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Can Reading Books Make You Smarter?

Ever since I started writing on my blog, I’ve been vouching on the importance of reading books and how it makes a difference in our lives. But can reading books make you smarter? Does reading a book keep the neurologist or Alzheimer’s away? Can readers say that they used books to increase their IQ level?

In this post, I’m going to discuss about how can reading books make you smarter, especially when it comes to fluid Intelligence that is how you identify the patterns, crystallized intelligence that means what facts you know, brain connectivity and emotional intelligence or empathy. 

History of IQ (Intelligent Quotient) 

Intelligence is quite a tricky characteristic to define. IQ is the most common tool used to measure intelligence. It was developed by German psychologist William Stern in the early 1990’s. This system uses scored from an intelligence test along with age to determine where an individual fall in the intelligent spectrum compared to other people. So, intelligence is a combination of the abilities to gain new knowledge, solve problems and engage in abstract reasoning. Of course, IQ doesn’t measure the intellectual ability perfectly.
Education, culture, and other facets of a person’s history can alter how they respond to some questions in the IQ tests. That means people with same latent ability can potentially have different IQ’s and that the test has some measurement bias. When such differential questions are identified, they are removed from the test. But if the test creators have blind posts then those inevitably emerge in the test itself. 

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Achieving a high score in an IQ test also relies on an individual’s motivation and believe that this test matters. So, none of these really answers our topic: can reading book increases a person’s intelligence and make them smarter? 

What Reading Books Does to Our Minds?

Reading books does alter our minds in myriad ways, not all of which emerges from the IQ scores.  

1) Fluid Intelligence
This is more abstract as it involves our ability to detect patterns, solves problems and come to an overall understanding not connected with the Crystallized Intelligence. Reading books and fluid intelligence have a reciprocal relationship. Reading books trains our brain to be better at detecting more meaningful patters. As we are able to make these connections, we get more better to understand what we read.  

2) Crystallized Intelligence

Reading books allows us to build crystallized intelligence which is all of the factual knowledge, data and figures that a person knows, also called as the “Book Smarts”. As we read more books, we tend to add more to our bank of information.

3) Brain Connectivity 

The most fascinating facet of whether reading books can make your smarter is the way it increases our brain connectivity. Reading books not only engages the part of our brain handling language but it also creates activity in portions that handle our sensations and movements. When we read books, a part of our mind steps into the body of the characters in the story. This connection remains with us for a period

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Can Reading Books Make You Smarter?


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