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Last of the Irin Vol: 1 Review I A creative mash-up of history, and sci-fi

If you want to know more about this Comic, please check its website here.

It’s always interesting to run into new comic books that you never saw coming. Mostly because it’s fun to see what new concepts creators can come up with and how artists can bring said concepts to life, always delivering something that can be quite different from the rest if done correctly.

In that regard, I ran into this comic called Last of the Irin, which is an indie comic that is bound to be released in the coming months and it is made by a Writer that goes by the pseudonym of Wildfry and that combines historic events with epic and sci-fi elements, creating an ambitious (but yet flawed) Story.

Want to check it out? Let’s give it a shot.

What is Last of the Irin?

The story of the Last of the Irin is a sprawling epic that combines a high concept of a confrontation between the Canaanite Gods, brothers Yahweh and Baal, who are known today as God and the Devil. It shows how their influence and power has affected human history throughout the years with the impact of their technology (they are from a different planet), to our current days where we start our journey with a young Armenian girl living in Sweden called Anahita and she has to go through great lengths in the middle of this conflict.

How was it?

I want to say that I love the concept for Last of the Irin: that combination of historical events with sci-fi and an epic scale is something that I have always been drawn to and it is done here in a classy manner. The story is done very well and you can tell that the writer put a lot of effort into it, with a lot of details on every page.

Having said that, I find the characterization of this comic somewhat lackluster. This is not to undermine the comic (I invite you to read it and make your own opinions), but rather to emphasize the importance of making your characters grounded to human desires and feelings, even if we’re dealing with conflicts among deities and beings from other worlds. That’s where we connect with the audience and we should always make that a very important part of our writing.

The pacing was very good and I think the pages flow in a natural manner, so I think you would enjoy reading this comic, at least in the way that it is structured. There is a lot of information that needs to be digested from the reader’s part, but the writer does a solid job by avoiding info dumps, which is something modern comic book writers struggle with.

It’s a mature work, written by someone that had a very specific idea in mind and put a lot of effort into making it a cohesive body of work. It’s a heavy story but done in a very professional way.

What about the artwork?

I’m nitpicking when it comes to art that looks a lot like 3D models (or it’s in fact 3D models) because I’m not really a fan of it. It reminds me a lot to Playstation 2 videogames and I’m a bit old school in that regard when it comes to comic book art.

Does that make the art bad? Not by any means. It just means that I’m not a fan of it, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying it. Leaving aside my own personal preferences, the art is very cinematic, very expressive and it truly fits with the overall vibe that the story is projecting, so there are definitely good elements to take into account here.

What does it represent?

Last of Irin is a promising story. There are many interesting elements here, with a solid foundation where a great comic can grow. Like I have mentioned before, characterization is an aspect where the writer needs to improve, but that is the part of a writer’s journey: to grow and improve as they practice.

I advise you to check it out because it is definitely different to what you usually find in the mainstream and it might be more of your liking than it was mine. And that is fine: if we all had the same tastes and opinions, this art form (and the world as a whole) would be a lot more boring.

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Last of the Irin Vol: 1 Review I A creative mash-up of history, and sci-fi


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