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The power of my sunflower.                                     


Open your eyes now and experience the wonders
Above all, the skies began to give the hunters
Chasers of the light, grinding, all she made
One with such losing, she was afraid

To love such light, to feed in a coruscating sunray
Even she loves light, she lives every night
Just to take and conquer that one strong fight

Those who lives by the garden questions her worth
The most saddest words, it went thru, really hurt
The sunflower endured the days when life is hard
Heart, her Heart, it was her most precious hidden card

In this, i will open your books, im in awe
This is the only poem without flaw
Every inch of this work is love and home
The sweetest melody, of Greater tone

It is of my greater view and vision
Make you know what i envision
With this work, ill make you believe
Fascination, my fascination you achieved

The one who owns this expression
I hope it makes you calm, give relaxation
To you, the one who made the phantom into melody
Its for you, the one who gave sadness death, set free.

I dont know if someone would read this again
Five thousand and thirty five reads, long it has been
But this work, you can read, this is dedicated
To the one who made my life contented    

Everyone can copy this and claim it as theirs
The inspiration was mine, and its you I stare
The letters in each prose was yours and always will 
With your name, my heart, will only be filled.                                                            



Helianthus annuus, as what they say scientifically
Sunflower, a flower who loves the sun literally
Its the vision that you see, in the greater aspect only
Lets dig deeper, ill pour everything in my memory

The sunflower was friends with the bee, initially
Exchanged laughter and frustration, cursed badly
It went everyday, and everyday, continuously
I could say, was really happy, honestly

Everything we shared was of great similarity
Going back to that days make me smile and see
It was really fun, from mornings up to nights
We have each other in our very challenging fight

She shared those laughter with me, or us at least
I will never exchange my memory of this
This will be secured in the deeper chest in my brain
Locked by the heart, no one will be entertained

Had fun watching dramas with you, reacting freely
Each and every frustration in it we stand in belief
That our views was right and we carefully think
All of that ones, in the past, fast in a blink

Those sweetest memory of mine, ill take it with me
Always, in my battles and every journey
Lets take a greater view forward, of seeming happiness
The life of smiles, living without stress


Another part of what i clearly remember
When you did good job when it is harder
We had all nighters and study breaks 
We did that all for just for their sake

Every message I read, we talked academically
Both of us at that time, tired physically
Reminded of a certain concept or standard
One of us will get the book even if its far

We just worked and talked casually way back
Never thought that something was in the sack
Waiting to be opened and explored, hidden silently
The opening of it, later you will see

One question popped again in my brain, retroactively
"Why would i stand and get my book for her?" said truly
 Its in my nature to be lazy, or should I say tardy? Then
 That question again, was unknown way back, in my head

True friend I have in you, all of my friends exceptionally
You are filled with kindness and filled with great ability
Laughing at twelve midnight was fun and precious
Every single time, you I will choose


This part is my favorite, of all of those memories
With matching sound of the  and winds by trees
I went back and look at it, you will see the artistry
The heavens above, the magic they made me

On that specific day, was nothing special
Starting our day, worked, nothing in total
There is one thing really in my mind that time
How would I make that woman mine?

I said to you that thinking three times is the key
If your heart is in trouble, nothing you will see
There is only one thing will lead, and answer who plead
Think, using your mind and heart, I believed

"Why would I like her, for what reason?"
Easiest and happiest, unending answers to question
She's her, she is amazing I always say
One who works in the night, sleeps in the day

"Why would i like her, for what reason?"
Discerning in my mind, continuous question
Kindness and cuteness, with additional laughter
Happy thoughts, in her, i only remember

"Why would i like her, for what reason?"
If I would continue, this will be seasons
You are who you are, that is the endpoint of argument
I am rare, blessed, that thank you for that wonderful event

November 1, the days for our lost souls
I took courage, found mine and took the fall
November, the month of greatest memories
My raizon d' etre, i love you, all my heart sees


Apologies is all I had, and sorry if i was too short
I will make it up to you and ill see forth
You waited for me and I was asleep, im sorry
That burden in your heart, took it all fully

I named this after you, so you can discern
How great you are, that precious heart you earned
With constant digging and digging, you are diamond
Really strong and hard, you always take it in, was really fond

It is sometimes awful when you take it deep in you
But there are only certain and chosen few
Those who were truly understanding and kind
No one, I could ever, and will never find

Everyone who is reading my work, she is so bright
Her wits and integrity, truly and clearly on sight
She was really amazing and I am proud, she did
She did everything on her own, a wonderful deed

Her capacity, her work, her persistence beyond compare
"She always did great, she was so brilliant" as i stare
Love, its more than enough, its your best and I will be
Always be proud of you, even all of those without trophy

Telling all of you, honestly, that she was astonishing
Her stand, her beliefs, her thoughts, all was shining
For it is filled with goodness and greater desires
Being not proud of you is one great satire

The sunflower who fed by the sun ray's hidden colors
It made her wonderful, guiding her, thank you Lord
The sunlight really was scorching, but it made her strong
I am proud of you, you did great, for that long

It was really strong, the power of my sunflower
She always stand for what she thinks is right, I admire her
The great mighty sunflower, who stands in the day
Shining in the night, the answer to what I prayed


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