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The Most Disturbing Games Ever Created

  1. Ethnic Cleansing

The 2002 game was released on PC by white nationalist record label Resistance Records. Advertised as “most politically incorrect video game ever made” it certainly lives up to that moniker.

The first person shooter gives points to the player as he hunts down and kills various ethnic groups such as Black, Hispanic and Jewish characters. It plays off racial stereotypes by making black characters squeal like apes when shot. Your character of choosing for the game consists of a Nazi Skinhead or a KKK Klansman.

Skinhead music plays in the background as you battle through Ghetto’s and slay various stereotyped caricatures of different races.  Various offensive level bosses such as “Big Nig” crop up in your travels through this White Power Wonderland. In order to win the game the player must kill then Pri Minister of Israel – Ariel Sharon.

Perhaps the most Disturbing thing about the game is the perceived brainwashing agenda for potential players. The game has a dehumanising affect and is created to strengthen false stereotypes and enforce the idea that the white race is superior. No matter what age range video games are given, they are largely played by children. The makers of Ethnic Cleansing had this firmly in mind as they tried to corrupt young minds into a racist ideology.

  1. Polybius

Mythology, creepy pasta, conspiracy or true story? The story of arcade game Polybius is half measures fascinating and half measures disturbing. As the tale goes, a strange video game system mysteriously appeared in the arcades of Portland, Oregon, America. The game quickly had droves of players stunned into a Zen like addiction. As the arcades closed their doors strange men dressed in dark suits would take readings of the game. Much like the film “The Last Starfighter” it was speculated that the game was a government recruitment tool for finding soldiers with the best mental abilities for war. Others speculated that the game was a mind controlling experiment by the CIA in an off branch of MK ULTRA.

Much of the story is supposedly derived from half-truths and rumours. Oregon was indeed a testing ground for new games in the 80s and FBI agents would stake out these arcades at the time. The murky arcades of the 80s were a breeding ground for crime, and there were numerous instances of FBI raids on arcades for gambling busts. Moreover there were instances in the 80s of children becoming sick after playing video games. However this has largely been attributed to excessive playing and the medical risks associated, rather than a game psychologically affecting players.

The game is also referenced in pop culture. The Simpsons – no stranger to conspiracy theories shows the game in an episode:

Play close attention to the bottom of the console – “Property of the US Government”.

The game again featured in 80s comedy TV show, The Goldbergs:

The game is widely believed to be a hoax. However, so was CIA mind control experiment MK ULTRA until recently.

  1. Sad Satan

As you can probably expect from a game found exclusively on the dark-web Sad Satan is possibly the most disturbing video game of all time. The anonymity of the dark web offers a haven for freedom and creativity. Sadly however this unfiltered discretion breeds seedy subcultures such as paedophilia and gore. This game is very much an offshoot of this. Many have speculated that the game is a virtual simulation into the effects of child Abuse and much of the content cements this theory.

The game itself seems rather aimless with no real goal. You aimlessly wander down maze-like grainy dark corridors as disorienting backing music and visuals fill the screen. This gives the first hint of a child abuse theory. Many victims of child abuse develop dissociative disorders in which memories, sense of self and consciousness are distorted ( This gameplay may reflect the broken half memories of survivors. Furthermore some very disturbing pop up imagery fills the screen as you walk through the dark and dreary maze. Pictures of high profile child molesters such as Jimmy Saville and rolf Harris flash up on the screen along with images of death and gore. These Post Traumatic Stress Disorder inducing images of horror may reflect the haunting symptoms of child abuse survivors. For example many sufferers develop PTSD as a result (Babbel S, 2011). Not to mention the obvious correlation to the aforementioned paedophiles.

The only characters you meet in the game are children, who often appear mournfully posed in corners staring into nothingness. As you progress images and audio become more disturbing. There are said to be several versions of the game a “clean” version containing only gore and pictures of paedophiles etc. However the full version of the game is supposed to contain images of child abuse. Towards the end of both versions, it features gut wrenching scream of which some believe are real. It is also worth noting that trying to access this game on the dark-web can destroy your computer with viruses.

The game has been said to have been created by Obscure Horror Corner Channel on Youtube to garner publicity to their channel. However the channel have denied this. Whether or not this is the case the game is still incredibly disturbing and people will draw their own conclusions as to the underlying theme.

Here is some gameplay and the nausea inducing effects of it:

  1. Blue Whale Game

What happens when Jigsaw meets Black Mirror? The Blue Whale Suicide game is what happens. Named after Blue Whales that purposefully beach themselves on the shore to end their lives, the game has caused havoc in Russia and central Asia. The game prays on the young, vulnerable and those disillusioned with life. The aim of the game is to commit suicide and the aim of the administrators is to manipulate the players into self-induced homicide.

One of the masterminds of the game – Philipp Budeikin, was recently arrested in Russia for manipulating the suicides of at least 16 young girls.


His arrest brought with it the sick rational for the challenge. He described players as biological waste and claimed he was cleansing society of presumably weaker members (Stewart W, 2017). The nihilistically inspired Social Darwinism cruelly uses the cult of celebrity, trends, and the addictive influence of social media to lead players down a rabbit hole of despair.

Interestingly and disturbingly many of the players are beautiful young girls who are broken down like domestic abuse victims to be weaker and more subservient.


Ran largely through social media, a player will contact an administrator and there they will be sent tasks to complete. The game is said to last for fifty days with gradually more challenging daily tasks. Perhaps the most worrying thing about this game is the sophisticated psychological techniques used to screen and break down players. For example players will be tasked with self-harming and sending proof to their Blue Whale contact. They may be asked to carve something into themselves, slash themselves or cut their lip open. Another big theme throughout these challenges is to keep the participant sleep deprived which alters their state of their mind. They may also be given socially isolating tasks such as not talking to anyone for 24 hours which breaks down any support networks. They will be sent disturbing films to watch along with depressing music. They will also be tasked with testing the boundaries of death by climbing tall buildings and peering out over the edge. Eventually after fifty days the sleep deprived, socially isolated, broken down player will be told to kill themselves to win the game.

Blue Whale Challenge: List of All 50 Tasks [UPDATED]

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The Most Disturbing Games Ever Created


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