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Weekly Feature: Handyman Wanted by Heather Kinnane

Hey everyone!

I’m Heather Kinnane, an Australian author of steamy stories. I live in the bush – quite a distance from the Outback that is so iconic of Australia – so I’m surrounded by gum and wattle trees, kookaburras, and wallabies, not red dirt desert. I write in a few different genres – my A Faery Dream series is fantasy, while my Seeking Satisfaction series is contemporary erotica. Today I want to share my latest in the Seeking Satisfaction series: Handyman Wanted, which follows Sally as she ends up with not one, but two amazing men in her life.

Unlike the Faery Dream series, each of the books in the Seeking Satisfaction is stand-alone, with completely different characters.

Let’s Get To Know Heather Kinnane

Q: What’s the funniest thing a reader has ever said/emailed to you?

A: I don’t think a reader has ever said anything funny to me, but I’ve had friends ask me when I’m going to write ‘proper’ stories. Needless to say, I don’t share my writing with them anymore.

Q: If you could go back in time before you published your first book, what advice would you give yourself about publishing?

A: Finishing the book is just the beginning.

Publishing is such a learning curve, and I’ve since self-published (my A Faery Dream stories were published by an Australian publisher, but when they closed their doors I thought I’d try my hand at republishing them myself). Which ever path you take, there’s work. Depending on your publisher you have a certain amount of input into cover design, and these days it’s so important for authors to be part of the marketing and promotion of their books. It doesn’t end when you write ‘The End’.

Q: Pick a super-power and tell us what you’d do with it.

A: Oh, do I have to limit it to one? Flying… or the ability to teleport at will. Actually I think the ability to teleport wins out, because I can fly in a plane, even if it’s not the same thing as flying with my own body. But if I could teleport to anywhere in the world, that would save so much travel time, and I’d get to see those loved ones who live so far away!

Q: What’s your favorite AND least favorite thing about being a writer/author?

A: Favourite: the writing, of course. I love losing myself in fictional worlds, whether my own or someone else’s, and I do find when I really get into that zone that the story is unfolding before my eyes, and surprising me as much as (I hope) it surprises the reader. My least favourite thing about being a writer is

About Handyman Wanted by Heather Kinnane


Sally is new to the area, and she’s not only looking for love but also someone capable of helping out around the five-acre property she now calls home.
In a moment of desperation, she places an advertisement on the local online buy/swap/sell page: “Handyman Wanted; preferably single ;)”
Ryan is in an open relationship with the love of his life, Nathan. Both bi, they keep their relationship open to allow them to sleep with women if the opportunity arises, but also as a cover—Nate’s been hurt by homophobia before, and he fears the locals knowing the truth about his and Ryan’s relationship.
When Ryan and Sally meet, there is an instant attraction. It doesn’t take much to convince Sally to join the men for a threesome—just for fun. Though Ryan is keen to make things more permanent, it takes a near tragedy for Sally and Nate to move past their fears and discover their feelings for each other.

Exclusive Excerpt

“You are a very unusual man.” Her hands were gripping either side of his stomach now, and she pushed him away slightly to make eye contact. “Spontaneous dinners, foot massages, allowing me to sleep on you in the bath when I’m sure you were keen for other things. If I’d been prepared with any other man, I would’ve bought a fancy bra that he would never have noticed in his rush to remove it. But here you are, taking the time to notice such a thing.”
“It’s the time that’s the important thing though, isn’t it? If we want the act to be enjoyable, we have to take the time to find what brings pleasure. And in giving someone your time, aren’t you giving the ultimate gift, the one thing you can never, ever, get back?”
Sally was quiet for a moment.
“I can see why you’re already taken,” she said eventually. “What I can’t see is how she can bear to share.”
He shrugged. “If you read an amazing book that changes your life, don’t you want to share it?”
“That’s hardly the same thing.”
“Isn’t it?”
“No! If I share a book, and the person doesn’t give the book back, I can always go to the store and buy another copy. An exact replica. You can’t get an exact replica of a human being.”
“No. But human beings can make their own choices, can’t they? Their own decisions, their own commitments. It’s about realizing that relationships take work, that there will be tough times, and not giving up just because something better comes along. Because you know that the something better is just an illusion.”
“So why have an open relationship, why not stay monogamous.”
“Because it’s also about acknowledging that each person has so much to give. Like I said before, everyone has something different they can offer. And it’s also about realizing that love never diminishes, it only grows. Just because I love my partner with all my heart doesn’t mean I have no love for anyone else. It doesn’t mean I couldn’t love you with all my heart too.”
Sally felt a lump form in her throat, and she swallowed, trying to dislodge it.
“I can’t imagine what you could get from me that would be different to what you can get from any other woman. Aren’t all vaginas basically the same? Or is it the idea of sleeping with your boss that turns you on?” Sally forced a laugh, though she realized she’d failed that joke.
“Well, there is that…” Ryan grinned, but then his face turned serious. He took her hand. “I should say something now before we go any further, just so you don’t hate me later.
Sally raised an eyebrow. “You’re secretly a serial killer? Should’ve known not to hook up with strange men on the internet.” She laughed, but Ryan didn’t. Sally narrowed her eyes. “You have something serious to tell me, and you’re waiting till now?”
Ryan laughed and shifted his gaze. “Yeah, well.” He scratched the back of his neck. “Normally I don’t share this with anyone. But then again you’re the first person I’ve been with for a while who actually knows I’m in an open relationship.” His gaze returned to hers, and she could see the fear in it.
He took a deep breath. “I’m only telling you this because there’s a spark here I haven’t felt with any of my other casual dates. And I’d really like for this relationship to continue as long as it possibly can, and the only way to ensure that is complete honesty.”
She closed her eyes and took a breath. The first man I’ve been actually attracted to since forever and not only is he already taken but just when I thought we could have some fun, he’s going to tell me he’s an axe murderer or something.
She shook her head to clear her thoughts. “Spit it out then.”
“I’m bi.”

Favorite Quote

My favorite quote from Handyman Wanted is:

“What exactly did you envisage when you posted that ad? Love at first sight?”
“Then can’t we go along with the attraction and see where it leads us?”
“That was my plan,” Sally admitted. “But it’s a little less interesting when the possibilities of where it might lead are reduced to either a temporary fling or a permanent ‘friends-with-benefits.’”

Handyman Wanted by Heather Kinnane
08/25/2017 – Luminosity Publishing
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Weekly Feature: Handyman Wanted by Heather Kinnane


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