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Angela’s KU- March 2018 Reads and What’s Up Next


In The Corsair’s Bed by Ruby Dixon – AMZ 

As a pirate, I tend to hang out with unsavory outcasts at the edges of the known universe. I’m used to running into thieves, assassins and fugitives. It shouldn’t surprise me to see a forbidden human female for sale in the tunnels of the space station, but I hate it. When I see she’s near death, I have to act.

I buy her.

She spits in my face.

It’s Love at first sight.

At least, it’s love at first sight on my end. I know it can never be, though, because I’m an ugly beast of an alien to her. The enemy. If only she knew just how many laws I’d be willing to break for one taste of her lips…

I think this is my favorite Ruby Dixon series. Yes, I love dragons. Yes, I love big, blue aliens stuck off in an alien world of ice and snow. But, there is just something about big, blue space pirates that cranks my engine. I adore this series and I want there to be many, many, many more. This was  a beauty and the beast themed romance with just about the sweetest, most understanding hero ever. I am so excited that April’s release is another Book in this series.

THE VERDICT: Crack I tell you. These books are cracktastic.

Blood Oath by Raye Wagner – AMZ 

Dark Fantasy. Dragons. Intrigue. Romance.

More than anything, I crave adventure. But in the disease ridden land of Verald, life is mapped out much like the well-established rings of our kingdom.

At the very heart reigns our vicious king and Lord Irrik, an invincible dragon shifter, at his side. Their power poisons the land and the people, leading to a steadily mounting number of enemies.

But change is coming.

When the rebellion surges, the king strikes back. Captured by Lord Irrik, I’m suddenly embroiled in a deadly game. One where I’m desperate to understand the rules.

Because I’m not only fighting for my life… but also a love that could be the very key to my freedom.

It wasn’t just the blurb that caught my eye, this cover is gorgeous. Unfortunately, I wasn’t in love with the book itself. The pacing felt stunted and slow, maybe because most of the story took place inside a dungeon. The heroine goes through shocking abuses and at times I was ready for it to just be over. The supposed hero isn’t very hero like and by the time I got to the end and caught on to what was really going on I was already poisoned by his behavior throughout the book. I skimmed to the end and then set it aside glad I got through it.

THE VERDICT: Not really my cuppa, but fans of darker fantasy might find interesting. Won’t be reading the next book in the series.

Stranded with the Mountain Man by Aislinn Kearns – AMZ 

Gia’s on the run…

Elijah lives a simple life on his mountain until he saves an injured woman from a crashed plane. He can’t abandon a woman in need, and soon will do whatever it takes to protect Gia, even if it costs him everything.

Gia is desperate and afraid. But when the kind—and sexy—mountain man takes her to his cabin, she thinks she might have finally found a safe place to hide. At least until she has to run again.

As Gia heals, she learns to love Elijah’s way of life, and maybe even Elijah himself. But her enemy is closer than she thinks, and he’ll stop at nothing to see her punished.

Pitted against a ruthless enemy and the wilderness itself, will Gia and Elijah survive to find their happily ever after?

This book started out pretty good. The heroine is on the run from her husband and crash lands in the middle of no where. She is rescued by a big, bearded mountain man who brings her back to his secluded cabin. I really loved Elijah and felt like the author really did a great job of describing the challenges of living off the grid. I started off liking the heroine, then about the middle of the book she does some things that I really didn’t like. Let’s just say they have to do with unprotected sex and questioning Elijah on his life choices barely four days into their acquaintance.

THE VERDICT: This is my first book by this author, but I liked her voice and I’m going to hit up her backlist


Ever After: A Gay Fairy Tale by Christina Lee and RIley Hart – AMZ

As next in line for the Evergreen crown, Prince Merrick Davendall’s future involves ruling, marriage, and producing an heir of his own. But he’s long been tormented by desires that are far from princely. Especially when the beautiful Cassius is promoted to be his new valet, and Merrick is struck by a longing like never before—a longing to know him far beyond royal and servant.

After his father’s passing, Cassius Havendale’s sole duty is to provide for his family. A promotion to serve a pampered prince is something he endures only for their sake. Surely Prince Merrick has no understanding of the true suffering of the common people, nor could he possibly understand what it’s like to desperately desire something he cannot have.

Except the prince is not at all what Cassius imagined. Kind, humorous, and caring to those in need, he also shares Cassius’s affinity for the arts. In fact, Merrick understands his deepest vulnerabilities in a most remarkable way.

As their affection deepens, the underlying tension between them becomes unbearable and they’re unable to ignore it any longer. But when the queen prepares a lavish ball with all the eligible ladies in the land in attendance, Merrick must fulfill his obligations to his country, and Cassius has the needs of his family to consider. They’ve long known their stolen moments would have to come to an end, but are they ready to give up one another and the idea of a happily-ever-after?

I’m about 30% in to this right now and it’s adorable. I’ll report back.

The Worst Best Man by Lucy Score – AMZ 

The bride is a doll. The groom is the perfect gentleman. But the rest of the wedding party? They’re the stuff of nightmares. Rich? Check. Vapid? Double Check. Entitled? Not enough checks in the world. And the Best Man? More like the Worst Man.

But Maid of Honor Franchesca takes her duties seriously. Kidnapped groom? She’s got this. Rude attendees? You just watch her handle them. So a best man with a big attitude and an even bigger…checkbook? Yeah, there’s no way she’s going to let that pretentious, judgmental jackhole ruin her best friend’s wedding. No matter how sexy he is. (Well, that’s the plan anyway…)

Aiden Kilbourn doesn’t do long-term relationships. He’s busy ruling the business world, and has yet to find a woman he can tolerate for longer than a month, two at the outside. Conquering the unconquerable is basically his bread and butter. And he hasn’t met a challenge that he can’t win. But Franchesca Baranski? This smart-mouthed girl from Brooklyn may just be his downfall.

Still on my list.

Psychic’s Spell by Ella Summers – AMZ 

In the immortal war between gods and demons, one woman’s past holds the key to humanity’s future.

One year after joining the Legion of Angels in New York City, Leda Pierce returns home to visit her family in Purgatory, a rough and rugged frontier town that borders the plains of monsters. Leda’s family reunion is cut short, however, when her little sisters are captured by supernatural mercenaries.

Together with her angel lover Nero, she sets out to save them. Besieged by monsters, assailed by powerful foes, Leda knows this rescue mission won’t be easy. What she doesn’t expect is that it will bring her face-to-face with the secrets of her buried past.

Psychic’s Spell is the sixth book in the Legion of Angels series.

Natural Mage by KF Breene – AMZ 

After narrowly surviving my debut into the magical world, I made a promise to myself: no more hiding in broom closets.

But with the Mages’ Guild reorganizing faster than anyone thought possible, and naming me as their number one target, that promise seems a little far-fetched. Especially since my training with Callie and Dizzy, the highly experienced dual-mage pair, goes off like a cake in a cannon.

Left to find someone that can fill the role, it isn’t until a formal dinner party goes horribly wrong that I find the best (and worst) solution imaginable: Reagan Somerset, the leather clad crazy woman who busted into my broom closet sanctuary in the first place.

Through an off-kilter teaching style and many punches in the face, I learn my true potential.

But with her happier busting heads and kicking in doors than staying put with a pupil in hiding, it isn’t long before the world comes crashing down. The Guild has found me, and they intend to take me alive.

Enticed by the Corsair by Ruby Dixon- AMZ 

No cover or blurb yet, but I will definitely be reading the minute it becomes available.

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Angela’s KU- March 2018 Reads and What’s Up Next


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