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This is a website dedicated to high quality content across topics like travel, food, health, lifestyle, fashion, Bangalore, education, spas, beauty architecture and more.
All About Ayurveda
2023-06-01 07:16
A unique combination of medical science and philosophy, Ayurveda, that shows one art of living, and the science of life comes from the words Ayu (meaning life) and Veda (meaning science). Th… Read More
EdTech In India
2023-06-01 06:26
The EdTech industry in India is experiencing rapid growth, and its success is hugely reliant on various stakeholders, educators, students, parents, investors, and the government.  Th… Read More
Eat In The Hills
2023-06-01 05:50
This summer, as you head to the hills, why not satiate your taste buds with some local delicacies? The charms of the mountains are irresistible – snow-capped peaks, flower filled va… Read More
Teenage Skin Care
2023-05-30 05:12
Teen skin is delicate and hence it is very important that they use the right kind of skin care products so that their skin is protected from any long term damage. As teenagers have sensit… Read More
Buddha Bowls
2023-05-29 02:48
Buddha Bowls are becoming popular for not just being wholesome and healthy but also convenient as they pack a punch in many ways. Buddha Bowl meals are meticulously crafted, nut… Read More
2023-05-26 15:17
Geoffrey Bawa the Sri Lankan architect who has been the name behind several iconic buildings has an iconic home in Bentota in Sri Lanka. A recent visit to Bentota my first to this part of… Read More
Tea Day Recipes
2023-05-22 03:07
International tea Day is celebrated on May 21 every year but did you know that tea can also be used to make some lip smacking dishes? India’s favourite beverage tea or chai as it is… Read More
2023-05-20 15:23
With stunning views of the megalithic Sigiriya rock, Jetwing Vil Uyana is a distinctive eco-luxury resort of lush paddy fields, marshlands, forest, and a stunning lake. Created as a rest… Read More
Wardrobe Décor
2023-05-20 07:32
Wardrobes may be an essential utility in a home but it does not mean that they cannot add to the décor of the space. One needs to start with listing all their requirements and cust… Read More
Kosgoda Turtle Conservation
2023-05-20 05:52
On recent visit to Sri Lanka, I stayed at Jetwing Saman Villas a boutique property in Bentota. Eager to explore the surroundings, I found out that Kosgoda nearby is home to several turtle c… Read More
Moms And Mutual Funds
2023-05-18 15:40
Mom and mutual funds are more alike than you think. Well that might have caught you a little off guard so let me explain what I mean. Mutual funds are a category of investments that are… Read More
Special Recipe For Mom
2023-05-15 06:08
Its Mother’s Day once again and if you want to make her day special here is a recipe that is simple and yet special. And this is a recipe you can make any day – after all moth… Read More
Mango Recipes Summer 2023
2023-05-15 03:42
The summer sun is shining in full glory but what makes the heat bearable is the seasonal fruit, mango. Rightly called the king of fruits it can be adapted to suit your taste in many ways… Read More
Mother’s Day With Chef Mom’s
2023-05-13 06:43
Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May and it is probably the right day to express what your mother means to you. In this story we speak to chef’s who are moms… Read More
Bentota Travelogue
2023-05-13 05:40
A beach town in Sri Lanka, Bentota has many secrets up its sleeve that are waiting to be discovered one at a time. Bentota however is a great destination as it is the home of famed archit… Read More
Ayesha Puri Designed Store
2023-05-12 11:33
Ayesha Puri Kanoria, Sanjay Puri Architects has designed this store for Arjun Kilachand, a menswear studio based in Mumbai. The whole idea for the theme was for the space to be a represen… Read More
Eye Makeup
2023-05-11 12:30
It is said your eyes can do all the talking and when you use the right kind of eye makeup, it can enhance your look even more. Eye makeup can help enhance the beauty of your eyes and make… Read More
Earthy Woven Café 
2023-05-10 14:03
Ar. Suhani lal Sanghra, Principal architect of Sparc Design and her team have designed a vegetarian café with a design ethos to match. With a client brief to create an an all day v… Read More
CGH Mantra Koodam
2023-05-09 01:31
A visit to CGH Mantra Koodam in Kumbakonam offers the rare opportunity to explore art, culture, history, spirituality and cuisine all in one place. A serene getaway, Mantra Koodam is the… Read More
Be As Fit As An Athelete
2023-05-09 01:11
If you have noticed how athletes train and wished to incorporate some part of that fitness regimen into your workout, help is here. Identify the sport(s) you’re interested in: First… Read More
Goan Recipes
2023-05-08 01:36
Goan cuisine is characterized by its unique blend of flavors, influenced by Portuguese, Hindu, and Muslim cultures. It is known for its spicy and tangy taste, the use of coconut, seafoo… Read More
Wasabi Tacos
2023-05-08 01:28
Cinco de Mayo is a yearly celebration held on May 5 to celebrate Mexico’s victory over the Second French Empire at the Battle of Puebla in 1862 and to celebrate this occasion here is a… Read More
Recipes For Mother’s Day
2023-05-08 01:09
Mother’s Day is around the corner so why not whip up a meal for the most special woman in your life? If there is one person that is the most important person in anyone’s life… Read More
Artificial Intelligence In Hospitality
2023-05-06 05:17
The domain of hospitality is rapidly adopting new AI technologies to improve customer satisfaction and streamline business operations. Some ways new AI technologies are being used in this… Read More
Kitchen Gadgets
2023-05-06 05:04
The importance of kitchen gadgets can hardly be over emphasized especially in hotels where cooking is done in large scale. In the digital Era, the increase in tools and technique revoluti… Read More
Kavan Shah Design Studio
2023-05-05 05:25
A home in Mumbai that reflects the personality of its young owners is all about making a designer home with a personal touch. The project presented a peculiar opportunity to reflect and r… Read More
Jetwing Saman Villas
2023-05-05 03:55
My second visit to Sri Lanka with the Jetwing Group turned out to be a great experience as I visited Bentota the home of Geoffrey Bawa when I visited Saman Villas. A property on the beach… Read More
2023-05-01 03:45
The sun is shining in all its glory which means it is time to escape to cooler climes and chill as you escape the heat. The weatherman has predicted a rough summer this year and if you ar… Read More
Architecture Of Hawa Mahal
2023-04-30 14:05
One of the most iconic monuments of Jaipur, the Hawa Mahal is often seen from the outside when it is a great architectural marvel on the inside. As the name suggests Hawa Mahal of the Pal… Read More
Earning Its Stripes – Project Tiger
2023-04-27 06:11
As India celebrates 50 years of its biggest conservation effort in Project Tiger, it is important to see what has worked and what needs to be done. I am not much of a poetry enthusiast bu… Read More
The Chola Food Choice
2023-04-25 09:39
The cuisine of the Cholas is diverse and has a variety of influences making the food of this region appeal to a wide variety of palates. As a school child one of the most fascinating chap… Read More
2023-04-24 11:56
Snacking in the evening, especially when it is 4:30 is something most people can relate to. However, the snacking options available are all largely unhealthy. Therefore, Savita Nagpal starte… Read More
EuroSchool Bengaluru
2023-04-24 11:40
A school that is set amidst nature in the environs of Bannerghatta National Park is making a compelling case for nature front design. The architect team of Saurabh Gupta and Akanksha Gupt… Read More
Summer Coolers
2023-04-24 03:02
The mercury is rising but you can be cool by sipping on some of these coolers that are sure to give you the shot of energy you need. You need to cool down and the best way is to go in for… Read More
2023-04-22 11:51
Intravenous or IV Drips are being touted as the new mantra for flawless and smooth skin but is it worth the hype?  Intravenous (IV) vitamin therapy (also known as intravenous micronu… Read More
Dr. Darshana Patel Interview
2023-04-22 11:41
Say hello to Darshana Patel who is running for the California State Assembly in 2024. Families continue to struggle with accessing affordable housing, higher education, high quality healt… Read More
Earth Day 2023
2023-04-22 10:41
Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 every year but it is important to take steps to make sure the ethos of Earth Day is upheld every day. Several conscientious organisations in India are… Read More
Gel Based Primers
2023-04-19 23:34
Gel based primers are making a steady mark in the beauty space as it is the perfect base for flawless makeup. The primary purpose of makeup primer is to create a smooth, long-lasting base… Read More
Easter Food
2023-04-18 11:54
Easter is here and it is that time when the good times roll and especially on your plate so here is what to make this time. Easter and food are deeply connected as the gastronomic traditi… Read More
Women And Weights
2023-04-18 05:56
Very often women and weight training are associated with several misnomers that make several women hesitant to try weights. Women and weights have always been a point of debate with voice… Read More
Eid Recipes 2023
2023-04-17 02:08
Eid is here which means that the celebrations begin and food is one of the most important aspects of the festival after the long days of Ramadan. If you are looking to cook up a feast, we… Read More
Easter Excitement
2023-04-12 12:21
Easter festivities go beyond the ubiquitous Easter egg as we delve into the food traditions that are associated with the celebrations. Easter calls for family bonding over meal and i… Read More
Recipes For The Solar New Year
2023-04-10 09:51
April 14th marks the New Year in the Solar Calendar and is celebrated across Kerala, West Bengal, Northeast as well as Mangalore among other places in India. April sees the start of… Read More
Summer Salads
2023-04-10 00:07
The heat is shining in all its glory and what you eat can help lighten both your palate and your mood. It is that time of the year when the sun shines very brightly and the heat saps all… Read More
Carrot Cake For Easter
2023-04-09 14:32
Carrot cake is a quintessential dessert for Easter and if you are wondering how to make it this is where you stop. Easter represents new beginnings and one can create new experiences usin… Read More
Fenestrations And Windows
2023-04-08 06:46
Windows and fenestrations are important in the world of architecture and interiors as they serve the dual purpose of form and function. With everyone opting for expansive openings, large… Read More
Spa Cuisine
2023-04-07 11:55
Hoteliers are launching spa cuisine as they bet big on giving menus a twist of health especially in the post pandemic world. At ITC Hotels, the ‘Well-Being’ kitchens have reim… Read More
The Great Indian Bustard
2023-04-06 03:07
The GIB or Great Indian Bustard was recommended by Dr. Salim Ali to be India’s national bird. Today with its population down to a mere 130, it would have probably been a wise call to h… Read More
Easter Recipes
2023-04-03 10:06
The first Sunday following the first full moon of spring is when Christians celebrate Easter across the world. While Easter’s exact date changes from year to year, it usually falls… Read More
Bengaluru Blooms
2023-04-02 17:11
A city that wears its sobriquet of Garden city with pride, April sees in it all its colourful glory. This is the season when the city of Bengaluru is most pretty as there are several spec… Read More
50 Years Of Project Tiger
2023-04-01 11:40
Since India will be celebrating 50 years of Project Tiger this year (the project was launched on 1st April 1973), I am reaching out to you to enquire if you are planning any story on this su… Read More
Ugadi 2023
2023-03-31 03:36
Ugadi is a festival that has been a favourite as it is the start of the New Year for me as a Kannadiga. Naturally then, the festival has many good memories for me. Ugadi is always about f… Read More
Probiotic Drinks
2023-03-27 03:44
Probiotic drinks can help to improve digestive health by restoring the balance of good bacteria in the gut. They can also help to alleviate symptoms of digestive disorders such as bloating… Read More
Protecting Buffer Zones
2023-03-26 01:19
India has a great variety of forests that enjoy legal protection but it is the areas that are outside the forest that need attention as well. On a recent visit to Goa, to a jungle based p… Read More
Have A Sweet Ugadi
2023-03-22 03:09
Ugadi is the New Year in Karnataka and other states and this is the day that heralds a new dawn, so why not start it on a sweet note? Ugadi is one of the most important festivals in the K… Read More
Hotels Banning Plastic
2023-03-22 02:58
As hospitality becomes increasingly conscientious, there is a focused effort on going plastic free. Reducing single-use items in operations is not only good for the environment but also f… Read More
Posture Workouts
2023-03-21 06:53
Posture based exercises have been around for a while but have recently come into focus as people are increasingly working from home. Posture workouts are exercises that focus on improving… Read More
Ugadi Recipes 2023
2023-03-20 05:13
With Ugadi around the corner, it is time to give your plate a festive makeover as you welcome the New Year. Ugadi is the day that marks the New Year in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnatak… Read More
Cover Acne With Makeup
2023-03-20 04:22
Acne and skin breakouts often happen when you need to attend an important event and that can always be a dampener, but not anymore. It is quite possible to conceal these acne lesions and… Read More
Designs On Schools
2023-03-16 11:07
Educational institutions are not just places of learning but some also have a built history and architecture that makes them worth a visit. La Martinière, LucknowLocated in the city… Read More
No Makeup Look
2023-03-14 02:46
Want to look flawless and bright? Well, a ‘no makeup’, makeup look is what you need to make your face glow. Beauty and makeup are all about balance and proportion. If your fac… Read More
Strength Training With Free Weights
2023-03-13 05:15
Strength training is the key to flexibility, mobility, improved performance and lower injury risk. It is completely alright for people of all fitness levels and athletic abilities and age gr… Read More
Mexican Recipes
2023-03-13 04:48
The food of Mexico is close to Indian cuisine as it uses spices and flavours that are loved by Indians which is why Mexican food is also popular in India. Think Taco Bell the chain that s… Read More
Vegetarian Chettinad Fare
2023-03-12 01:07
The region of Chettinad is known for its fiery cuisine that is largely dominated today by non vegetarian fare but it has a repertoire of vegetarian food that is often not in the limelight… Read More
Exploring The Heritage Of Ahmedabad
2023-03-11 13:13
A city that has much to offer historically and culturally, Ahmedabad is a potpourri of influences and straddles the past and present very effectively. Ahmedabad has been a city that has a… Read More
Sand Mining In India
2023-03-11 12:59
Illegal sand mining happens across India to fuel the needs of a burgeoning real estate sector even as it has a negative impact on the environment. A seemingly common and most likely insig… Read More
Chitrashaala 2023
2023-03-11 12:37
The fifth edition of the international art residency ‘Chitrashaala’ that concluded at jüSTa Mukteshwar Retreat and Spa saw 119 pieces of art being created over six days… Read More
2023-03-09 05:58
The Food and beverage space in hospitality is getting a tech makeover of sorts with a plethora of new age solutions that promise to up the ante for dining experiences. The hospitality ind… Read More
2023-03-09 05:42
Farm to folk as a concept has been around for a while, hoteliers are now upping the ante as far as the concept is concerned. Hoteliers are upping the ante as far as using local, seasonal… Read More
2023-03-08 15:03
Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning Systems (HVAC) are changing as they gear up to meet the challenges of a post pandemic era. The HVAC sector in India is expected to expand at an a… Read More
2023-03-08 12:24
It is the holy month of Ramadan and while fasting through the day is common among practitioners, food is also equally important. We list a three-course meal that incorporates the best of… Read More
Spring Destinations 2023
2023-03-03 12:45
It is the best time of the year as spring beckons and it is the season of blooms and colours and spring travel is the best way to embrace these experiences. Robin Williams once famously s… Read More
World Wildlife Day 2023
2023-03-03 09:33
March 3rd is celebrated as World Wildlife Day and this is another reason to celebrate India’s rich and varied wildlife. India has a plethora of wildlife sanctuaries, national parks… Read More
Makeup Mistakes And How To Avoid Them
2023-03-01 04:36
Using makeup the right way can enhance your look but if you go wrong it can be the opposite of that so make sure you use makeup the right way. The do’s and don’ts regarding sk… Read More
CGH Visalam, Gateway To Chettinad
2023-02-27 09:24
A stay at CGH Visalam is all about living life king size just like the Nattukottai Chettiars who were traders from the region. The landscape at CGH VisalamChettinad is a region that has a… Read More
Siddi Community
2023-02-27 06:12
A community that is Indian but traces their roots to Africa, the Siddis are unmistakable as thy have unique facial features that makes them different. The first time I met anyone from the… Read More
Chettinad Cuisine
2023-02-27 05:49
The cuisine of Chettinad in Tamil Nadu is known for its fiery spices and non-vegetarian delicacies and yet has an exciting repertoire of dishes for vegetarians too. The traditional Chetti… Read More
Love Sans The Age Barrier
2023-02-23 06:14
Falling in love has little to do with age as older couples are seeking out relationships and even marrying each other. Whether you are separated, bereaved, or have been single for some ti… Read More
Recovery Techniques That Help
2023-02-20 04:59
Reports indicate that gentle, therapeutic practices can help enhance the effects of exercise and aid muscle recovery more effectively than hard core exercising. If you are recuperating fr… Read More
Mangalore Photo Essay
2023-02-19 04:11
The coastal town of Mangalore in South Canara is a potpourri of experiences and makes for a getaway like no other. The city has a fair share of temples and churches as well as sights that… Read More
High Performance Laminates
2023-02-16 12:36
High pressure laminates have low maintenance, resistance, and durability that is making it a popular choice among designers. Compressed paper or fabric in combination with resin under high p… Read More
2023-02-16 12:27
As an important aspect of architecture and interiors of a space, hardware may not always be in focus, but it is what brings a space together – practically and aesthetically. The arc… Read More
2023-02-14 14:37
The New Year signals the time for the countdown of trends that will rule the tech scene of hospitality in 2023. From Big Data to Cloud, Artificial Intelligence to Touchless Technology, th… Read More
Abhilasha Purwar Interview
2023-02-14 14:19
Abhilasha Purwar, Founder & CEO, Blue Sky Analytics is making the case for measuring the impact of climate change. Abhilasha Purwar did her B.Tech in Applied Chemistry from Indian Ins… Read More
Recipe For Valentine Day
2023-02-14 14:13
Chocolate is a food that is an aphrodisiac which makes it a great choice especially on Valentine’s Day. Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or not, it is a great day to rene… Read More
2023-02-14 14:02
Spa by JW offers a plethora of massages under its Calm, Invigorate, Indulge and Renew options that are bound to take you on a sensorial journey of relaxation. If you are looking for a spa… Read More
Say Cheese
2023-02-14 13:55
The artisanal cheese market in India is growing at an exponential pace. As people travel more and are exposed to newer cuisines and cultures, food is becoming a somewhat global phenomenen… Read More
The Great Living Chola Temples
2023-02-13 02:20
The Chola empire and the UNESCO Great Living Chola Temples are examples of an era that has stood the test of time. The 2022 Tamil film Ponniyin Selvan has brought the Cholas out of the hi… Read More
Read The Label
2023-02-13 01:54
A plethora of beauty brands are launching and the one question that is often unaddressed is how one understands labels on the packaging. Labels on beauty products should be read carefully… Read More
Recipes For Valentine’s Day
2023-02-13 00:38
Valentine’s Day is around the corner and this means that it is time to whip up a storm in your kitchen. Love is in the air and the best way to express love is through food. After al… Read More

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