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Billionaire Blog Club Honest Review

Billionaire Blog Club My Honest Review

If you are looking for a BILLIONAIRE BLOG CLUB HONEST REVIEW, then you have come to the right place!

Let me start this post with a confession.

Last year when I first started Blogging, I fell in love with the idea of courses.

I loved the notion that an expert was willing to impart to a novice all their secrets to success in a condensed and simple fashion.

I loved reading a sales page that promised me the moons and stars and everything that would help me reach my dreams QUICKLY.

But as I soon discovered – not every course delivers on its promise.

Many courses are like peacocks waving around their fancy feathers but the moment the feathers are down, all you see a plain little bird walking around without much else to offer.

Uh…that was seriously so frustrating for me.

If I was going to give up my hard-earned money, I wanted not only good value but something exclusive, that I couldn’t find for free on any old website.

I have reviewed a few of my favorite courses HERE (these are the best of the best courses that I have taken and highly recommend). But I reached a point earlier this year when I had to say stop, enough is enough.

I decided no more courses, no more immersing myself in material – it was time to take ACTION instead and start implementing all the strategies I have learned so far.

BUT where and how does one begin when they suffer a serious case of information overload?

After beginning my action phase, I still felt seriously stuck and as directionless as the autumn leaf drifting in the wind.  Every day I would shift from task to task, pinning my faith on hope or luck, because I didn’t quite have a proper plan in place to create a successful blogging business.

A close friend of mine who manages a business for thought leaders (experts in various fields that earn $500K to $1million per year) highly recommended that I find myself a mentor.

She truly believed that I would benefit immensely from having a mentor and an expert in the blogging field to guide me.

I knew she was 100% right. For just as I had guided many others to success in my role as a life coach for 15 years, she believed that mentorship was the one key factor that took her own high-end clients to the next level.

I had already achieved so much as an author of 20 books – now it was time to go ahead and do the same in my role as a blogger, starting pretty much from scratch.

Enter the Billionaire BLOG CLUB.

I’m not lying when I say that I heard about the BILLIONAIRE BLOG CLUB only a few hours after our conversation and the bells started ringing immediately (in a good way!).

The weird thing is I have never gravitated towards male course instructors (forgive me, I know that’s super strange!) but as soon as I looked into BBC I realized I was super inspired by this guy. The founder of Billionaire Blog Club is Paul Scrivens – someone who actually practices what he preaches.

(Hint, hint: he runs numerous successful blogs and makes money without blogging about blogging. As a blogger, you quickly realize how rare this is! I think this is the most important thing to look for in any blogging coach or teacher).

Everyone was raving about BBC, so I trusted my instincts, took the leap of faith and haven’t regretted it for a second. To the contrary I wish I joined sooner! It is without a doubt the best and most pivotal decision in my blogging career so far.


They say the proof is in the pudding, right? I signed up for BBC on February 26th and my final stats for February were 17,284 pageviews.  One month later I ended March with 37,000+ pageviews (in GA). Yes, I literally more than doubled my pageviews and I feel like BBC is the definitive move that catapulted me to this traffic growth success.

Also if my current traffic numbers for April so far are a fair indicator for the rest of the month (3 days in and 7400+ pageviews already!) then I will definitely surpass this figure again. (I’m secretly aiming for a minimum of 50,000 pageviews but very possibly could achieve a lot more than that – woohoo!)



It’s true. I finally put my money where my mouth is and I cannot tell you how instantaneous and amazing the change in my attitude was.

I felt like I was actually a budding millionaire in the making. I felt finally ready to take things to the next level and do everything I could to make this dream of mine happen.

Now I am not usually one to throw big money at courses (little money yes, big money no) but I saw this as an proper investment in my career and future as a blogger. 

For just like a doctor needs to go to medical school to learn his highly-developed level of skills and a plumber undertakes an apprenticeship to learn his trade, I knew I needed to learn from the best of the best and the most successful bloggers currently out there.


I mentioned it above but I will mention once again just so it is super clear for you: Paul Scrivens, the founder of Billionaire Blog Club, actually practices what he preaches. He has runs numerous successful blogs and doesn’t make his money just blogging about blogging.

For someone whose primary niche isn’t blogging yet parenting and self-development I cannot tell you how reassuring and inspiring it is to see someone run not one or two but multiple profitable blogs in various different niches. To me, he is like the master of blogging and I couldn’t have dreamed up a more qualified, knowledgeable, likeable, keeping-it-real mentor and teacher.


I feel like I can comment on the quality of the Billionaire Blog Club courses because I have honestly taken so many in the past. The courses inside Billionaire Blog Club are next-level, top-end stuff and loaded with valuable information I haven’t seen elsewhere.

They include:

1 Billionaire Blogging SEO

2 Billionaire Niche Selection

3 Billionaire Pinterest

4 Billionaire Affiliate Marketing

5 Boardbooster Masterclass

6 Intro to Email Marketing

7 Google Analytics

8 WordPress

9 Content Creation

The great thing is Paul is constantly adding new courses inside BBC and updating older material so the education and growth as a blogger is never-ending inside this community.

Plus more importantly Paul is a great teacher. He knows his stuff and understands how to convey his knowledge well. I can’t tell you how many times the penny finally dropped for me when he was explaining more complicated things about SEO and Pinterest in his courses. 

Even though I knew a lot of things before joining Billionaire Blog Club I finally UNDERSTOOD it all after taking his courses. Like really, truly, 100% understood this information, without a shadow of doubt after taking his courses. It’s like the lightbulb finally switched on and I could see everything clearly and with new eyes afterwards.  

Paul explains everything so well – the intricate way everything is connected and comes together. Even better he give you the skills to go out there and replicate those strategies, with view to achieving success as a blogger.


BBC isn’t a course you just buy, watch over once and allow your login details to get lost in your inbox (can you tell I have done this more than once with prior courses?).

It is instead a real life community that exists away from Facebook (we all hang out on a platform called SLACK instead), which is brimming with the buzz of ambitious bloggers determined to make their blogs a success. We support each other. We celebrate our successes together. We help each other out. 

And because Billionaire Blog Club is a lifetime membership, we are all in it together for the long run. There is no “oops, your year is over, your membership has expired, it’s time to kick you out” moment waiting for you in the future.

A lifetime membership also means lifetime access to every new course that is ever released to BBC members. You can also revisit old courses whenever you want a refresher in the future and I wouldn’t hesitate to go back and watch some of them again because my mind was honestly blown away with just how much valuable content there is inside.



When I say Paul Scrivens is always there to support, I sort of mean this literally. HE IS ALWAYS THERE ON THE COMMUNITY PLATFORM – answering questions, giving feedback and advice to anyone who needs it. (Whenever I have asked a question in the past, it has never taken him more than 10 minutes to get back to me – crazy, right?)

All in all, he is hands-down the most involved, committed-to-seeing-his-students-succeed teacher I have ever come across in my life. While other course creators sort of disappear as soon as you click BUY NOW, Paul is always there, encouraging us to succeed.

In the end the courses are just fantastic (and worth the cost of BBC on its own) but with the added bonus of a lifetime membership involving a committed mentor and teacher – I don’t think anyone can put a real price tag on that.


NOTE: Doors reopen on April 5th for one week only

If you do join, I look forward to seeing you on the inside! Be prepared for Billionaire Blog Club to totally change the way you blog for life. I cannot wait to see where this journey takes both you and me!

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Billionaire Blog Club Honest Review


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