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Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds – Everything You Need To Know

Auto flowering Cannabis seed variations have many distinctive advantages over short-day strains. The most outstanding feature of auto flowering cannabis seed is often associated with its resilience.

Cannabis auto flowering seeds does not require special vegetative conditions and lighting requirements for it to blossom. More importantly, auto flowering cannabis develops from vegetative to flowering state naturally.

Easy And Convenient To Cultivate – No More Stress For The Grower

Auto-flowering cannabis seeds are particularly resilient when compared with dependent strains. It’s particularly sturdy nature is aptly demonstrated by its ability to grow and thrive under very unfavorable conditions that can be constituted by the proliferation of city lighting.

City lighting has a profoundly crippling impact on the growth of most plants and can significantly impair the growth of dependent strains of cannabis plants. Uncontrolled artificial lighting affects the growth of dependent cannabis strains seeds by creating irregular light cycles that causes inconsistencies that can significantly alter the transition of the cannabis plant form vegetation to flowering stage.

For many cannabis growers, indoor cultivation offers a very viable option to counteract the effects of the irregular outside city lighting. However, it is imperative in most cases to incorporate the use of digital lighting for a more consistent light cycle that produces desired results.

On the other hand, an auto-flowering cannabis seed eliminates all of these challenges associated with dependent cannabis seed strains, making it very suitable for domestic cultivations and for small scale farm.

Auto-flowering cannabis seeds are much easier to cultivate because they are no affected by artificial lights that characterizes most cities. Its flowering period occurs naturally after short vegetation period of 10 weeks.

Additionally, the auto-flowering cannabis seed is sturdy and impervious to various pesticides that can impede or damage plant growth which you must definitely avoid.

While it is not unfounded to make generalizations about the sturdiness of auto-flowering cannabis seeds, some of its strains are more adaptable with significantly lesser susceptibility to unfavorable conditions than others.

Ruderalis genetic is a remarkable example of a highly adaptable auto-flowering seed strain which makes it very suitable for growers who are just staring out. Growing auto-flowering cannabis seeds offer an excitingly vibrant opportunity for financial empowerment. Especially for people that are in financial difficulties and constraints.

The speed of growth, convenience and highly adaptable features makes it easy to start and thrive. More so its yield period is very short allowing you to try repeatedly till you get it right.

Can Produce Two Yields Per Season

With strategic planning, auto-flowering cannabis seeds can be regulated to produce two season’s yield at a goal. Auto-flowering cannabis seeds have very fast growth and flowering period which can be extensively exploited by the grower for astounding gains.

Making the most out this unique opportunity would require that the grower meticulously monitor the plant’s developmental stages in order to know when the vegetation and flowering periods range from.

This will allow you to get the first buds you can and grow a new set of auto-flowering cannabis plant for perpetual continuity in the seasonal period.

What this translates to is that you have cannabis plants throughout the entire planting season. At this juncture, it is imperative to take cognizance of the fact that the various strains of auto-flowering seeds have a peculiar growth period.

This simply means that the grower should be acutely aware of what strain of auto-flowering cannabis seeds he is growing in order to effectively monitor the plant and seasonal changes in ways that allows for continuous harvest and planting that does not encroach into planting off seasons which could impede cannabis growth.

Fortunately, growing auto-flowering cannabis plants can also help you avoid disturbance from the police. Auto flowering cannabis plant has a distinctive flowering period which helps hide the plant from the police investigations and searches that are carried out in the yield season.

Inconspicuous Nature of Auto-Flowering Seeds

Auto-flowering cannabis seeds have the additional advantage of being very discreet. This is largely because of its dwarfish height which conceals it from intrusions. They blend in with other grasses and plants in the most unrevealing way which is very crucial in avoiding police searches and intruders that pluck cannabis plants indiscriminately.

Even better, auto-flowering cannabis seeds area adaptable enough to grow in an outdoor space and indoors with the same remarkable quality yield.

This adds tremendously to the inconspicuous nature of the auto-flowering seed as it can be grown in small vessels and pots or pot systems in the house which would certainly allow the plants to be inaccessible to various forms of external intrusions and disturbances.

The plant has a typically dwarfish nature which makes it unobtrusive even when planted in the house. While the auto-flowering plant is usually dwarfish in size when compared with the short-day strains which are much taller, it is imperative to establish that some of the auto-flowering seed strains grow just as tall as short-day cannabis plants.

Genetics of the plant is the major determinant of the plant size. Dwarfish auto-flowering plants have the same quality and efficacy as their short-day counterparts containing a regular level of 15 to 22 THC level.

The popularity of auto flowering seeds is increasingly becoming widespread among cannabis growers for multiplicities of reasons which are largely centered on the convenience that the various strains of auto flowering seeds provides, and it’s very short growth and flowering periods.

Growing auto flowering seeds can be a very pleasurable experience as there are a wide variety of exciting seed strains to choose from.

The size of the cannabis plant is largely dependent on a variety of factors that includes the genetic make-up of the auto-flowering seed and the size of the vessel used in growing the seeds.

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Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds – Everything You Need To Know


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