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Book Review: Good Omens

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by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett

Genre: Fantasy/Farce/Dystopian Fiction
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


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According to The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch, the world will end on Saturday, and Agnes has never gotten it wrong before. So, the armies of Heaven and Hell are amassing in preparation, and weird things are happening. Atlantis has risen, it’s raining fish, the Kraken has emerged, and basically everything is going according to the Divine Plan.

Aziraphale, an angel, and Crowley, a demon, should be preparing just like the rest of their respective “teams.” However, they’ve both been on Earth for several centuries and they’ve come to rather enjoy the place. They’ve also, against both of their better judgement, become friends over the centuries of attempting to thwart each other’s schemes. They decide to team up to attempt to prevent the apocalypse, and they have a pretty good plan in place. There’s just one problem…

They seem to have misplaced the antichrist.


I read this Book on a whim after my husband and I decided to watch the show. I can’t watch the TV adaptation of something and not read the book. Like, I don’t think I’m physically capable. So, I did this weird thing where I was reading the book in tandem with watching the show, and it worked out really well. I unintentionally stayed on pace with both and I think it helped my understanding of each.

First of all, there were no major plot differences between the book and the show that affected the Story. Michael Sheen and David Tennat were incredible

But I digress. This isn’t a post about the show, this is a Review of the book. And I have to say, I loved the book. I don’t give 5 star reviews often. If I give a book 5 stars, that means I think it’s so good I’m definitely going to read it again one day.

This is one of those books.

The characters were amazing. There wasn’t a single one that I wasn’t on board with, even the antagonistic ones. That’s the beauty of this story, there aren’t really any “bad guys.” There are just angels, demons, and humans all trying to live their lives and do their best. Sometimes that leads to bad things happening, but that’s just how life works. I know the show got a lot of criticism from Christian groups because it kind of plays light on the whole book of Revelation and the Second Coming, but I really enjoyed the way the book played with our preconceived notions about major spiritual events. The story was fun, it was lighthearted, and it was beautifully conceived.

I love how Gaiman and Pratchett created a story based on two characters who were supposed to hate each other, but couldn’t. If there were ever going to be two sets of entities who couldn’t get along, it should be an angel and a demon. But Crowley and Aziraphale became best friends, in spite of their best efforts to the contrary. It’s like Gaiman and Pratchett are screaming to the world that there is no excuse for us not to get along. If Aziraphale and Crowley can do it, anyone can.

Is it a Must Read?

This story is funny, quirky, heartwarming, farcical, and probably the most fun book I’ve read all year. I can’t recommend it enough. Good Omens marks my 4th 5 star read of the year, and it’s earned it. I definitely want to read some more Neil Gaiman after this one. It’s got a little something for everyone, so I definitely recommend it as a Must Read.

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Book Review: Good Omens


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