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Presidential debate round 1

Last night I was glued to my computer screen to watch the first round go down between the two light weight champions in this years election. Now either way we look at it, this election year will be a historic one, therefore I feel it is important to pay close attention even if you don’t necessarily agree with any of the candidates.

Just to clarify, I am not a professional, I honestly don’t know too much about foreign policies and stuff in this country, and I’m not even allowed to vote considering the fact that I’m not from this country. However, speaking as a person who knows a lot about what it is to live in the real world (yes Americans I mean outside the United States) and someone who genuinely cares about what happens to the world, I do feel it is important to speak about this.

So starting off I feel I should say I strongly dislike Trump. I hate how big of a racist he is, and I hate that he has gotten so many people sucked in to his demented world view. I get it, you might not be a big fan of Hillary either. You might be sitting there thinking: “I have to choose between two people I don’t like” and honey, sometimes that’s life. One of the most important lessons I have learned from growing up is that you can’t always have it exactly the way you want it. Especially when it comes to politics. The most important piece here, is to vote! If you don’t vote because you are a little bit too dissatisfied with the candidates, then you will also be partly to blame if Trump wins. Remember that.

In anticipation of the debate I was nervous. I was so nervous on behalf of Hillary, because I know that so many people are on the fence about her, and we all need those people to be convinced. I thought about everything that could go wrong. What if Trump started all his shenanigans with insulting her and drove her to get angry and lash out? What if Trump pulled another stupid move like he did with Obama and the birth certificate?

When both candidates entered the stage I felt some kind of calm. Hillary looked great! She looked professional, she looked happy, and she looked like she was prepared. Trump looks the way he always does, and thats all I’m going to say about that.

In my opinion the discussion itself went very well for Hillary. She answered her questions with poise, and she was not tricked my Trumps various attempts to lash out. Hillary didn’t avoid any questions, she didn’t start talking about something completely different, she didn’t even frown when Trump threw subs at her. She smiled and she kept going.

Now Trump on the other hand. Fist of all he interrupted as much as he could. And I get it, you want to get you opinion out there but the whole point of a debate is to let the other person speak their piece, and then answer well enough yourself. Trump did neither of these things. He couldn’t Let Hillary answer because he had to cut in and push his own agenda. He didn’t answer the questions right away he tried to put other agendas in there (I know pretty much every politician does this). One of the moments that stood out to me, which in my opinion speaks volumes about his character, was when he made a snarky comment towards the lovely host.

The moment that really ticked me off the most though, was when Trump basically managed to blame his entire hunt for the birth certificate of Obama on Hillary. This to me is just insane. In case some of you don’t remember, Trump announced in the media that he knew something about Obama to change everybody mind about him. He had a press conference to announce that he thought Obama was not born in this country. Why? Because he is black. I mean first of all, this is probably the most racist thing he could have ever done, and second of all how does he think this can be blamed on Hillary?

So I ask you Trump, why haven’t you showed your birth certificate? Why have you not asked EVERY single other candidate for their birth certificate? Hell, why haven’t you tried to find all previous presidents birth certificates? And now you are trying to say that you are not racist because you did the country a “favor”. What favor? The rest of the country knew that Obama was always a true American citizen, and a true President of the United States.

Moving on, I read a lot of peoples opinions and I know so many people are claiming to find this the most difficult choice they have to make. I don’t think that is true. Hillary has worked closely with Obama for a long time now, and why can’t people admit that she has done some good along side of him? Also, the man so many people loved (including myself) Bernie Sanders share a lot of opinions with Hillary, so why not vote for her?

Since this was only the first of these debates, I am sure we will see much more interesting speeches from both candidates.

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Presidential debate round 1


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