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Six Poems From The Dark Place


They came like jackals
To plunder my wreckage,
Unaware the trinkets 
They bore away
Only helped reveal
The rebuilt temple


I reached out frantically
For the face of the angel
From safe harbor
To these broken waters
Promising safety, and more,
But saw the contorted face
And tangled hair of an old hag
Forcing me under the waters
One final time with her
Diseased tail
While gleefully singing
That siren song to the 
Next sailor in line. 

The Days You Gave Back To Me

At first piled up in my corner
Like discarded wine bottles
Clanking and clattering
Like the debris
At a disaster site, 
But soon became letters
Shoved under my door
By unseen hands
Inviting me to taste
New wines and new lips
And feel summer's healing sun
Again after a long winter's
Staggering cruelty.


as i unravel
I become miles of new thread
to weave with again


I watched her dance
with the devil
while I was consumed
by the flames,
then go to her knees
to spread
my ashes
to the winds.


all night I ached
for my lover who danced
only for the wolves

If you gang up on and kick someone when they're down after losing their Partner, kids, and dog, have gone into heart and kidney failure and are in abject agony, then throw on top of that the reason you're attacking them is to defend a sexual predator so you can try and sell artwork people don't even care enough about to pull out of a Garbage Dumpster, you're an abject scumbag and nothing you ever do or say can change that. I want you to know that's how I see some of you right now and always will.

The memory of this betrayal and absolute piling on by people I thought I could trust, and for such a misguided and trivial reason will eternally be seen by me as one of the vilest and most vicious acts of low moral character I've ever witnessed. Those involved will forget these acts and this incident, but if I live a million lifetimes the righteous anger I feel will never go away.

At the Darkest moment in my life, after losing everything, and literally not knowing if I would die soon, a bunch of cowardly scumbags tried to put the boots to me and finish me off for taking a stance against inappropriate sexual behavior, and all to protect the behavior itself.

Measured in proportion side by side, I think any reasonable person would realize the person who lost everything and was treated to an unholy dose of callousness and cruelty will probably come away hating many people for as long as they live, and in a way that is entirely deserved.

Seeing the partner you were faithful to for a decade take the part of someone who has shown you the most dark hatred is perhaps the most gutting experience I can imagine. It's far worse than infidelity. It's betrayal. It is a total nullification of your value as a human being. All this after experiencing what amounts to the loss of your children

At the darkest moment in your life your lover took the part of your enemy and gave that person all the succor and defense they wanted while showing you nothing but contempt, and, even worse, disregard. For nothing that was good or decent or will be worth anything in the future, just because they had no respect or concern for you and considered the most transitory satisfying of their current needs more important.

The entire time it felt like my partner was one step away from literally dancing on my grave.

So, I move on with my life smaller, weaker, more cynical, but they walk away knowing they sold their souls for people who inflict pain and suffering for an entire lifetime and trinkets no one even wants when they see them in a garbage dumpster.

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Six Poems From The Dark Place


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