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A portal to the quirky universe of author Matt Decker's literary mind...
How To Find A Wormhole
2023-09-02 05:46
A mystic walk in The Field reveals a vista unreal.Stretched out before meacres of dimensions as far as Eye number threecan see.Across the timescape a vast expanse ch… Read More
Darkness Is Enlightening
2023-08-27 03:57
I believe humans are slow to learn even as their world turnsand burns.I believe fools wear bejeweled crownsandwhat has risen must needscome down.I believe many… Read More
Become EDGEwise
2022-12-14 22:40
Stories begin. Chapters end.Life forms. Light transforms.Time travels. Paradigms unravel.Dimensions hide. Decisions decide.Moments elapse. Portals collapse.Mentality… Read More
It's All Greek
2022-11-11 05:49
Hurried crowds in a frayThose dreary clouds of gray --Shining rays that light the dayWinding paths that lead the way --Blooming blossoms of MayLooming gloo… Read More
Transfer Portals
2022-10-28 22:57
What if I told youBeneath the sensory streamVerily and merrily it's More magical than it seems?The current of realityYou are currently within'Tis not the same flow As when your day… Read More
Being Gonna Be
2022-09-20 21:18
what's the identity of this entity?i'm a lifeform who needs to evolve not a problem that needs to be solved.tell me,is it my heartyou're seeing?andcan you fault a being&n&hell…Read More
Me. Myself. I.
2022-08-19 17:48
Does the mirror make it clearer?A reflection of "self"orProjection of a shell?More than a Frame with a nameMore than aFace in a placeMore than aMaker of mistakes More than a&n&hell…Read More
Poppin' Questions
2022-06-25 04:52
Yesyou are stressed Yetare you blessed?Can your soulbe at restand your fleshrefreshed?Can you havefeeland beyour best?Will you have success?Can you make progress?Do you commit… Read More
Showers Of Blessing
2022-06-02 17:12
Take my pain.Make it rain.What am I down for?In the heat of uproar I receive Yourdownpour. Drops of graceon my face --How refreshing to my faith!Photons splashin my… Read More
2022-05-31 09:26
What's this lifting my heels?Can thisbe at all real?I feel so lightand I feelas if I'm filled with light.Gently I beginto ascendthentranscend earth boundsof men.How did thisbe… Read More
Inside > Out
2022-05-29 23:16
Join me on a ridethrough the world inside...Lies roar.Ego soars.Worry howls.Fear growls.Anger bites.Hatred strikes.Selfish flows.Pride crows.Passion glows.Envy grows.Brainwaves surge.Urges e… Read More
Generated By A.I.
2022-05-26 06:07
 Augmented : Individual Algorithm : Invisible Activating : InputAccelerated : Improvement Autonomous : Ignition Automated : Ideation Access : Information A… Read More
The Thing About The Thing
2022-05-23 05:34
So it's the whatchamacallit in Wally's wallet And the whozeewhatzit in suzy's closetAnd the HULLABALOO that stews in Lou's mulligan stew And the bugaboo who&nbs&hell…Read More
Sow What?
2022-05-21 05:33
Status: Quo.🥱Mojo yo-yo.🤨Oh-so-so-so.😐Oh no!😩So sow.🤔Hope grows.🙂©️ matt decker  Read More
Battle Cry
2022-05-15 02:01
Awake to lightFaith to fight --Strength to standWill to withstand --Devotion to defendTo the very end --Angle to attack Angel at my back --Wherewithal to crawl When all else falls… Read More
Food For Thought
2022-05-14 06:11
A Delish Dish of English Do you oft bite offmore than you can chew?Who doesn't want his cakeand to eat it too?Bad apples fall not far from the tree.Bad eggs can become the big cheese.Gi… Read More
Flower Of Life
2022-04-27 19:46
Oops-a-daisy!Fears face me.Demons chase me.Haters hate me.Gamers play me."Friends" shade me.Shots graze me.Tomorrow is hazy.It's so crazy.I see lately It may be There can beDaisies… Read More
Ask A Which
2022-04-26 02:51
So there's this question to be hurdled on the restless quest for a portal.Left or rightRight or wrong --Which road leads home?Which side are you on?That or this?Which is which… Read More
Wild Words
2022-04-22 07:09
English can be a wild adventure... I think we need to address the elephant in the roomand while we're at itthat 800-pound gorilla, too.Welcome to the one-trick dog-and-pony sh… Read More
Prism Sentences
2022-04-12 04:39
Black sheep tell white liesand serve red herring.Hotheads see red and turn bluebefore swearing.🔴Purple squirrels don't get pink slips.The golden goose won't lay goldbricks… Read More
Emotion In Motion
2022-03-11 07:07
Will I shudder When they flutterandWill the flitter Make me bitteror Be a trigger For something bigger?No heart e'er skipped a beatO'er an outcome guaranteed.Quickened pu… Read More
This Is IT.
2022-02-04 05:35
Inspect IT.Detect IT.Correct IT.Perfect IT.Defy IT.Don't deny IT.Fight IT.Ignite IT.Spark IT.Start IT.Stop IT.Drop IT.Delete IT.Defeat IT.Regret IT?Forget IT.Reset IT.Go get IT.Yet own IT?Ge… Read More
Enlightening Flash
2022-01-23 08:49
Last night was dark and rough.Now it's time to wake up.The blind and the boundMake this place go 'round.Keep us entertained Lest we have to think.The less we have to thinkThe less we ha… Read More
Let's Get Metaphysical
2021-12-27 20:40
If you will be so kindTo lend me your timeI'll lead you on a climbOf the metaphysical kind;Just one cautionary rhyme --Don't stand too close behindYour presently cherished paradigm.From vari… Read More
The Numerical Miracle
2021-12-18 02:09
Numbers are numb.Some have succumbed.Be ONE who won.1️⃣ Think1️⃣ Thing1️⃣ Notion 1️⃣ Motion 1️⃣ Fact1️⃣……Read More
Light It Up
2021-12-16 10:12
On this moonlit nightEmit I my light.When it’s hard to thinkI can always blink.Streets lit and littered With streaks of glitter But that neonWon’t be onFor eons(No doub… Read More
Escape Hell
2021-12-07 02:08
HOUR OF DECISION Goals arecrawling.Control isstalling.Brawling andbawlingThe fruit tastesappalling.Darknessbefalling Beliefs arefalling.Carcasses sprawling.Here afaltering.Hea… Read More
I'm Electric
2021-12-01 09:50
I am hurtingAs I stand here alone.Worry grips me.I feel it in my bones.Often I wonder,Why this pain I must endure?Frequently I dreamOf recovery and cure.But hold everything -What is this I n… Read More
2021-11-29 07:30
breathe \'brēth\ v : brief and deep : it brings reliefconcentrate \'kän-sən-trāt\ v : juice to use with your contemplate intuit \in-'tü-ət, -'tyü-\ v… Read More
Fog Light
2021-11-21 18:12
In the haze of this mazeDazed and fazed by crazed days Through the enshrouding cloudCloaked and choked in the crowdAmidst this mess and mistA kiss of bliss oft missed Beneath these… Read More
Tap In
2021-11-19 08:10
Scattered by matters?Think About Patterns.Beasts won't cease?Think About Peace.Disturbed and nervous?Think About Purpose.News and noise?Think About Poise.Coward who cowers?Think About Power… Read More
The Time Traveler's Lesson
2021-11-04 06:41
Oh the scenes I've seen...Through it all I sawPower sought,Towers wrought.Wars were fought.Spoils caught.I walked golden halls Built by royal laws.Still behind it all --A crowned clown… Read More
Dictionaries Have Binders
2021-10-30 03:05
Spelling learned.Letters formed.Spells are born.Dots and linesAligned can blind Bind and confine.Sinful symbols Assembled.Harmonic DemonicSyllabic charmsWhich harm.N-OSum of n… Read More
Programmed 4 Progress
2021-10-29 05:50
(Advancement is an internal program. Here's the algorithm ...)Span::ScanPast::PassStress::TestNada::DataSetback::FeedbackDowngrade::Upgrade Upset::Update Defeat::DeleteRegret::Rese… Read More
Holy Text Message
2021-10-01 04:42
1 In the beginning Before the earth alignedThe Alpha and EndingBreathed life into lines2 Tho' ancient in ageStill sage for today3 A system of maximum wisdom --Maxims and aphorisms (and… Read More
Every Little Thing
2021-09-28 07:10
On this plane of Space and TimeCan one afford to remain blind?No human knows it all.Just know: dominos fall.The boomerang returns, Maneuvering its turn.Acts always come back.Futures han… Read More
Speed Heals
2021-09-24 05:09
Destination: DESTINY Yesterday is history Wishin' is fiction Mission: IGNITION Start your engine!Envision the intention Rev andAccelerateHeavenWatches and waitsWarp… Read More
Exercise In Futurity
2021-08-10 06:18
To the human who's stuck -Muck. Mire. Rut.To the heart ripped apart -Stark. Hurt. Dark.To the mind in a bind -Behind. Confined. Blind.To the prisoner of circumstance -Song and dance of happe… Read More
Blue: Past
2021-06-06 04:20
Out of the nightInto the lightOut of the frightInto the fightOut of fearInto gearOut of the griefInto reliefThe relief of beliefOut of the sorrowInto tomorrowOut of the futileInto the future… Read More
Way To Go!
2021-04-15 02:42
 What's UP?Lot's UP.Give UP?Get UP!A hand UP --Stand UP.Man UP.Man's UP.Beat UP?Feet UP.UP, feet!UPbeat.Shook UP?Look UP!Shake it UP.Take it UP.Lever UP.Level UP.Messed UP?Next UP.Step… Read More
ELIAN Exists
2021-04-04 01:37
Leery to beNear to meIt appearsYou fear me.I'm not from the devil.Just another level.Galaxies are my reality.SpiritualityThe mentality.You frolic with the commonAnd rollick in the drama.I ro… Read More
My Stery
2020-12-18 04:02
A world built on nothingHolds the soul from Something.There's got to beMore for meThan what I seeAnd strive to be.Goals and goldAnd what's toldReally gets old.(The mold will never hold.)It's… Read More
Freq' Up
2020-11-15 05:13
Words in redReverb In my headSpiritually healing meFeels really real in meThe Healer's HertzHeals my hurtsAccosted by lossBut found from lostI get lost in the CrossLimping from doomTo a… Read More
Thoughts Count
2020-08-16 05:55
 Substance amongst usin abundance,The miracleof spiritual material.A system of assistanceand resistance,Twisting or kissingour existence.The cerebral cortexa cathedral and vortex.C… Read More
EFF' It!
2020-08-10 17:43
 Inked on pages of agesQuipped from lips of sagesEasing the brain's pain and griefReleasing the peace of reliefMoving hordes toward more and betterRemoving their fetters by lettersSpark… Read More
2020-08-04 13:53
Meet a character named NormWho's a caricature of the norm.Always in his uniform,All his ways are uniform.The worst thing in all Creation?A nonstandard deviation.Every step and moveFits stric… Read More
Faith Is Golden
2020-07-31 12:47
Heavenly Father,I approach Your throne --Knowing full wellThe treasures You own.You are not bound by this world's economy;Heaven's provision is available constantly.It's determined by Kingdo… Read More
2020-07-14 15:37
Yawn of nightandDawn of lightSoulful arisin'andHopeful horizonPheasant feathersandPleasant weatherCooling showersandBlooming flowersDaisy beautyandDaily dutyPassing hoursandPassion's fireCon… Read More
This B4 That (Secret Of Sequence)
2020-05-01 11:00
This before ThatGo before AtBall before BatBabe before BratKit before CatChit before ChatAct before FactFull before FatSplat before FlatHead before HatDoor before MatPalm before PatCheese be… Read More
2020-03-16 18:03
Overwhelming darknessWhat can spark this?I feel like a carcass.Damp and crampedI'd give anythingFor a rampOr even a lamp.Cold and numbWill I succumbOr somehow overcome?Disgraced in the PiTTh… Read More
Wee Are We
2020-03-08 06:19
World of wonderMakes one wonderWhat wanders underSky and thunder?Frog in logFlea on dog.Bug on PugPug on rug.Pets and pestsPests on pets.See flea leap?Mite might bite.Speck of dustFleck of c… Read More
The Cosmic Show
2019-12-20 01:36
Grab a seat,Nestle and chill.This Ceres will pleaseAnd even thrill.The stage was raisedIn a faraway age.If you care to make the climbInto the spaceship of your mindWe will traverse with a bu… Read More
Heal Thy
2019-10-16 00:51
Heal thy heart --Love's the start.Heal thy mind --Peace you'll find.Heal thy belief --Feel thy relief.Heal thy day --Faith's the way.Heal thy choice --You will rejoice!Heal thy plan --Trust… Read More
The Feat
2019-10-12 01:52
DEFEATDisaster brews,Battle ensues,Battered and bruise.Did this I choose?I feel dread --I see red,A sea of red,Eyes of redWant me dead.Hellish wind on my skin,A portend of my end?Scarred fac… Read More
What's So Funny?
2019-10-06 06:01
(A playful commentary on our social media obsession)A global baneOn the brain.Social eyes,Social lies.So shall ISocialize?Behold theEmoji!Selfie-centeredPostpourri.Real deal filteredOut of k… Read More
I Pray 4 U
2019-10-05 03:54
I pray for you to have a great day.May you find miracles along the way.I pray that you will be abundantly blessedAnd that you walk always in God's best.I pray for your prosperity and peaceAn… Read More
A Word, Please?
2019-09-13 00:05
What's the word?Watts the word.Watts of words --Lots of wordsGot lots of watts.Words wired. Weird!Words are wired with power.Isn't it weird that ourWords are live and wired?Words hurt.Word H… Read More
Pray For The Day
2019-07-31 22:24
This is the day You have made -I'm excited to get it under way.Each new day is a gift and a blessing -Filled with so many positive lessons.I receive this day with a heart of gratitude -Askin… Read More
When God Tells You To Turn Left
2019-07-11 17:14
July 10, 2019Centre, Alabama, USAI thought it would be cool to record lightning flashing through the evening clouds. Only later did I discover the peculiar flash that bears a "striking" rese… Read More
Purple People
2019-07-02 22:15
History hath that tendencyTo weave this tragic tapestry --Stained with pain,Bane of reign,Travesty and tyrannyOf devilish dynasty.Beyond unwieldy doorsOf the olden palaceA bejeweled fool dot… Read More
2019-06-21 06:26
Come on in, The water's just fine!Tell me friend --Ever hear that line?Truth be told,It's not always so --Sometimes that blue goldCan be some kinda cold.ButYou know it showsNo… Read More
2019-06-13 22:08
🌟 Stars are not like us. They live in a different reality. This poem records one earthling's serenade to these bona fide glitterati. 🌟A world so diff'rent,A land so… Read More
Heal Leah
2019-05-22 18:16
I know You are real.You have power still,The power to healThis dear one so ill.My friend hurts.So I enter this sessionOf fervent prayerAnd faith-based intercession.Heal thisIllness.It's her… Read More
Darren Doo Dares To Do
2019-05-15 01:03
"Darren Doo,Why do youDare to do?"Cow gotta moo,Dove gotta coo,Spook gotta boo,I gotta do.Darren Doo's Derring-doDares to doThat which youRefuse to do.I welcome youTo Darren Doo'sDoing… Read More
They Called Me Amazing Grace
2019-05-12 05:45
(Grace Daniels has led an amazing life. Feeling the end of her earthly journey, the ailing matriarch gifts her granddaughter with a priceless pearl of spiritual wisdom.)From the startIt's be… Read More
Let's Get Glitchy
2019-04-23 22:50
"Mom! It's glitchin' again!"       Molly Higgins is a patient lady. And a loving mother. But really? Again? This is too much. She takes a swig of her energy drink, finds… Read More
The Trouble Is The Bubble!
2019-04-08 10:33
(The following post is inspired by a dream. Literally.)Do you live in a bubble? According to one scientific theory, we all do. I will stay in my lane and not embarrass myself by attempt… Read More
Angels On The Edge
2019-03-25 22:02
THE GLORIOUS ONESI wonder what you thinkOf the human raceFrom your celestial pedestalAbove time and space?In our lil' world that revolves,How long have you been involved?When you peer out th… Read More
2019-03-24 04:52
"Well? Say something, son."      George has no words. At least not any he can utter without unpleasant repercussions. Drenched in disappointment, he can only stare with droopi… Read More
2019-02-16 08:15
Did You Know?The words "need" and "Eden" are anagrams of one another.You can turn need into Eden by simply switching the letters around a little bit.Isn't that neat?Actually, it's better tha… Read More
2019-02-06 08:19
Heaven's door. It's painted pink and adorned with a glittery heart. There's an angel on the other side, but she's resting at the moment.      Heaven Turner needs each and ever… Read More
The Lion's Din
2019-01-24 00:42
din: a loud, unpleasant and prolonged noiseDaniel turns the lions' den into a veritable prayer room. Beneath the ear-splitting roars of the hungry beasts can be heard the weak voice of the e… Read More
The Edge Of Language
2019-01-15 08:20
The subtleties of Language and Life are examined..The legato of language and lingo,The dance of diction and dialect --Have you ever considered the differenceA little letter or two can effect… Read More
2019-01-13 06:07
A glowing ball of orange intervenes in a horrific apartment fire,saving many lives and averting complete disaster.Dani Leonetti squeezes the heirloom crucifix in her trembling palm. It feels… Read More
Going Quantum
2019-01-11 18:59
Using his advanced knowledge of the quantum world,an evil physicist devises a way to make people disappear.Dr. Maximillan Williams is some kind of brilliant;Too bad he has to, in fact, be a… Read More
What Can Happen In One Minute?
2019-01-11 07:07
The countdown begins...1:00The blessing of birth,The existence of Earth --Shouldn't these stoke my faithIn the Divine's miracle grace?:50The light of day,Each breath I take,There's a reasonI… Read More
Little Stories
2019-01-07 23:10
For the tiny inhabitants of Miniopolis, size matters...Kurt Millican, oozing beads of summer sweat, surveys the freshly-cut lawn. The exhausted insurance agent peels his sticky shirt from hi… Read More
Year Of Peace
2019-01-04 08:02
"Then the same day at evening, being the first day of the week, when the doors were shut where the disciples were assembled for fear of the Jews, came Jesus and stood in the midst, and saith… Read More
Pellets Of Wisdom
2019-01-04 01:30
Wisdom doesn't always manifest as a shiny pearl. The following practical "pellets" are dropped from my book  JAILBIRD ---🐦 BB:"Respect who I am instead of trying… Read More
ALIEN: How It Feels
2019-01-02 21:06
Found on EarthAground on EarthBound to EarthWorld of birthWorld of worth?Why my birthOn this Earth?A bandit planetA manic planetPlanet of panicNeed some bandageSomehow I fellInto a HellA spe… Read More
What Will You Start In 2019?
2018-12-31 19:00
How can I winIf I don't begin?To start is the sparkThe step is my helpIt's smart to startIt's art to startWhat's missin' from wishin'?The start-spark of ignition --It must become my missionT… Read More
Create 2019
2018-12-30 08:07
The hour is late,Time will not wait --Will this be my fate?God forbid I stagnate,The temptation is great --I must awake to create.The ideas to date I appreciateBut new ones it's time to crea… Read More
The Thinker's Creed
2018-12-27 08:52
I believe there is a solution to every problem. I believe there is an idea for every need.I accept my ability to THINK as a gift from my Creator.I recognize the supreme importance of in… Read More
Christmas Presence
2018-12-25 08:01
15 Prayers Until ChristmasTHE KING ARRIVES"Lord of lords,King of kings,Faith in YouOvercomes all things.On our own,We can do nothing.But through You,We can do all things.The greatest storyIs… Read More
When You Need To Transcend
2018-12-24 08:08
15 Prayers Until ChristmasABOVE & BEYOND"You make Your angelsA flaming fire --They lift me UP,They carry me HIGHER --Above and BeyondMy temporal distress,Bringing Heaven's peaceTo all my… Read More
(How To) Have A Good Day
2018-12-23 08:13
15 Prayers Until ChristmasPRAY FOR THE DAY"This is the day You have made -I'm excited to get it under way.Each new day is a gift and a blessing -Filled with so many positive lessons.I don't… Read More
2018-12-22 08:04
15 Prayers Until ChristmasPRAYER Zzz"As upon this pillow I lay my head,I ask You to place angels by my bed;I call to mind the words You saidAnd all that Jesus did in my stead --So every fear… Read More
When Your Mind Becomes Cluttered
2018-12-21 08:04
15 Prayers Until ChristmasLET IT GO"Help me, Lord, to clear my mindOf the day's thoughts, whatever the kind --Free me from the ties that bind;In You peace and release I find.Amen." Read More
When You're Feeling Down
2018-12-20 08:02
15 Prayers Until ChristmasPRAY UP"When my spirit is thirsty,You fill my cup.When I'm trending down,You lift me up.What can get me downWhen You have my back?Considering Thy blessing,How can I… Read More
2018-12-19 08:16
15 Prayers Until ChristmasTHE OPEN DOOR"What's next, Lord?What is in store?What step? What opportunity?What open door?Whatever Your answer,One thing I know:You give Grace to growAnd Faith to… Read More
Survival To Revival
2018-12-18 08:12
15 Prayers Until ChristmasTHRIVE"Tho' surrounded by trouble,I am revived.It's not Your willThat I merely survive.By the same Spirit Who made Jesus alive,Yes, by HimI am empowered to thr… Read More
Prayer For Protection
2018-12-17 08:02
15 Prayers Until ChristmasTHE SECRET PLACE"Angels are around me,Your light does surround me.I am guarded, I am safe --I am sheltered in The Secret Place.Tho' my flesh dwells here below,Still… Read More
When Your Nerves Are Shot
2018-12-16 08:14
15 Prayers Until ChristmasA GREAT CALM"Thank You, Lord, for calming my nerves.When Life throws me a curve,And I am tempted to swerve,You give Grace I could never deserve.So upon You these ca… Read More
Anti-Stress Prayer
2018-12-15 08:15
15 Prayers Until ChristmasPEACE MODE"I lay down my heavy load.You lead me into peace mode.When Your words I observe,I tap into my spiritual reserves.Stress is not my master --Only YOU do I s… Read More
When It Looks Bleak
2018-12-14 08:03
15 Prayers Until ChristmasSONSHINE"When the sky is overcast,When my thoughts are downcast,And when I'm feeling harassed,You will hold me fast --For Your Word is steadfastAnd Your power is un… Read More
When You're Feeling Weak
2018-12-13 08:00
15 Prayers Until ChristmasINFUSION"From the top of my headTo the bottom of my feet,You infuse me with strengthWhen I'm feeling weak.I am encouraged,My hope is renewed.My spirit is stirredAt… Read More
All Things Are Possible
2018-12-12 08:20
15 Prayers Until ChristmasPOSSIBILITY"Heavenly Father,I focus my faith on You.In the palm of Your hand,How can I lose?Your Grace is sufficient For every need.All things are possible&nbs&hell…Read More
15 Prayers Until Christmas
2018-12-11 08:17
Beginning today, I will be posting a daily prayer - right up to Christmas. These will be short excerpts from longer prayers I have written. And as such, they will be fairly easy to memorize… Read More
Roll Out The Transformers!
2018-12-10 08:05
The time is now to bring the real transformers online in your life. The mission - should you choose to accept it - is to activate and release the greatest transformative force on earth. You… Read More

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