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Was Justin Trudeau, PM Canada’s public policy decision to guarantee ‘Boondoggle’ Muskrat Falls hydro project unethical, unconstitutional and unlawful?


[Photo] Justin Trudeau Prime Minister Canada addressed Liberal party faithful fundraising dinner St. John’s NL Aug. 6 2019 SaltWater Network

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Was Justin Trudeau Prime Minister of Canada’s public policy decision to guarantee the ‘Boondoggle’ [Stan Marshall, CEO Nalcor Energy Crown Corporation] Muskrat Falls hydro electric project unethical, unconstitutional and therefore unlawful? As a bare minimum it has caused ecological destruction of the Mishtashipu Grand River ecosystem in Labrador and is therefore contributing to harmful climate change.

Labrador Land Protectors Court Hearings, Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Labrador, NL, Canada

The effects of his decision included court injunctions against The Labrador Land Protectors, a group of courageous concerned citizens, committed to nonviolent civil disobedience, who Trudeau must have known would have great difficulty indeed in accessing justice? “Over the last few years, more and more corporations have used litigation as a tool to attack the credibility of human rights and environmental defenders. This phenomenon is part of what has been labelled, Strategic Litigation against Public Participation more commonly referred to as 



SLAPP is increasingly used by corporations against individuals, or civil society organisations, which have criticised or made public allegations against the corporation’s actions, notably regarding allegations of environmental degradation or human rights abuses.”
“Silencing Human Rights and Environmental Defenders: The overuse of Strategic Lawsuits against Public Participation (SLAPP)by Corporations” 30 April 2018  

Accessing justice is a fundamental right of law-abiding, democratic societies. This was made unnecessarily difficult by Justin Trudeau’s federal guarantee for the project.

Another, equally shameful effect of his decision, purportedly ‘in the National interest’ was to cause ecological destruction on a massive scale at Muskrat Falls, [see also: other effects of large hydro power projects in Manitoba, Canada.]


Part 3 Power Failure in Northern Manitoba [Justin Brake] APTN

Amongst deforestation, the risk of dam failure, lack of Public Utility Board scrutiny, huge debt for the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador, rising electricity prices, the lack of a properly independent investigation into the stability of the North Spur natural dam wall,


Denise Cole and background photo is of me and my brother, it was the last pic we had taken together before he passed. It’s from 1993 taken in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Labrador

lack of respect for ‘free, prior and informed consent’ by indigenous people is


Methylmercury levels expected to rise by as much as 1500 per cent in Indigenous communities living downstream from Muskrat Falls dam project Matthew Behrens 22.11.17

the horror of living with methylmercury poisoning of traditional sources of food for the local population. No amount of mitigation can compensate what is accurately described as ‘cultural genocide.’


Dwight Ball leader of minority government NL16 May 2019. THE CANADIAN PRESS Andrew Vaughan

To make matters even worse, the permit to cap the dam’s wetlands seems to have been forgotten by Dwight Ball, Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador.


Stan Marshall, Nalcor’s new CEO, ‘deeply troubled’ by Muskrat Falls, Terry Roberts and Garrett Barry · CBC News April 21, 2016

“A Nalcor populated with utility experts would never have approved Muskrat, says Stan Marshall CEO Nalcor Crown Corporation, NL, Canada - Marshall says risks were too high, the project was too big, and the oil and gas culture was too influential.”

Furthermore, it has not been established to what extent methane produced by large hydro dams as a greenhouse gas emission contributes to global warming:

The Hydropower Report of The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) shows the amount methane greenhouse gas emissions from hydro dams worldwide is not known.

The lack of trusted, peer-reviewed climate change research is another good reason why the Muskrat Falls hydro project should never have gone ahead in the first place.


Trajectories of the Earth System in the Anthropocene proceedings of The National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America Methane gas emissions from large hydro dams worldwide may be a significant factor causing our present climate emergency.

Why we are fasting - Ontario Muskrat Solidarity Coalition


Join the Muskrat Falls Emergency Solidarity Chain Fast, August 7 to October 21, 2019

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Was Justin Trudeau, PM Canada’s public policy decision to guarantee ‘Boondoggle’ Muskrat Falls hydro project unethical, unconstitutional and unlawful?


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