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Feature: Blind Beast Mate by Milana Jacks

Milana Jacks AviHello! Thank you for having me on your blog. I hail from modern day Earth where I write urban fantasy and romance about extraterrestrials and fantasy creatures, often in a futuristic or dystopian setting. Blind Beast Mate is a new adult dystopian erotic romance novella featuring one possessive, protective, and kinky Alpha Beast paired with a brave heroine whose life isn’t peaches and cream.

Let’s Get To Know Milana Jacks
Q: What are the top five books that have influenced your career?

A: 1. Feral Sins by Suzanne Wright for smuttery and comedy along with a strong heroine and a sexy hero.
2. Lord of the Abyss by Nalini Singh for the ultimate feels in high fantasy.
3. Any Kit Rocha Beyond series for introducing me to dystopian erotica.
4. Demonica series by Larissa Ione are awesome PNR books.
5. Move the Sun by Suzan Fanetti for the kick-ass heroine and this author’s trip to the dark side.

Q: What’s the funniest thing a reader has ever said/emailed to you?

A: Errr. I sit thinking someone please email me something I can copy and paste here. =D

Q: If you could go back in time before you published your first book, what advice would you give yourself about publishing?

A: Don’t attempt an epic fantasy first. Write shorter books to start with and grow from there.

Q: What fictional character would you punch if the face if you thought you could get away with it without going to jail?

A: I opt out of this one for other people’s books. For mine, I would punch the Horned King from the Mediator (urban fantasy). Then I’d teleport to another planet.

Q: Pick a super-power and tell us what you’d do with it.

A: My mind needs to project words on the page so I can just sit there and sip coffee while watching the blank page fill with words. Superauthormojo power.

Q: What’s your favorite AND least favorite thing about being a writer/author?

A: The least favorite is not typing fast enough. Favorite is satisfying my readers.

About Blind Beast Mate by Milana Jacks

Blind Beast Mate: A Dystopian Fairy Tale


When life deals a wild card, play it no matter the cost.

Since the day Rey’s defiance earned her a blinding blow to the head, fear has hovered as close as the guide dog that clings to her side. But the terror that grips her now is almost beyond description.

Like her sister before her, Rey has been sold to satisfy the lusts of one of the alien Beasts that now rule the Earth. If the towering, leather-clad Alpha discovers his prize can’t see, he could kill her with a flick of his claw. Or worse, send her home—where the only mercy she’ll get is a bullet.

From the moment the Alpha Beast spotted Rey smiling tenderly at her flowers, his desire to own her, body and soul, roared louder than his bike’s throaty engine. But the only smiles his new pair aims his way are forced—and oddly off target. She is liquid heat in his arms, yet ignores the notes and gifts he leaves for her.

If he can’t win her over, he can’t trust her with his own truth. And the combined weight of their secrets could destroy everything.

Exclusive Excerpt

“That’s great, baby, now push back. Let your man inside.” He slapped my clit.
“Oh!” I reared away from his hand and impaled myself to the hilt. I gasped, thought for sure I’d split in half. One hand on the back of my neck pressed my cheek to the mattress, and the other teased, slapped, and used my clit while he moved inside me. Slow and steady, he stretched me. My moans grew louder; his grunts followed. He yanked my hair back, my body arched off the bed, and he slapped my clit with rapid hits. I screamed my orgasm, but Jamie didn’t stop.

He didn’t even pick up his pace.
Slow and steady.
His mouth trailed over my neck.
My muscles relaxed, knees giving out, so I hooked my hand behind his neck to keep myself from falling. He placed his foot on the bed for better leverage and turned my face around so his tongue could push inside my mouth. I opened for him. He liked that and started pounding my pussy so hard, the bedframe banged on the wall, and when my legs shook, he spread his palm over my lower belly to hold me up in case the hand in my hair wasn’t enough.
One last push and I felt him fill me.

He paused and breathed hard but didn’t stop kissing me.
And he didn’t fail to clean me up and tuck me into him after. “You’re a champ,” he said to me before my eyes closed. “I want to fuck every hole you’ve got, and that’s what I’m gonna do. Get used to it. You gettin’ used to it?”
I smiled in the dark and touched his face. My fingertips ran over his jaw first, and it was hard. His cheekbones next, and they were also hard, but his mouth was soft, and it turned up at the corners. When I got a good idea of what my husband looked like, I scooted closer and pressed my lips against his chest.

Jamie grunted and moved my hand into his hair. “Pet me.” My smile widened as I ran my fingers through coarse hair that fell to his shoulders. I imagined Jamie had dark hair and piercing blue eyes. “Your people tell me…” he started, then rested his erection on my belly. Jamie’s cock hadn’t gone down. Oh my. “They tell me you like to cook, so I haven’t gotten us anything. I’ll take you to the marketplace…sometime midmorning, and you’ll get what you want. I’ll see my schedule tomorrow and call. Be ready, don’t make me wait.”
I’d rather he didn’t. “If you’d give me a few days of space, that would be nice.”

A claw hooked on the bottom of my chin and pushed my face up. “Space? You know that word you hate? I hate space the same way. I hate when you tell me you want space. What that tells me is that I’m invading your space as if it’s a universe, and I’m a giant blob inside it. I’ve only had you for a half a night.”
“I only meant I’d like to get around by myself for a while.”
“You mean…independent of me?” He said “independent” as if spitting out a nasty bug. “Ever rode a bike?”
“No.” Disaster!

“Then you depend on me, ’cause I gotta teach you how to ride in the city. Streets, buildings, how to land, where to go. What the fuck?”
“Only three days alone.”
“No way.”
My eyes watered. Tears threatened to spill. I blinked them back and hiccupped. Tomorrow was too soon.
“What is that? Are those tears?” He swiped a thumb under my eyes. Could he see in the dark? I was pretty sure we cuddled in a dark room.
Jamie put something in my hand. A tissue. He sees in the dark.
“Only three days?” he asked.

“A courting,” he declared. “For three days. You want me to court you.” A pause as he mulled it over. It took only a minute, and by the time he was done thinking about it, I felt like I’d been lying on pins and not a mattress. He pecked my lips. “The days are yours, babe.”
The nights were Jamie’s.

Favorite Quote

My favorite quote from Blind Beast Mate is:

I wanted her to be putty in my hands, relaxed and aroused and mad about me. I wanted her to want me the way I wanted her. I was crazy about her. ~ the Alpha Beast

Blind Beast Mate by Milana Jacks
09/03/2016 –
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Feature: Blind Beast Mate by Milana Jacks


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