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King of the dogs

Tags: bird

On a cold and misty morning, King of the dogs was lying on his favorite spot in the park. It was too early for the house dogs to mess around here, and stray dog avoided this part of the park. He had himself a breakfast; a large loaf of the bread that someone discarded there by the trash cans, and just in the moment when he was getting ready to enjoy his hard earned meal a small flock of birds landed nearby.

“Hi. What’s up?”


“Ha, ha, ha! This guy is killing me. How do you mean nothing? If I see it right, you are about to have a breakfast.”

“What of it?”

“No, no, nothing! Don’t get us wrong, we’re just being in a neighborhood.”

“Is that so? Well, you better stay away. I’m not in a mood for a chat, right now.”

“The times are harsh. We animals of this park should stick together.”

“I’m not from this park. I just came here every now and then to spend some quiet time.”

“You are most certainly one well to do dog, and we are honored to have you here in our park.”

“If you say so; but right now I would like some privacy.”

“Actually, we wanted to warn you against some migratory birds that are passing here these days.”

“What migratory birds?”

“You know, the ones that don’t look like us.”

“To tell you the truth, you birds, all look the same to me.”

“Have you heard it brothers? We all look the same to him. What have I said to you?”

“And a bird that looked just like you stole my breakfast yesterday. So keep your warnings and be gone.”

“No, no, buddy, you’ve got it all wrong. Not my brothers and me, we would never steal anything. That’s got to be those no good wanderers. Coming into our land, bringing their bad habits.”

Now the second bird joined in.

“Have I told you? These troublemakers. See it from his angle; to the dogs we all look alike.”

“You want to tell us that…?”

“That’s right. When they do anything bad, everyone will blame us, the poor resident birds. We, my brothers, will be considered thieves, while they would do the stealing.”

“That is why, you, of all the dogs, have to learn how to distinct birds of different feathers.”

“Your feathers look all the same to me. How could I make a distinction?”

“Well, there are signs when some bird is out of her place.”

Now all of the birds join in, trying to teach old dog the new tricks.

“When they don’t look like us it is suspicious!”

“You birds, you all look the same to me!”

“When they don’t have feathers like ours. Look closely, see how nice and round our wings are.”

“All feathers look the same to me!”

“Pay attention. They do talk different from us.”

“You do talk? All I hear is quacking noise. Don’t even know how the hell I could understand all this.”

“You call it quacking? We are among the best singers in an animal world.”

“Yeah, so they say. Some birds might be, but not you and your bunch. I have never heard you sing.”

“Nor will you. But see, now you admit that there are various kinds of the birds.”

“Yeah, there are.”

“So if you should beware of the birds that are not like us, and we don’t sing, what kind of birds you should be wary of?”

“The singers!”

“That’s right. Be careful if the birds sing. And if we are all black, what kind of the birds you should look after?”

“The birds with feathers of another color!”

“That’s right. The sneakiest are those with yellow, red or green feathers.”

“Have you learned something now?”

“Yes, I think so. I should beware the singing birds with colorful feathers.”

“Good dog. I knew that you could learn.”

“Yeah, thank you.”

“Now, we think that it’s only fair that you share your breakfast with us. After all, we saved you from the lot of trouble you could have gotten in with those other birds.”

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King of the dogs


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