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9 Best Earphones Under Rs 3000 in India

Today i have come up with a post on 9 best Earphones that are available in India in the price range of Rs 2000-3000. These are the best earphones out there in the market under Rs 3000 which provides awesome sound quality and a good value for money. Select from the list one that best suites your music desires.

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9 Best Earphones Under Rs 3000  in India:

  1. Sony MDR-XB50AP In-Ear Headphone with Mic

    Sony knows how music should be listened to, and that is evident in their recent line of earphones. The Sony MDR-XB50AP tops the list of 9 best earphones under Rs 3000 in India.


    The Sony MDR-XB50AP has a very clean and elegant design. The body built is of good quality plastic which seems durable. The earphones are available in three different shades- blue, white and red. The MDR-XB50AP fits securely in the ear and also comes with three extra pair of ear pads of size small, medium and large. The earphone cable is 1.2m in length and is completely tangle free. It has an angular L shaped audio jack which is strongly built. A single button Inline Remote and a microphone is also provided by the Sony. You can toggle between your music and answer calls with the help of this remote. A carry pouch is also included in the package. It will work very well with almost all the smartphones


    Sony have tagged these earphones has ‘Extra Bass’ earphones and there is no need to tell you guys what this means. The MDR-XB50AP is a Bass earphones made for the bass lovers. The earphones are equipped with a strong 12mm neodymium magnets which delivers some powerful bass enhanced music. The sound reproduction of this earphones are not perfect as some extra bass gets added to your music. The MDR-Xb50AP reduces the ambient noise coming from the environment and do not let it to interfere with your music session. In other words, it has a perfect noise isolation.


    Excellent Sound Clarity

    Rich Bass

    Good Noise Isolation

    Tangle free cable


    Ear pains when used for long hours

    Extra unwanted bass in normal music

    Buy From:(amazon-Rs.2,019, flipkart-Rs.2,280)


    The SoundMagic E10C are affordable earphones, the sort you might buy as an upgrade from the pair included with your phone. It stands 2nd in our list of 9 best earphones under Rs 3000 in India


    The Soundmagic E10C has a normal design, doesn’t look that great but the body built is of strong premium quality plastic. The earpieces are made up of metal and are light in weight. The earpieces fit securely in the ear and also 7 pairs of extra ear pads are provided so that one can find his perfect fit. The ‘C’ in E10C stands for compatibility. The E10s had a button that to switch between the Android and the IOS devices but in Soundmagic E10C this is taken care automatically.

    Soundmagic is the only company to provide this. Well not only that, the audio jack is also different in the E10C. It features an angular jack instead of the regular L shaped jack or the normal jack. It also has a microphone and an inline remote with three control buttons. With the control buttons you can control the volume, play pause or skip over the tracks and also answer calls.


    The E10C has clearly been an improvement over the previous earphones of the E10 series. The sound quality is crisp and clear. Extra bass is added to the music to provide a full rich sound. The sound reproduction of these earphones are perfect and also do very well in isolating the ambient noise from the environment. More emphasis has been given by the E10C on the lower frequencies, thus giving it a balanced nature. The treble is also quite descent.


    Metal earpieces.

    Extra Bass for rich sound.

    Automatic switching between Android and IOS devices.

    Extra 7 pair of ear pads to find your perfect fit.

    Three button inline remote.


    Too much bass for a balanced tone
    Buy From:(amazon-Rs.2,461, flipkart-Rs.3,399)

  3. Soundmagic E50S

    The Soundmagic E50S stands third in our list of 9 best earphones under Rs 3000 in India.


    Soundmagic earphones are not known for their design. They don’t make the most beautiful earphones. However, the E50S is a bit different from the normal the Soundmagic standard. They have kept the design very simple giving it a very sophisticated and comely look. The SoundMagic E50 also have an odd cable, with a weaved structure rather than the usual flat style and it prevents it from entanglement. The earphones are available in three different colors, the metallic grey, red and gold. The cable has an inline remote with three control button like those in the E10C. Unlike E10C these earphones do not switch automatically between the Android and IOS devices. You will have to do that yourself with the help of the A/B switch. Understanding that a perfect fit is important to have a good music session.

    Soundmagic provides 7 extra pairs of ear buds of different size so that you can find your perfect fit. Including this, a pair of Comply Foam ear buds are also provided.


    The E50S produces a balanced and accurate sound with no extra added bass. The sound reproduction is perfect and it will let you hear the music the same way that the music artist wants everyone to hear. The comply foam helps improve the music session. The bass is good and the beats are pronounced. The overall sound quality is better than most of the high end earphones available in the market. The secure fit provides a perfect noise isolation that will cut you off with the noisy outside world giving you a good session. If you are a bass lover, then these aren’t for you guys as the E10C focuses more on delivering a well-balanced and accurate sound.


    Balanced, accurate, crisp sound.

    7 pairs of ear buds + 1 pair of Comply Foam ear buds

    Smart Compatibility Switch

    Perfect sound reproduction and noise isolation


    Bass could’ve been more pronounced

    Lacks a little smoothness in sound
    Buy From:(amazon-Rs.2,971, flipkart-Rs.2,799)


    JAYS is a Sweden based company which focuses in delivering great music experience that everyone could enjoy and love. The JAYS a-JAYS One stands 4th in our list of 9 best earphones under Rs 3000 in India.


    The JAYS are known for their simple elegant designs. The a-Jays One has a clean, simple and very appealing design. The earphones are available in only two colors – full black and full white. The product name is written on the cable just below the left and the right earpiece. The cable of a-Jays One is flat with smooth silky finish which adds to the beauty of these earphones. The flat type cables are tangle free. The a-Jays One comes with a single button control inline remote and a microphone. The shape of the inline remote is rectangle with the edges curved which gives it a very comely look. You can play, pause, navigate tracks and even answer calls using this single button.

    Included in the package is the user manual, five total pairs of extra ear buds of various sizes. There’s also a rarity: An Android-only app, the Jays Headset Control, which allows you to adjust volume, skip tracks, even add delays to your music.


    The a-Jays One sounds really good and it is not painful to the ears. Its 8.5mm speakers supply a deep bass response and are perfect for electronic and hip-hop music. In addition to booming bass, they also do a good job of highlighting intricate bass-lines, and you don’t have to be listening at a loud volume to hear these. They don’t only deliver good bass but also provide a good overall sound quality reproducing the high, mids and the low frequencies very well. The a-Jays one do not isolate noise as efficiently as the other earphones listed here thereby letting you to be aware of your environment.


    Great sound quality.

    Good functionality with free Android app

    Robust, smooth and balanced sound.

    Laudable bass response


    No perfect noise isolation

    Cable is bulky for a pair of in-ears

    Buy From:(amazon-Rs.2,999, flipkart-Rs.2,999)

  5. Brainwavz BLU-100 Sport Bluetooth 4.0 APTX Headphones

    A company known for making neutral-sounding in-ear monitors (IEMs), Brainwavz is, for the first time ever, foraying into making Bluetooth earphones. The Brainwavz BLU-100 Sport stands fifth in our list of 9 best earphones under Rs 3000.


    Brainwavz have kept the look of this earphone simple with a utilitarian design. So if you are looking for flashy earphones then this shouldn’t be your choice. The cable of the BLU-100 is flat, tangle free and goes around your neck. The earbuds are place on each end of the cable and the inline remote falls perfectly in the middle near your mouth. This Bluetooth earphone is only available in black color. The ear buds fit perfectly in the ear thanks to the Comply 400 foam provided by Brainwavz.

    Also included are 3 pairs of silicon buds of varying sizes. Finding a perfect ear bud to fit in your ear is very important to get the most out if these earphones. The inline remote has 3 control buttons for controlling the volume, navigating through tracks, pause or play music and also answer calls. In the box you’ll get a hard case and a micro UDB cable for charging. The Micro-USB charging port is covered by a rubber flap on the rear of the right earbud.


    The BLU-100 uses two 8mm dynamic drivers which do well for most of the portable devices. The Bluetooth can pair with two devices at one time. The sound signature is common to those provided by the other Brainwavz IEMs. They are quite loud for a Bluetooth earphones and hence do well in cancelling the passive noise. The sound reproduction is ok not that good as others listed here. The earphone performs very well in the mid frequency sounds. The low frequency sometimes gets shadowed. Overall a good sound quality. The battery last only for 4 hours which is a great disappointment here.



    Great clarity on aptX codec

    Great mids

    Comply foam tips is a great addition


    Battery life could have been better

    Buy From:(amazon-Rs.2,799, flipkart-Rs.2,799)

  6. SoundMagic E30 In-Ear Headphone

    The SoundMagic E30 stands 6th in our list of 9 best earphones under Rs 3000 in India.


    As said before SoundMagic earphones ae not known for their design and looks. The first impression the E30 provide isn’t so great. They are not exactly pretty though they are carefully designed in some respects. The earpiece is mounted on a cheap quality plastic. The cable just below the earpiece is curved giving it a curvy look so that it can go around your ear. This ensure a secure fit of the earpiece in your ear. The E30 is available in 4 different color variants. A generous amount of ear buds is provided so that you find your perfect fit. Besides that, a rubber ear hook is also provided. The hook house the cable and track around your earlobes, helping to keep them in place and getting rid of cable noise caused when then the wire makes contact with your clothing.


    SoundMagic claims that the E30 delivers a balanced accurate sound and yes, they do. The sound quality is good, crisp and accurate. The treble is subtle and the bass is also pronounced. No extra bass gets added to your music. The E30 has a perfect sound reproduction. The treble is more clearly prominent while the bass is a little more reserved.  The E30 has a great overall sound quality. They perform very well in the high end frequencies but fails to reproduce the mids and the low properly. The noise isolation is ok, not perfect.


    Excellent sound quality

    Generous accessories bundle

    Perfect sound reproduction

    Lightweight and comfortable.


    Mediocre isolation

    Design and build quality have space for improvement

    Buy From:(amazon-Rs.2,349)

  7. Sennheiser CX 300 II

    The Sennheise CX 300 II is an upgrade over the CX 300 launched in 2006. The CX 300 II stands 7th in our list of 9 best earphones under Rs 3000 in India.


    The Sennheiser CX 300 II is a very light weight earphone, only 4 gm, so light-weight that you’ll forget that you’ve plugged them in. The design of this earphone is same as of all the Sennheiser earphones. They are only available in black color. The CX 300 II body is built of good quality durable plastic. The cable is thin and is prone to entanglement. The Cx 300 II offers an asymmetrical cable, which means that the right ear bud dangles off the right, and while this is meant to increase listener comfort it also means that the left ear bud is more likely to fail with repeated strain.

    Only three pairs of extra ear pads are included in the package so that you find your perfect fit.  Unfortunately, there is no foam earbud included. No inline remote or mic is there on the cable. An earphone in this price range, we expect one to have an inline remote/mic.


    The CX 300 II is clearly an improvement over its predecessor CX 300s. The CX 300-II offer a new drive unit and capsule, claiming better bass, clarity and dynamics as the Sennheiser claims. The headphones offer a power bass driven stereo sound, the one which the bass lovers want. The noise isolation provided by these earphones are perfect. Sound reproduction is also very good and the earphones produces a nice well-balanced tone. Perform well in the low and mid frequency regions. Finding a perfect fitting earbud is important to get the most out of the CX 300 II.


    Light-weight design

    Well-balanced sound quality

    Excellent value for money

    Comfortable fit


    Cable is prone to entanglement

    No inline remote/mic
    Buy From:(amazon-Rs.2,272, flipkart-Rs.2,990)

  8. Sennheiser CX 3.00

    The Sennheiser CX 3.00 is 8th in our list of 9 best earphones under Rs 3000 in India.


    The Sennheiser CX 3.00 has a really nice styling. These earphones are shaped inward to point sound inside, while keeping the earphones in line with ear rather than stick out like normal earphone designs. The earpieces have a glossy metallic rectangle on their back with the Sennheisers symbol ‘S’ etched on the metal. The CX 3.0 is available in three different color variant – red, black and white. The black variant looks very premium and sophisticated and is our personal favorite. The cable is also made up of good quality plastic which reduces the chances of it to get tangled. The cable does not have an inline remote or mic which is expected from earphones at this price range. But if you want to use this earphone for listening to music only then they are a great buy.

    Four pairs of ear pads are included in the package so that one can find it’s perfect fit. A perfect fit is very important in boosting up your music experience. The CX 3.0 has an L shaped 3.5 mm audio jack which stick parallel with the phone rather than stick out.


    Sennheiser pays more attention on the quality of sound produced by the earphone rather on the design of the earphone. The CX 3.00 are a high- quality earphones that produces good quality sound and enhanced bass response. The bass is very pronounced in the CX 3.00, so pronounced that it sometimes over power the other sounds. If you want them to sound more balance or to reduce some of its bass effect, play with your equalizer settings until you get the desired sound quality. Despite of the bass, the earphones do sound clean and crisp.  The CX 3.0 offers a perfect noise isolation, damping the ambient noise from the environment.


    Good clean and comely design

    Strongly build

    Crisp and clean sound quality

    Good noise isolation


    No inline remote/mic

    Bass is just too powerful

    Buy From:(amazon-Rs.2,677, flipkart-Rs.3,198)

  9. Skullcandy Strum

    The Skullcandy Strum stands 9th on our list of 9 best earphones under Rs 3000 in India.


    The Skullcandy Strum has a simple and very appealing design. The body built is of plastic and seems durable, feels premium. The Strum is available in three different color variants – black, blue and white. Each earpiece features Skullcandy logo on a reflective metallic colored material. The cable wire is thin and flat which makes it almost tangle free. The earphones feel comfortable on the ear and fits perfectly. An inline remote and a microphone is also provided. The in-line remote is unique, packing a volume slider rather than a volume rocker, making it quicker and easier to mute your music; silence is just a slide away, rather than a few furious taps. It also has a button that will help you start, pause your tracks and also in answering calls.

     The strum only comes with two pairs of ear tips: one large and one small (the standard is typically three pairs). It ships with a transparent plastic protective case that seems quite breakable—it might’ve been more useful to provide a cloth pouch like many competing earphone pairs do.


    The Strum have an excellent sound quality delivering a crisp, clear and smooth sound. The sound reproduction is very good. The Skullcandy claims that this earphone has the “best fit ever” thanks to their off-axis design, which is designed to better position the buds in your ear’s natural shape. This design is also meant to block out more ambient noise. Overall the audio is impressive, with the bass being punchy and adding depth to tracks but with sharp, rich tones coming from the high end of the audio. The earphone performs well in reproducing the low and mid frequencies. The strum has a near to perfect sound reproduction. A descent amount of bass gets added in every track, the bass lovers will love this earphone.


    Powerful bass response

    Secure fitting design

    Volume slider to control the volume


    Only comes with two pairs of ear tips

    Carry case is delicate and breakable

    Buy From:(amazon-Rs.2,819, flipkart-Rs.2,499)

Do leave a comment if you have any query or confusion about which earphone to buy. Also tell us about any earphones under 3000 which are good but not mentioned here.

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9 Best Earphones Under Rs 3000 in India


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