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The Idea of Free Will Is Nothing but an Illusion

    There’s no such thing as free will because the Lord has the last say on everything. Isaiah 45:7 out of the KJV says: I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things. Basically, He controls the entire chess board, and we all are merely actors placed here for the fulfillment of prophecy in the ultimate movie called life. With that being said, I like to share a true story that happened to me a few years ago. Though this story may or may not prove my point to some people, it’s somewhat remarkable and interesting to say the least.

    I wrote Nefarious, which is currently a two-part series, in July of 2018. I always do the proofreading and selection of the stock images for the book cover myself, and I use freelancers from Fiverr to create the book cover and format the eBook and paperback versions of the novel. This entire process takes about two weeks on average, and I select my stock images from Shutterstock first. The main character of this book is Mitch Black, a freewheeling nightclub owner who gets caught up with the beautiful and seductive Brea Jones, who’s the second character on the cover. Finding Mitch was easy, but Brea’s image took a little more time and effort to find. I needed a young woman who embodied Brea’s character in my mind, and I found the model who fit the image perfectly after searching for almost an hour. Sales were slow in the beginning but gradually picked up steam over the course of a few months.

    I also work at a law firm and have been there for eight years. The building is just north of the Chicago River and bridge on Wabash Avenue in the North Loop. There was this beautiful young lady that I’d see from time to time who worked for another company on one of the same floors as my law firm but on the opposite side of the elevators. She was probably between twenty-five and thirty years old at the time, and she appeared to always be the center of attention in her peer group. She looked like a fashion model―five foot ten, flawless caramel skin, black shoulder-length hair, and a slim but curvy frame. I would see her occasionally for a two- or three-year period either taking a smoke break or at lunch in the food court of the Nordstrom building or on the elevator. We never spoke to one another except for an infrequent hello or two as I was at least twice her age with nothing in common, or so I thought.

Is Free Will An Illusion?

    I remember coming from lunch one day as she was leaving out with a group of her coworkers heading north on Wabash Avenue, and she suddenly shot a glance at me and quickly looked away as I was entering our building from the south end. It was one of the strangest things that I’d ever experienced in my life because we never interacted on any level prior, and the nonverbal cue of pursing her lips was a gesture of acknowledgement or respect. I was completely stunned the entire afternoon afterward and didn’t understand what had just taken place. When I got home, something in my spirit prompted me to go to the Shutterstock website and look at the images that I had selected for my Nefarious book cover. It was then that I realized the character Brea and the girl from work were the same person! Damn, what are the odds of that happening? It turned out that the girl from work was a part-time model, and I selected one of her pictures from the Shutterstock image library not knowing who she was.

    A week or two had passed before I saw her again―I was on my way to the 31st Floor, which is one of the three floors that my firm rents out, for an hour-long training class as I was just promoted from mailroom clerk to paralegal. As I got off the elevator and quickly motioned toward the door because I was a minute or so late, she got off the elevator closest to that door. Her face lit up like a Christmas tree and smile widened when she saw me, and I waved at her and asked, “How you doing?” She then hesitated for a split second and answered, “I’m fine,” as she walked in the opposite direction toward her firm. To me, it was confirmation that she was, in fact, the girl on my book cover. I also felt good about myself because she seemed to be my biggest fan, but my only two wishes were that I had stopped her in the hall and thanked her for gracing my book cover and that I had asked for her name. However, I never got the opportunity to carry out those two wishes because I never saw her again.

    I will never fully understand why things happened the way that they did―once I discovered that the girl on my book cover and the girl at work were one in the same, she disappeared out of my life forever. Perhaps she had found my book cover with her image and found my Amazon page before she put two and two together. Shutterstock most likely alerts its models when someone creates a book cover with their image on it or uses their image in a blog, for example. And maybe the lesson was the Lord is in control of every facet of life, and He wanted to reiterate that fact to me. Nevertheless, that’s what I got out of the entire situation. All praise, honor, and glory to Yahawah Bahasham Yahawashi.

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The Idea of Free Will Is Nothing but an Illusion


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