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The hardest question: Reason for Living?


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   There are so many things that is really keeping us down. Some things are really inevitable, fortuitous, and merely disastrous. These things kept on occurring on different times, different levels, and different circumstances. Whether it may be from our own homes, school, work, or maybe rapport and relationships. Life thought us to keep our hands out of what is beyond reach and will never be reached. Life thought us to work despite circumstances that may belittle us, make us feel unworthy, and keep us out of track. These days, life is as is and is really continuing to get worse, social media, toxicity, self worth, beauty, or whatever scenario that has on your plate. These makes us feel that we lack of something that someone has and has plenty of it. It made us feel that we are not blessed by the entity above and made us feel the hardships that we only feel and not by the others. Life will be life, but life will be greater if we know how to deal with it.
   Despite of those instances, life thought us also the greatest trick of all; Hunger. We tend to be hungry for those things that we never had and made us eager to finish all those things or make things up with the things that might stress us. These things that stressed us also delivered to us the Purpose of these events or scenarios. Maybe you are applying on a job or preparing for exams tomorrow or certainly felt unloved by parents and friends but the hunger to feel that makes us act in a way that we do not wanted to be. The stress bought by the hunger to socialize and to be accepted by others already answered the question that we've been longing for; yourself. You only can answer the questions that you have in mind and you should always act in a manner that your mind and heart is comfortable. The exams maybe too hard but we should find ways on how to make it better, studying on the way we are good at, embracing the things that we lack of and tackle that with great passion and perseverance. Declined and rejected by almost all of those companies that you applied for, maybe you should act on yourself or find the company that gathers your interest the most so that you can persevere on making things right. Make things the way you are comfortable in order to sustain hunger. Make everything your safe zone so that you can take a bullet to the grand prize.

  Might be telling me that these words are really easy to say and is really difficult to accomplish and I am not in your position to say so. Yes, it is difficult and we need to accept that life will never be the greatest paradise, or the utopia that was thought of. Life is a bloody place to live on yet if we conquered the battlefield, we will feel the purpose of battling thousand and millions of times, Glory. Being yourself in the grandest stage and in the greatest banquet will make you feel accomplished and fulfilled enough, will make you fill the blankest spaces that no one ever imagined to be answered by a mere someone like us.Even though life is nonsensical to live on since we are born to die, we need to create the world that will make us feel sustained by our own glory and be filled by passion to eliminate hunger. If we tried to live life comfortably like a 5-year old child, life will be easy. Even though we do not have the toy that we exerted effort by crying, we tend to be contented by the things that we have and thinking that we will be having the grandest of them all. If life's purpose is to be hard, make it harder so that the hardest paths that you may take will be the easiest playground that you never imagined. Find the purpose of the stress, embrace it by being comfortable, and live life the simplest by being contented on the platter that is in front of us for now. Why did I mention for now? Because the grandest awaits you at the end of the bloody battlefield. Smile, cheer up, and do the things within reach for now so that we can take up the small things ahead. With that small things ahead, Greater Things will be on your own hands.That greater things that is on the next chapter is your own purpose and reason for living.


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The hardest question: Reason for Living?


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