This happened to me when I was a kid. At the ripe age of 10 years, I had an experience that revealed to me that my destiny was to be a writer.

Now, this wasn’t something that I had asked or prayed for. Instead, it was revealed to me. It’s odd to me now how I linked this revelation to worldly success. In fact, I don’t think a year passed after I’d received the revelation before I started fantasizing and imagining myself selling millions of copies of my books. If I only knew what was up ahead, which brings us to the topic of this article.

Dreams and fantasies aside, it takes Courage of conviction to walk into your destiny. But, that makes it sound like it’s a choice as to whether or not you step into your purpose. And my experience has been that it may not be a choice.

Research Your Calling

Oh. You could refuse to do what you know deep inside you should do. Yet, that choice won’t leave you happy. Even more, you might struggle for the rest of your physical experience to live in peace. So, you’re strongly encouraged not to run away from what you’re here to do. By all means, walk into your destiny.

Before you begin, research your calling. Read specific examples of courage that are directly related to your destiny. After it was revealed to me that I was a writer, I started catching the bus to the downtown Knoxville bookstore. Once inside the bookstore, I searched for research books that focused on the art of novel writing.

Another action that I took was to buy magazines geared toward writers. Back in those days, I bought and read a lot of copies of Writer’s Digest and The Writer. Later, I added Poets & Writers to my list of magazines to buy and read. Over the years, that branched out into exploring the pages of magazines and directories like Publisher’s Weekly and Literary Market Place.

Keep Learning

Those early days were spent learning, learning, learning. And, of course, writing.

Because this world is not magical, I highly encourage you to research the field that your destiny abides in. Not only will this help you to see what may be required of you to walk into your destiny, it could protect you from slipping into magical thinking.

While you’re researching the field that your destiny is in, be bold and courageous. Find the courage to start taking smart action. For example, if your destiny is to open and manage a Health Clinic, consider enrolling in medical courses. Complete building licensing forms. Get familiar with tax laws that impact health clinics. You could even start conducting market research to discover best places to open the health clinic.

Facing Obstacles

That’s just the beginning. As you conduct research and start to walk into your destiny, keep learning. Also, network with people who are living examples of courage. These are people who have succeeded at doing what you’re trying to do. As a tip, if your confidence could use strengthening, consider keeping your destiny to yourself.

Wait until you become bold and courageous to share your destiny with others. Why? Another person’s doubts and fears could jab your confidence, causing you to stop. And this is just one experience that could hamper your efforts.

Slow success or seemingly no success is another potentially big roadblock. An example of this is when you’ve done lots of research on your destiny field. Following the research, you’ve taken courses and continue to learn. Added to that are the smart actions that you take to walk into your destiny. All this and more – and results could still fall short.

Overcoming Challenges

Back to the destiny of opening and managing a health clinic. As it regards smart preparation actions, you might have improved your credit. Then, you might have taken out a lease on a building, purchased medical equipment and started interviewing potential employees. Because you’re serious about your stepping into your destiny, you may have purchased marketing tools to help get the word out about your new health clinic.

You’ve done so much. Yet, after your health clinic opens, you could experience financial challenges due to new regulations. That or you might find yourself faced with a staffing shortage. Or you could find yourself dealing with clients who try to pay you in “sad stories” instead of cash or insurance.

Courage of Conviction

Now, is not the time to abandon your destiny. What this is a time for is courage of conviction. As a saying goes, remember why you started. Exercise your mental courage and inspire yourself to keep advancing. Ways to do this include:

  • Reading biographies and autobiographies of bold and courageous people who helped to reshape the world
  • Visiting a mentor and discussing your concerns
  • Seeking answers and insights from industry leaders
  • Asking for assistance from area influencers (these could be financiers, real estate experts, marketing specialists, etc.)
  • Building a team of like-minded people who offer each other strategy, financial, technical and organizational support

Also, see yourself as a success. Just don’t slip into magical thinking. In other words, don’t fall into the trap of thinking that things are going to improve or work out simply because you want them to. Stay flexible and adapt. Keep reminding yourself that nothing in this world goes unchanged. Just because your dream hasn’t been fully achieved yet, that doesn’t mean that you’ll never walk into your destiny.

Be Bold and Courageous

Find the courage to ask for what you want as you continue this journey. This is very important, as it’s really hard to get what you want if you don’t ask. Each day take a step forward. Call an influencer. Complete a required training. Try using new technology tools and resources.

Engage in online and offline marketing. Keep growing your teams as needed. Incorporate sufficient quality rest and a healthy diet into your day. This can keep your energy up. Definitely keep taking smart risks, the types of risks that require you to be bold and courageous.

Remember that this is a long journey. It’s more a marathon than a sprint. Because your destiny may be linked to your passions, the rewards may easily be both internal and external. If you don’t quit, when you walk into your destiny, you may see how many other people were linked to your success. You just might change more people’s lives than you imagine. Keep going!

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Be Courageous Enough To Step Into Your Destiny


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