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How Accurate Are Reader Stereotypes?

What do people assume about you when you tell them that you like reading?

Chloe- "I'm a nerd, friendless, boring, shy and have no life?"
Aaron- "Gay, sad. They are confused."
Emma- "I'm really introverted?"

There are lots of negative thoughts that come to people's mind when we confess our love of books. How accurate are they?
Are we so strange that our enjoyment of reading can never be understood?

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1. We are really quiet and shy.

I believe that it is true that people who read are usually pretty quiet and shy because the actual act of reading is a fairly isolated activity. You can't read a Book with another person like you'd watch a movie.
But, I do think that we are loud and expressive in other ways. How else would we have this whole book community? Books that get turned into movies happen because we as readers have shouted online about our enjoyment of them! Not happy with representation in a book? We will virtually shout about it!

2. We are really clever.

This might not be true! I think it depends on your choice of reading material. If you read an educational book on Rome you'll be classed as clever on that subject. 
I do believe that I learn new things from books but that doesn't mean I'm clever. If someone wants to read a cereal box they will still learn new things but they might not be called clever.

3. We are boring.

I could easily think the same thing back to you non-reader!
Just because you have no interest in books doesn't mean that I'm the one who's boring. Maybe I'll teach you why I find books interesting, or maybe I'll even talk about a different subject - I know, crazy idea...
I get it, when I need to gush about a book that you have no idea what it's about, I may bore you, but I would have the same experience if you talked to me about a football game that happened!

4. We have no friends.

Of course we can make friends! Other people share an interest in books! It doesn't matter if our friends are online or not, the book community is full of friends!

5. We are against technology.

No. Just because I read physical books, definitely does not mean that you won't find me marathoning a TV show, or staying up way too late watching YouTube. 
The book community relies so much on social media platforms to raise awareness of new books.

6. We never go outside.

One of the biggest pros of reading is how easy and convenient it is. I can sit outside anywhere I want and not worry about screen brightness or signal. 
Maybe it's true that I do spend a lot of my time indoors, but that's because I'm an introvert who is socially awkward in new environments. The truth is that I love nature, especially the sea.

7. Boys who read are gay.

I don't even get how books are related to this. Enjoyment of reading is a hobby, it doesn't define you as an individual.

8. We read for attention.

Apparently by choosing to read when everyone else is on their phone is a way of getting attention. We don't fit in so clearly we are just trying to stand out and show off.
The truth is that I hate standing out. I read to pass time and for my own enjoyment. I'm not intentionally trying to be different or more superior than anyone else.

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Those are my opinions to justify people's assumptions. Of course, it is fine to think differently, I'd be interested to know different views.
Let's prove that reading is a positive activity!!


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How Accurate Are Reader Stereotypes?


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