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7 Podcasts Marketing Tips

By African American Books Writer Denise Turney

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Get to know these 7 podcasts marketing tips to tap into your consumer demographic. These marketing tips can work whether you want to create Audio or video Podcast shows or you’re looking to promote books, services or products by interviewing with entrepreneurs and radio DJs on their podcasts. To start, find a good record video podcast directory.

Audio For Podcasts And Podcast Directories

iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn and are a few podcasts directories. Other podcasts directories include iHeartRadio, Overcast, Pocket Casts and Google Play. Of course, you could also start a YouTube podcast show. These podcast directories are great places to distribute your shows. More about this later in this article.

Even if you’re interviewing as an author sharing her books on an audio only or video podcast, focus on the specific points that you want to share during the interview. Here are ideas for audio for podcast and video focus areas:

  • Kick off the podcast interview by sharing your name, the title of your latest books, products or services.
  • Tell podcasts viewers and podcast listeners what your website URL is. (Don’t expect the podcast host to share your website URL. Podcast hosts have lots to remember. They could easily forget to share your URL.)
  • Also, share a humorous or insightful fact about yourself. Even more, you could share insight on how or why you created the books, products or services that you want to talk about.
  • Be nature. Remember, you’re about to share good information with the podcast viewers and podcast listeners.

Recording Audio For Podcast

Relax, and leave it to the host to polish the recording audio for podcast. The same applies for video podcasts. Here are seven more podcast marketing tips that are good to remember:

  1. Use a good system while recording audio for podcast shows. As a tip, if you’re using a telephone, consider going with a land line phone. Why? A land line phone may come in clearer than a cell phone when recording audio for podcast shows. And, you can get a podcast recording system like a USB microphone for a computer. Take this route, and you won’t need a telephone.
  2. Before you start recording audio for podcast shows, ask the host how the podcast intro video will go. Do the same for interviews with only audio for podcast. Ask if there’s music at the start of the show. Also, ask if there are breaks in the show and how long the breaks are. Find out if there will be live Q&A with listeners. For example, the show might allow listeners to call in with questions for you to answer.
  3. Conduct podcast interviews in a quiet location. And, tell your family or roommates that you’re recording audio for podcast. Let them know that you can’t be disturbed while interviewing. If you’ve ever seen someone bomb a Zoom podcast recording, you know how distracting it can be to see or hear an unexpected person or voice cross the podcast.
  4. Even with the visuals gained from a Zoom podcast recording or another video based professional podcast production, you have to make the interview interesting. For instance, relax and be conversational. Expand on your answers, steering away from limiting yourself to one word answers. Also, interject humor into the interview. As an example, you could read a funny excerpt from one of your books. Additionally, you could share interesting details about your books’ main characters.

More Recording Audio For Podcast

As an extra tip, listen to popular podcasts to pick up intro, closing, background and Q&A ideas. Here are additional tips to get more from recording audio for podcast:

  • For an added visual appeal, sit in front of a background that highlights your books, products or services. Whether you’re doing a Zoom podcast recording or interviewing on another podcast platform, test the camera. Make sure that you come across clearly on the video from your shoulders up. (If you’re short like me, you might have to sit on a pillow.)
  • Let sufficient light inside the space that you’re using to record video podcast shows. Even if you record audio for podcast, opening drapes or blinds to let enough light in is a good idea. After all, sufficient light is a great mood booster.
  • Repeat the titles of your books, products or services at the end of the podcast. Also, repeat your website URL. And, stay on the line at the end of the professional podcast production. Ask the podcast host when she will send you the URL for the interview. Promote the link at your social media accounts. Also, share the link with your supporters via email, etc. Oh, and definitely add the link to podcasts directories if you’re a podcast show host. As a host, the most traffic that your podcast gets, the better. Traffic is a good way to attract advertisers and great podcast guests.

Professional Podcast Production

If you’re recording audio for podcast as a show host, familiarize yourself with video podcast hosting companies like Vimeo, Wistia, Burbrry, Simplecast and Wave before you create video podcast shows. Check out Professional Podcast Production features like distribution channels, web player analytics, pricing, number of downloads you get each month, demographics and other listener metrics.

Also, see if you can get professional podcast production features free of charge, especially if you are only going to create video podcast once a month. Keep promoting and marketing your podcast shows. As with other items in this article, this applies whether you interview on podcasts or host your own podcast.

If you’re looking for another way to market your audio or video podcasts, create a website for your podcast show. Ways to increase the website traffic includes writing blogs that link to topics your guests cover during their interviews. Additionally, you could write and distribute press releases on your shows to media outlets. For example, you could email press releases to local newspaper contacts.

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7 Podcasts Marketing Tips


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