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How to care of Golden retriever’s Health and grooming

Golden Retriever is not just for hunting and search purposes, in fact he is also a wonderful dog to make a family companion. He is adorable, disciplined and skilled dog with excellent charm.

He is easy to train and tolerant and is soft with kids. His charming eyes, childish behavior and nice and sturdy body will make you his fan. He is full of energy and very loveable.

Making him obedient becomes his rewarding trait. Golden retriever is always eager to impress his owners. He performs well in competitions and becomes friend soon with all be it a kid or another dog. He has nominal security instincts.

Opposite to attack other the dogs of this breed become good watchdogs, loudly alerting the stranger’s entry. They need to be socialized to overcome their leadership features and be happy. They may become damaging or timid if they do not do daily exercise both physically and mentally. This dog should be stable, peaceful, confident and a reliable pack leader to prevent behavioral problems. Their extraordinary skills include hunting, following, rescuing, finding drugs, agility, obedience and doing tasks. They are a great fan of swimming.

Average of male dogs goes up to 24 inches while in females it is 22 inches. Average weight of male doges is about 80 pounds whilst females are about 70 pounds.

Health concerns

An expert golden retriever breeder tests the dogs for mast cell tumors, hip dysplasia, eye tests, heart issues, skin allergy etc. Make sure to ask for the qualified medical test certificates to ensure that your pups are fully free from any of such diseases. These dogs easily gain weight so be carefully of overfeeding. Feed twice a day and take them out for exercise daily to keep them in shape. Do not fill their bowl to full throughout the day.

They live well in the house if are adequately worked out. They are slightly active in house and do great when are allowed to play in a big yard. Average size yards also work. You should take them out for exercise on daily basis, the golden retriever breeder suggests long walk, jog, or run while you are cycling, to make your dog run beside or behind to understand that you are the leader not him. Making your dog realize this feeling is important to overcome his bossy attitude. Moreover you can add games like retrieve balls and other things. They like to keep their mouth full so make sure to have a stock of chewing toys in your home to meet his needs. Daily exercise prevents the chance of hyperactivity.


Daily brush or comb will keep his coat in a good condition and make it smooth. Meanwhile you should be extra careful for its shedding habit. Comb with strong brush, focus more on to the dense undercoat. Use dry shampoo every time and bathe it only when is needed.

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How to care of Golden retriever’s Health and grooming


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