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Seven Advantages That Make Books Top Entertainment Choice

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By Books Entertainment Writer Denise Turney

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Remember that time when you heard a story that kept you on the edge of your seat? While you listened to the story, your heart may have beat faster. Even more, you may have actually felt the shift. Or, you may have experienced a deep sense of peace, warmth, humor or even sadness, all of this due to a story. This is one of the main reasons why good books, both New York Times best sellers and midlist books, are at the heart of entertainment.

Books Build Upon The Entertainment Core

Clearly, good books are built upon the heart of entertainment’s core — storytelling. Think about it. Your favorite movies, television shows, live stage plays and even popular songs and video games, rely on storytelling. It might even be argued that dance leans on storytelling. At first glance, advantages of reading popular books and lesser known good books include entertainment, mind travel, exploration and suspended left brain thinking.

Yet, there are more advantages associated with reading good books. Some of these advantages may be hidden. But, that doesn’t mean that you’re not getting more from reading books or listening to the best audiobooks. In fact, check out these seven advantages that make books a top entertainment choice:

  • Education – By reading good books you not only learn about the topic that the book focuses on, you also broaden your vocabulary. If you read books that have sections that are written in another language, you could learn a new language. Nonfiction books and self help books also teach you about a myriad of topics, including the brain, health, wealth management, inner healing, governments, cultures, history, science and geography.
  • Stress Reducer – As an avid book reader, you already know how reading good books lowers stress. It may take 20 minutes before your brain shifts from a worry that you’ve been investing far too much time in to the story that you’re reading. Yet, once that shift occurs, you may settle into the story and, before you know it, you’ve forgotten what you were worrying about. Your mind will have broken free. Although it may not be talked about a lot, this could well be a leading reward that’s derived from reading good books.

More Advantages Associated With Reading Good Books

  • Empathy Booster – The best fictional books dig deep into the human condition. Characters in great books confront issues that humans have been facing for decades, sometimes centuries. Furthermore, it’s for this reason that works by writers like William Shakespeare remain relevant centuries after those stories were written. Learn what motivates characters to do what they do, and you could become more empathetic in your day-to-day life.
  • Brain Exercise – Here’s a benefit gained from reading books that crosses both sides of your brain. Read a mix of scientific or heavily researched books and great fiction and you can exercise both the left and right sides of your brain. Choose to read different types of books, and you can do more to boost your cognitive abilities. You might especially notice this when you read books that require you to complete worksheet types of exercises.
  • Improved Sleep – Lower stress can lead to improved sleep. Similar to watching a good movie, reading a good book could lull you into a restful sleep. As a tip, don’t be surprised if you have dreams about characters or experiences that occur in a novel, especially characters and experiences that are similar to what you may be dealing with.

Reading Good Books Offers Real Benefits

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  • Better Communication – Watching characters deal with challenges can help you to learn better ways to communicate with the people in your life. Even more, as you read more books, your vocabulary and deeper empathy can strengthen your communication. Here’s another way that reading can lead to better communication.
  • Continual Growth – Whether you’re reading good books and popular books to learn, to be entertained or to reduce stress, as you continue to read books, you can continue to learn. You can continue to grow as you keep reading good books.

Furthermore, reading books offers a great escape from life routines. It’s also a good way to take a recess from watching or listening to news programs. And, who doesn’t want a break from watching or listening to one negative event after another?

Lower Your Mental Defenses

Also, if you’re a fan of self help books, you could work through a long term emotional or mental block while reading. Another takeaway that you might get from reading well researched self help books is the inspiration and the empowerment to start practicing self-awareness.

This single change could see your life broaden and grow sweeter. After all, if you’re not aware of how you could be arresting your own development or holding yourself back, you might not know what to change in order to break free. This reveals another advantage gained from reading good books.

Reading good books helps you to lower your mental defenses. Get caught up in a story and it could be days after you finish a novel before you see links between a character in a novel and yourself. That or weeks could pass before you notice that the main characters in popular books you love struggle with a similar relationship, childhood, sexual or emotional issue that you do.

Real Links Between Your Life And Your Favorite Books

Let the characters transition from surviving to transforming to thriving and you might, even if it’s only subconsciously, start to believe that you too can and will make these rewarding transformations. In fact, if you consider the types of books that you’re attracted to, you might spot a link between what you’re dealing with in your life and what goes on in these favorite books of yours.

So, enjoy reading good books, be they fiction or non-fiction. Let your inner light guide you toward popular books, self help books and New York Times best sellers that speak to what you’re dealing with now. You may just get a lot more than an emotional lift from those books. You might put those books down and realize that you’ve gained a lot more than entertainment.

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Seven Advantages That Make Books Top Entertainment Choice


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