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Interesting Poems And Stories Blog
This is a blog where you'll find all sorts of interesting stories and poems. We are three teens for whom writing is a heartfelt passion. We don’t write to impress or become famous, but for the pure pleasure of it. We started this blog so we’d have for ourselves a humble shelf in this vibrant world, called the ‘internet’, for all the creativity gushing through us, despite the unexpected dark cloud that has unsympathetically started to suffocate our tunnel, at whose beginning we held hands with such “wunnerful” hopes, looking proudly at that spot of bright light, smiling at us from the end of it. With the unswimmable distance that we have drifted apart, our desperate fingertips tingle all day to feel the warmth of each other. Unable to accomplish such a relaxing thought, our fingertips have instead touched an instrument that has enough treasures to make us happy again. Our writings are the lucky witnesses of our thoughts and feelings. Most importantly, why our pens connect is because we are not amused by undesirable attractions during this age, which we find to be a priority for a lot of our comrades who are battling on with us. We want to do something…and we think we do know what the something might mean to us… What about the other stuff in our teenage life? Like 10th boards? College seats? They do insistently ring the doorbell and knock the door a hundred times a day, but they get limited visiting hours and as far as we are concerned, writing and they get along just fine!
2018-03-06 08:31
via Daily Prompt: Typical Your dark hair tumbles down your shoulders All glossy and pretty Your eyes are framed by thick black You balance on high heels, All girly and beautiful and strange… Read More
Losing Touch
2017-11-28 16:00
Fingers stutter and crash against the water Her salty tears make up this sea In this savage, icy blue ocean Her rippling, disjointed reflection all she can see A constant struggle against th… Read More
2016-12-06 15:05
via Daily Prompt: Vanish It’s a beautiful sight. Soft, cool breezes push clear little puddles of rainwater into ripples, the shrill twitter of birds resonating in the air. The dark bro… Read More
2016-11-25 14:47
A fiery golden sunbeam Voyaged through the web of foliage Its path obscured by tiny, greedy leaves That selfishly soaked up its warm glow Till only the narrowest line of light Was left of th… Read More
2016-11-21 04:51
via Daily Prompt: Scorched You would never understand how angry I was. My lips were shaping words I never thought I would be able to pronounce, not to my best friend who was just standing th… Read More
2016-11-20 07:43
The ground strewn with shards of beauty Autumn leaves, in every shade and hue Curled up, dry and cracked Yet fresh, with color and life Bathing the landscape in an aura of red, orange and y… Read More
2016-10-26 13:50
Tap, tap, tap. Was it the branches of the nearby tree, or fingernails against the window? The peaceful oblivion of dreamless sleep had long eluded Isha. Everyday, she would wake up shivering… Read More
2016-10-16 18:59
The beautiful pillars of the Krishna temple helped Sita hide herself from the large crowd which had gathered there to watch and listen to her counterpart, who was fortunate enough to get an… Read More
2016-07-04 15:13
My fingers caress the peeling layers of paint that crust the grainy, rusty poles, interlinking the wet earth with the promise of a steep trip down the faded, red-and-yellow, striped coi… Read More
2016-07-02 02:26
New books…new class room….new teachers…new students…new slots in our brain for new memories…All these new anticipations are so old to me that I still can&r&hell…Read More

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