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Unhinged Witch by Melody Caraballo

Title: Unhinged Witch
Series: The Unkindness Saga
Author: Melody Caraballo
Genre: Adult, Fantasy Romance, Witches
Publisher: Portal World Publishing
Format: e-Arc

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Content Warnings
This Story contains open door sex scenes and strong language.


I received this ARC as a proofreader from the author, Melody Caraballo.  Although we are pub sisters, this does not affect my review of this story. My opinions of this book are wholly my own. This post uses affiliate links,  and Bookish Valhalla may receive a small commission for purchases made through them at no cost to you.

Summary: Harmony doesn’t want to believe she’s a witch, but the talking cat isn’t helping. Neither is the mysterious woman who keeps popping up at the most inconvenient times. Former foster kid and track star, Harmony has one way of solving problems—run.

But out-of-control magic is impossible to run from.

Harmony hides her powers from her skeptic boyfriend, Caden, determined to keep one part of her life normal and stay with the one person who has ever loved her. But the more she tries to keep her life balanced, the more she becomes unhinged.

That balance crumbles when the mysterious woman, leader of a rogue coven, reveals Harmony is a witch of Arlynn, a land hidden in the Bermuda Triangle. The King of Arlynn is killing witches who disagree with his rule. Harmony has the only magic capable of stopping him. Now Harmony must choose: run like she always has to preserve her life with Caden or embrace her mysterious powers and fight for her homeland. 

My Review

Narrative style: first personPerspective(s): single (Harmony)

First Impressions

Before Mel sent me an e-ARC to proofread, I had never read this story. I was both very excited to read Mel’s book, and a little bit nervous. Most of the witch books that come out these days seem to be centered around an academy for younger adults, and I was really crossing my fingers for a new take on witches. When I opened those first pages, I was immediately drawn in to Harmony’s struggle and the affair she had going on with the broody hero at her side. What made Harmony an even more complex heroine is that she is a reactor, and she does it badly. She quits jobs, runs out on hard conversations, and keeps everyone at arm’s distance to protect her own fragile heart—including the man she loves. It’s fascinating to witness her everyday struggles and how small influences build upon one another to make Harmony believe she has world-altering problems.

What I Loved About Unhinged Witch

Mel indeed put a new spin on her witches and I love her for that! Not only do they have their own world hidden away in the Bermuda Triangle, but each witch (no matter the gender) has two factors to their magic—a color of magic, and an affinity that can be used independently of their core abilities.

Harmony believes herself to be just another human with atypical problems, but her idea of solving her issues is to run away from them.  As the story unpacks, it becomes obvious that Harmony has some serious memory issues, deep emotional trauma, and in many ways she’s closed off to the guy she’s in love with.  She has all the makings of a complex woman who’s just trying to survive one day to the next without accidentally walking herself into oncoming traffic.

But what I really love about Harmony is she has a deep connection to her instincts. She tries to take people at face value, but there’s that little voice inside that always helps guide her in and out of each situation.

So it’s no surprise when Ginger (a black and white witch’s cat) shows up like an emotional therapy animal. Except Ginger is a damn bitch, always snapping at Harmony and demanding meatballs. She’s so hilarious you want to both cuddle her and punt her across the room.

The Thing I Really Wanted

This is a me thing and in no way interfered with the enjoyment of this book. The love interest in the story, Caden, is a wonderful character. He’s gentle and honest, and the kind of wonderful hero for a story if you like healthy, sweet, loving relationships.

I love a good romance, but I do not like reading about healthy loving relationships. Again… ME. I’m a sucker for dark and broken and brooding lovers. While Caden was a wonderful character and deeply tangled in the story in complex ways, he didn’t have enough punch for me. I like them really….. evil.

The other thing I really struggled with was Harmony’s relationship to Penny. This might be just how I read into the plotline, but Caden and his best friend Penny are always flirting with one another (in front of Harmony) and have various inside jokes.

But the heroine seems oblivious to this and is constantly hugging Penny and calling her a best friend. It made me want to slap her because that friendship between the hero and his work buddy seemed a lot less innocent on page. 

Overall Thoughts

Unhinged Witch is a wonderful, fast-paced contemporary fantasy romance with open door sex scenes, an emotionally healthy romance, and a unique twist on witches who live in the Bermuda Triangle.

The story is written in first person from Harmony’s point of view, and the writing style is more similar to a contemporary fantasy than a harder epic/high fantasy.

However, this story is definitely for adults. I’d recommend it for anyone that wants some fantasy in their romance, or some romance in their fantasy. Or if you just love snarky cats that make all the characters lives’ a little more dreary.

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Unhinged Witch by Melody Caraballo


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