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9, Unknown and Interesting Facts about Python Programming. [Data]

Python Programming is a Programming language created by Guido Van Rossum that has quickly become one of the top programming languages in the world. It is known for having code that is both readable and simple so that it is not too overcomplicated.  We hope you enjoy reading this article…’9 Unknown and Interesting Facts About Python Programming‘.

            For those of you who do not know what Python is, it is a high-level programming language that is used across the globe for coding and other applications. It has efficiently built structures that allow it to be easily readable and simplified even for those who are not highly knowledgeable about coding and other applications, which is why it has become so popular, even with children and teenagers, as you will see later in the article.

            There are a lot of aspects of Python Programming that makes it very interesting. In this article, we are going to be discussing, 9 most unknown and interesting facts about Python Programming.

1. There is a Poem Written about Python Programming.

Believe it or not, a man by the name of Tim Peters wrote a poem about Python Programming called, The Zen of Python. This poem can be read simply by typing ‘import’ into an interpreter. This poem is twenty lines long and describes the implications and popularity of Python Programming. It is quite an interesting and fun poem and definitely worth checking out for yourself.

2. It is called ‘Python’ because of a Comedy Series.

While many people guess that the name Python Programming came from something having to do with the Python snake, it was actually derived from a TV-comedy series known as ‘Monty Python’s Flying Circus’. This series was aired in the 1970s on the UK BBC channel and was a favorite show of Guido Van Rossum. He decided upon the name of ‘Python’ because it was short, mysterious and included the name of his favorite TV-Comedy show.

3. Python has Surpassed French in Primary Schools.

Surprisingly enough, as of 2015, Python programming language surpassed French as the most popular languages taught in primary schools. In fact, studies even showed that over 60% of primary school parents preferred their children to learn the Python language rather than the French language. This goes to show how popular and useful Python programming is becoming. Even children are benefiting from learning Python Programming. This can help them in the future, for AI and robots and new technologies, more so than learning French for the future.

4. There are C and Java Variants in Python.

Even though Python is an independent Programming language, it does have variants that derive from both Java and C++ in its syntax. For example, there is one variant known as CPython which uses some of the attributes of the C programming so that it can have those benefits as well. One of the benefits it gets is regarding performance because it can act as both an interpreter and a compiler.

5. You don’t need a Compiler for Python.

Unlike other programs such as Java and C++, Python does not require any sort of compiler. The other programs require a compiler because they must be compiled before they can be interpreted, but Python refers solely to what is known as an interpreter. The code of Python is stored within a .pyc file that acts as the engine of Python and eliminates the need for a compiler.

6. Python is an Open Source Language.

An open-source language means a language that any members of the language community can add to the coding of Python. Python Programming has all of the aspects that make up an open-source language since they do not have a license stating who controls it and how.

7. One of the Official Programming Languages Used at Google.

There are not many programming languages that are defined as official Google languages, but, Python is one of them. Due to is efficiency, Python became one of the official programming languages used at Google. They found it to be beneficial because it is easy to use even on large projects. Even YouTube is powered by Python programming.

8. It is similar to English.

Python is known to be a very simple and readable language by many. The reason being is that Pythons’ syntax is very close or similar to English…the third most spoken language in the world. Therefore, it can be easily understood. It is not too complicated and is easy to understand what every line’s function is and how it applies to the code.

9. You can apply it to a Variety of Aspects.

Python is a programming language that is not restricted to just one area. In fact, it can be suited and applied to a variety of areas requiring coding. This includes but is not limited to web development, AI development, machine learning, big data, mobile apps, and much more. Because of this, it has multiple functions rather than being restricted to just one.


            Overall, the Python Programming language has become increasingly popular among all ages and professions. It is a high-level language that allows it to be both dynamic and efficient at the same time, thus making it the top choice for programming languages today.

            There are a lot of well-known facts about Pythons such as how it was created, who created it, and the history of it, but there are still a lot of fun and interesting facts that many were not aware of, such as the facts discussed above.

 From these unknown and interesting facts, it can be seen that Python is the top choice in programming languages for adults and children because of its wide variety of applications

On top of that, it is always fun to know the quirkier things such as the poem that is written about Python and where the name Python even came from in the first place. – logo

…and Finally.

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9, Unknown and Interesting Facts about Python Programming. [Data]


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