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2018 Reading Challenges

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Ok, so this is the time of year that I sign up for a whole bunch of challenges that usually fall to wayside about May - but I always have good intentions!  They have become like my New Year's Resolutions - and every year I say this is going to be the year that I stick with them - so without further ado - here they are.

I found a HUGE list of challenges at Feed your Fiction Addiction so I attribute my picks to Nicole.  To see all of the challenges that she has found - go to this post.  I assure you, there are many many more than those I have chosen to participate in below.

Cover/Title-Based Challenges

12 Months, 12 (or 24) Covers @ The Hufflepuff Basement on Goodreads – Read books with certain items on the covers.
January: snow, feather
February: hearts, chocolate/cake
March: flowers, book/paper
April: rain, umbrella
May: clouds/fog, ship/boat
June: dog/cat, bicycle
July: water, stairs
August: sun, hat/crown
September: fire, chair/throne
October: moon, skull
November: leaves, lock/key
December: shoes, mask 
Color Coded Challenge @ My Reader’s Block – Read books that feature a specific color in the title or where the color is dominant on the cover.
*Read nine books in the following categories.
1. A book with "Blue" or any shade of Blue (Turquoise, Aquamarine, Navy, etc) in the title/on the cover. 
2. A book with "Red" or any shade of Red (Scarlet, Crimson, Burgandy, etc) in the title/on the cover.
3. A book with "Yellow" or any shade of Yellow (Gold, Lemon, Maize, etc.)in the title/on the cover.
4. A book with "Green" or any shade of Green (Emerald, Lime, Jade, etc) in the title/on the cover.
5. A book with "Brown" or any shade of Brown (Tan, Beige, Sand etc) in the title/on the cover.
6. A book with "Black" or any shade of Black (Jet, Ebony, Charcoal, etc) in the title/on the cover.
7. A book with "White" or any shade of White (Ivory, Eggshell, Cream, etc)in the title/on the cover.
8. A book with any other color in the title/on the cover (Purple, Orange, Silver, Pink, Magneta, etc.).
9. A book with a word that implies color (Rainbow, Polka-dot, Plaid, Paisley, Stripe, etc.).
Monthly Keyword Reading Challenge @ My Reader’s Block – For this challenge, there are six keywords associated with each month in 2016. Your task is to read one book each month whose title includes one or more of the keywords for that month.
Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge @ Escape With Dollycas Into a Good Book – Read books with titles from every letter of the alphabet.

Alphabet Challenge @ The Hufflepuff Basement.
A -
B -
C -
D -
E -
F -
G -
H -
I -
J -
K -
L -
M -
N -
O -
P -
Q -
R -
S -
T -
U -
V -
W -
X -
Y -
Z - 
  1. What’s In A Name Challenge @ The Worm Hole – Choose a book to read from several categories (click on the link to see them).

  • The word ‘the’ used twice (The Secret By The Lake; The End Of The Day, The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time)
  • A fruit or vegetable (The Guernsey Literary And Potato Peel Pie Society; The Particular Sadness Of Lemon Cake)
  • A shape (The Ninth Circle, The Square Root Of Summer, Circle Of Friends)
  • A title that begins with Z – can be after ‘The’ or ‘A’ (Zen In The Art Of Writing; The Zookeeper’s Wife, Zelda)
  • A nationality (Anna And The French Kiss; How To Be A Kosovan Bride; Norwegian Wood)
  • A season (White Truffles In Winter; The Spring Of Kasper Meier; The Summer Queen; Before I Fall; The Autumn Throne)

Location-Based Challenges

Literary Escapes Challenge @ Escape With Dollycas Into A Good Book – Try to read 1 book set in each of the 50 states + the District of Columbia. There will be prizes, which will be announced later.  I will be keeping track on a Google Map here.
Bingo or List Style
Popsugar Reading Challenge – A checklist of 40 different categories of books to read!  Download the printable list here.
GWB 2017 Book Bingo @ Grand World of BooksThe Grand World of Books Book Bingo 2018 Completed 3
52 Books Bingo @ Read 52 Books in 52 Weeks
Ivyclad Bingo @ Ivyclad Ideas
 Challenges for Specific Genres
Literary Pickers Reading Challenge @ Delighted Reader – A scavenger hunt style romance book challenge where you see if you can find a list of items as you read. Can use romance books or any book with a strong romance.

Level 2 for me (25 items/places)
Around the House 
Patio Furniture
Walk-In Closet
Dust or Cobwebs
Gaming System
Grandmother’s China/any dishes past down
Porch light
Area Rug
Pots and Pans
Fruit Trees/Orchard
Rocking Chair
Bathroom Mirror
Toy Chest/bin
Mixing bowl

Around the World
New Zealand

It Goes Zoom Zoom
Navy Ship
Roller blades/skateboard
Riding Horse
Shuttle/small space ship
Classic Car

Elements to Factor
Friends to lovers/Bestfriend
Love at First Sight
Arranged Marriage/Marriage of Convenience
Threesome/Love Triangle
Gender bender/Role Reversal
Office Romance
Enemies to Lovers
Small Town
Rocker Romance
A Murder
Secret baby/accidental baby
Another dimension/fantasy world
First time author/narrator
On your TBR stack for more than a Year

All Terrain 
Volcano/Hot Spring
Blizzard or Polar Region
City streets

Bon Appetit 
Vegetarian/Vegan fare
Campfire Cooking
Saute it (veggie or meat)
Fresh Catch (fish/seafood)
Tortilla/flat bread
Tropical Fruit
Specialty Tea or Coffee

Tools of the Trade
Fire hose
Gas can/pump
Scuba gear
Laptop Computer

Space suit
Uniform   Hammer
High Heels
Engagement Ring

Cover Clues
A number in the title
Mostly Yellow
No people
A season in the title
No face/hidden features
Holiday theme
A hat
Just a guy
Just a gal
A paranormal or sci-fi element

The Les Misérables Chapter-a-Day Read-Along @ One Catholic Life – Did you know that Les Mis has exactly 365 chapters? Read a chapter a day and get the book read in 2018!  I have always wanted to read this book, but have found it quite daunting, so am excited that I found this Read-Along.
Science Fiction vs Fantasy Bingo @ Curiosity Killed the Bookworm – This fun challenge has a giveaway on the sign-up page and may have more throughout the year.
Paranormal Reading Challenge @ Whole Latte Ideas
Kids/MG/YA Challenges
Picture Book Challenge @ Becky’s Book Reviews – Read at least 6 picture books, with an optional checklist of categories.
_1. Title beginning with A
_2. Author beginning with A
_3. Title beginning with B
_4. Author beginning with B
_5. Title beginning with C
_6. Author beginning with C
_7. Title beginning with D
_8. Author beginning with D
_9. Title beginning with E
_10. Author beginning with E
_11. Title beginning with F
_12. Author beginning with F
_13. Title beginning with G
_14. Author beginning with G
_15. Title beginning with H
_16. Author beginning with H
_17. Title beginning with I
_18. Author beginning with I
_19. Title beginning with J
_20. Author beginning with J
_21. Title beginning with K
_22. Author beginning with K
_23. Title beginning with L
_24. Author beginning with L
_25. Title beginning with M
_26. Author beginning with M
_27. Title beginning with N
_28. Author beginning with N
_29. Title beginning with O
_30. Author beginning with O
_31. Title beginning with P
_32. Author beginning with P
_33. Title or Author beginning with Q
_34. Title beginning with R
_35. Author beginning with R
_36. Title beginning with S
_37. Author beginning with S
_38. Title beginning with T
_39. Author beginning with T
_40. Title or Author beginning with U
_41. Title or Author beginning with V or W
_42. Title or Author beginning with X or “Ex”
_43. Title beginning with Y
_44. Author beginning with Y
_45. Title or Author beginning with Z
_46. An alphabet book
_47. A counting book
_48. A color word in the title
_49. A number word in the title
_50. Concept book of your choice— picture book
_51. Concept book of your choice — board book
_52. bedtime book —board book
_53. bedtime book — picture book
_54. book that rhymes —picture book
_55. book that rhymes — early reader OR board book
_56. holiday of your choice — board book or early reader
_57. holiday of your choice — picture book
_58. wordless picture book
_59. new to you author
_60. new to you illustrator
_61. favorite author
_62. favorite illustrator
_63. free choice
_64. fairy or folk tale adaptation
_65. fairy or folk tale traditional
_66. a title with the word “first” in it 
_67. a book set in the state you live
_68. a book set in a place you’d like to visit
_69. a book set in an imaginary place
_70. a book set in the past — fiction or nonfiction
_71. a book set in the present
_72. picture book for older readers — fiction
_73. picture book for older readers — nonfiction
_74. early reader — fiction
_75. early reader — nonfiction
_76. picture book with photographs
_77. one word title
_78. long title (four or more words)
_79. oversized book
_80. tiny book
_81. a book about playing (hide and seek, tag, or peekaboo, etc.)
_82. a book about school
_83. a book about hobbies (art, dance, music, crafts, sports)
_84. a title that is a question
_85. a title that is an exclamation
_86. an award winner or an honor book
_87. a collection (of poems OR stories)
_88. a book with animals (fiction)
_89. a book with animals (nonfiction)
_90. a book about books or reading
_91. a book celebrating family
_92. first book in a series
_93. any book in a series
_94. book with an adventure or misadventure
_95. a book about a pet
_96. A title with the word “yes” or “no” in it

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2018 Reading Challenges


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