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In their Shoes

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“Mamma, Mamma”, the little one is shouted at his top of his voice on the office. Mamma was puzzled at her tone. A calm girl, otherwise, is shouting at his top end confused him.

” Mamma, Mamma”, the little one is gasping heavily. Mamma tried to calm her down, saying ” Angel, I am at work and we have set a rule in our house – No disturbing Mamma, unless it is urgent. remember”, patiently, Mamma started explaining. He is trying to make the little one normal and talk clearly.

“Mamma, it’s urgent. They are here again”. Mom is scared and is so is our family. Infact the entired colony is scared.

Mamma went mute for a moment, clueless. ” Oh no, that should not happen??”. Before she ask herself about the situation there, the little one started shouting loudly

” Mamma, you have to come here quickly and get all our aunts at the earliest. Papa is scared. As I am talking, he is shivering and not willing to come out of the room”.

“I know that man”, she simply murmured to herself.

“Look baby, I will there as soon as I can.Meanwhile, promise me – you will not step out of house. By the way, did you check, how many are they?”. Mamma waiting for the little one’s reply.

” 2 people Mamma, and a little one too. They are looking at our houses for the last one hour and now one left the vicinity for extra help, I think”, the little one said.

” Look, angel, you have to cut the call. I will be there any minute”, Mamma disconnected the call.

Mamma stepped out of the place, with questions stormed inside her room.

” This is 7th house, we have built in the last few weeks, as I hope that everything is going fine. They come and loot us, destroy our lives. Scare us away. Kill us.”

” This time, I will not let this happen. This is our home and I will make sure that I will fight for it.” she told herself. In fact so loud that, all the women around turned towards her.

The scene at the colony is getting scarier minute after minute.

Little angel looked out of the window for her room helplessly. 10 feet away, she found 2 men and a little boy came with her sticks of fire and heavy sticks, ready to attack.

The little boy is too excited to join the attack, but he is being warned by the tall and heavy built of the two, to go away.

But the little boy is too stubborn and is not moving an inch. “He is just like me”, the little one thought.

A moment of child like imagination, turned into gloomy, as she kept looking for Mamma.

” Chotuu, you go from that side and put fire at the corner, we have to send them out. Look it is already evening. We need to get this job done, before it is too dark.”, the tall man ordering the other.

” Give me one stick, dad, I will scare them away too”, the excited little one started pulling the stick from the man.

” No!!!”, he thundered on the little one and pushed him away from there. ” You will do it next time, not now. Let me focus on this.”

No one from the colony didn’t dare to step out, and they are waiting for their leader – the Mamma and her team.

All of them have lost hopes on their homes, and most of them, of on their lives. As they were praying to god for help, the two men started setting the colony on fire.

Just then, out of no where, Mamma came!!

It’s not the just the Mamma, her thousands of followers stormed the two from all around.

“Attack!!!”, the Mamma shouted, and the army of females pounded on the two. The two men scared to the core and tried to ran away from the colony and the vicinity,but they have forgot the little boy there.

20 yards of non-stop running with the Mamma and army chasing them behind, the two men evaded the attack, but they found the boy got stuck in the army of Mamma & Co.

The tall man started running towards the colony, but the other stopped with force and they threw the stick of fire towards the army.

Mamma’s army left the scene, leaving the boy on the floor with injuries.

The little one from the window witnessed this almost war with eyes wide open. While she was very happy and amused to her brave Mamma fighting against them. She felt bad and have teary eyes, at the sight of the wounded boy. He is not moving.

“God, take him away. Help him please.”, the little angel prayed to God.

Just then Mamma shouted everyone in the colony to assemble. In a matter of minutes, everyone followed her orders and joined her, as she started addressing them.

“Fellas, we could save our homes now. You all did a good job. With your bravery and trust on my abilities, we could save our hard work, our little ones, our homes and our food. But that’s the end of happiness. The bad news is, we have this night to live here. The ones left will come back tomorrow, but with more force.

Vengeance in their eyes. with a motive to destroy till death and take our homes. I instruct you all to leave the place as soon as possible. I, as the leader, and my army will have to stay back and will resist their fight till last breath. If we secure this beautiful colony of ours, we will get you back here.”

” No more reasoning or questioning me. This is final”, Mamma shouted.

The little one looked at her Mamma and started walking into her room. ” Mamma, I want to stay with you”, she couldn’t say this louder.

The next day paper read, ” Tragedy in Kishanpur SEZ land clearing. 2 injured and 6 year old dead in attack by Honey Bees.

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In their Shoes


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