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Exclusive Excerpt: Up All Night by Amanda Adams

Once upon a time Mitchell Walker fell in love…and trusted the wrong woman. That one mistake nearly cost him his future.

Now he is a young, successful surgeon. Women throw themselves at his feet, and he gives them what they want, as long as they don’t ask for his heart. The strategy is working well for him until he meets freelance reporter Jessica Finley.

She’s smart, she makes him laugh, and she sees right through his playboy persona.

Jessica’s fire may burn hot enough to keep him up all night, but will her love be strong enough to burn away the ghosts of his past and melt the ice around his heart?


“I want you.” Mitchell knew he should shut the hell up, but as usual, when alcohol and a sexy woman were both involved, his brain was kicked to the back seat and his dick started driving.

Not that he minded at the moment. Right now he had Jessica in his arms, her Soft curves pressed against him, and her mouth open and hungry. She kissed like she did everything else, with total abandon.

He wondered if she fucked the same way. Did she moan and whimper and beg? Or did she try to hold back her pleasure and quietly ride her orgasms until they were just whispers against the sheets?

Finding out became his new top priority.

The music faded until all that existed was the soft curves of Jessica’s breasts crushed to his chest, the ripe fullness of her lips under his, and the way her arms tightened around him, pulling him closer.

She broke away, but he kissed her again because he couldn’t resist. He was rock hard and the way she gasped when he pulled her hips forward to feel the evidence of his desire for her, she was just as hot for him.

This time, she broke the kiss and lifted her hand to his lips to prevent round three. “Come on, caveman. Let’s get you out of here.”

He didn’t protest when she took his hand and led him off the dance floor. She held his hand as they approached Felix, who was still sitting on the sofa, but held out her purse with a sly grin. Mitchell barely heard her reprimand her stepbrother. “Oh, shut up, Felix.”

“See you later.” Felix leaned around his sister to give Mitchell a small salute. “Nice to see you again, Doctor.”

“You too.” Mitchell was still talking when Jessica pulled him along behind her and out the door to her little car. His head was spinning and it wasn’t all from the alcohol. Jessica Finley was making his head spin and his chest ache. He didn’t understand it, but the combination made him so desperate to be with her, he’d play whatever game she wanted him to play.

Hopefully a game of lick the whipped cream off her nipples was on her agenda.

She opened the passenger door and held his arm as he sat down in her tiny car. She handed him his seat belt before closing the door, which he found odd. Wasn’t that usually what he would be doing?

Yes. And he’d be the one driving, and deciding where he and his date would be going for the evening. He’d be paying for everything, opening doors, and generally acting the part of the gentleman.

But not today. Not since he’d met Jessica Finley, reporter. She’d drug him around by the balls today, and he’d loved every minute of it.

“What the fuck is wrong with me?”

“You’re drunk, Doctor Smarty-pants.” Jessica’s soft voice wrapped around his dick and squeezed, her words holding more than a hint of laughter.

“That’s Doctor Hottie-pants to you.”

She was laughing at him, and it just made him want her more. Everything about her was turning him on. Her smile, her freckles, the generous curves of her hips and the soft, round mounds of her breasts. She wasn’t a walking stick, she was soft, and curved and more woman than any female he’d ever seen. He wanted to undress her slowly and kiss a line from freckle to freckle all the way down, until he had his mouth on her core and she was begging for release.

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About the Author:

Amanda Adams fell in love with books at a very early age. Her earliest memories are of sitting on her mother’s lap reading Cinderella and Snow White and Rose Red over, and over, and over again until she had them memorized –- she was too young to know the alphabet.

Amanda started writing stories in big, sloppy handwriting in a wide-rule notebook when she was bored, during class (of course) in the fifth grade. Her favorite stories always include excitement, adventure and a handsome hero guaranteed to sweep her off her feet.

Amanda lives in beautiful Colorado with her husband (her high-school sweetheart who proved the reality of “love at first sight”) and three teenagers whom she reminds, repeatedly… “If it’s not in my phone, it’s not happening,” because her mind is oh-so-often far away living a fairy tale. (That’s code for – if an alarm doesn’t go off, she forgets to pick up her kids from school…)

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Exclusive Excerpt: Up All Night by Amanda Adams


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