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This is a website dedicated to high quality content across topics like travel, food, health, lifestyle, fashion, Bangalore, education, spas, beauty architecture and more.
AI And Mental Healthcare
2023-09-27 02:32
AI and telemedicine play significant roles in modern mental healthcare. AI technologies can assist in diagnosing mental health conditions, monitoring patient progress, and even offering pers… Read More
Heart Health
2023-09-25 04:47
People were more active in the past and did not shy away from hard manual labour or at least practised some daily physical activity like walking. In addition, in many homes, the family membe… Read More
Tofu Lettuce Wrap
2023-09-25 04:34
If you are looking for a dish that packs a punch of good health the combination of tofu and lettuce is unbeatable as is this recipe. Embrace the Tofu Lettuce Wrap as your go-to dish for f… Read More
Recipes From Italy
2023-09-25 00:38
Italian cuisine is a favourite with many people that has seen a sustained interest in the cuisine in the form of numerous restaurants dedicated to the same. With its focus on fresh ingred… Read More
Coonoor Travelogue
2023-09-24 11:13
Part of the Nilgiris Biosphere, Coonoor is a quiet town that retains its hill charm unlike its neighbour Ooty and is yet to get caught in the commercial rat race. With its quaint charm Co… Read More
National Nutrition Month
2023-09-24 09:15
A healthy lifestyle, characterized by balanced nutrition and regular physical activity, helps reduce cravings for unhealthy foods. This, in turn, contributes to the maintenance of healthy bo… Read More
Millets And The Environment
2023-09-24 09:10
Millets are slowly becoming a must-have ingredient in many households. As the world grapples with food security and nutrition challenges, millets have emerged as a game-changer. With our Pri… Read More
Nikeetaa Takkale
2023-09-24 02:00
She is one of the very few Indian Woman Rally Drivers who completed K1000 and 4 Autocross Championship, holding fastest driver trophy for Indian National Autocross Championship qualifier wes… Read More
Healthy Muesli Chocolate Cookies
2023-09-23 14:04
This is a great way to enjoy muesli with the goodness of Whole Wheat, jaggery and extra virgin olive oil Ingredients1 cup Whole Wheat flour1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil1/2 cup boiled an… Read More
Karan Bhangay
2023-09-23 13:53
Karan Bhangay is a trailblazer in the luxury industry, renowned for his transformative ventures and unwavering commitment to exceptional service. With a background in engineering, Karan emba… Read More
Pauline Laravoire
2023-09-22 09:00
Pauline Laravoire, hailing from Paris, holds a master’s degree in Sustainability and Social Innovation from HEC Paris and has developed her expertise in strategy consulting, socia… Read More
Moksha Spa
2023-09-22 07:31
A recent visit to Moksha Himalaya Spa Resort had me in spa bliss as I experienced several of their signature treatments. I had several experiences including the Classic Abhyanga whic… Read More
2023-09-22 06:46
Lip balms and lip masks are both lip care products, but they serve different purposes and offer varying levels of treatment. Lip balms are designed to moisturize and protect the lips. They c… Read More
Dry Fruit Modak
2023-09-18 04:17
Ganesh Chaturthi is here and what better way to serenade the God of Auspicious beginning with his favourite modak? Chef V.H. Suresh, Corporate Executive Chef at Platform 65 shares this re… Read More
Breakfast Upgrade
2023-09-18 03:59
The first meal of the day must always be a hearty one and this is why you must choose a breakfast option that is packed with good health. Upgrading your breakfast is always a great idea a… Read More
World Rhino Day 2023 Photo Essay
2023-09-18 03:43
A to celebrate one of the largest mammals the Rhinoceros is also a sign that this is a species that needs conservation now. On my maiden trip to Assam, I had the good fortune of visiting… Read More
Vishwanath Srikantaiah
2023-09-18 03:25
Water is the elixir of life and there is no doubt that conserving this rapidly declining resource is the need of the hour. Clean water for all including humans for life and livelihoods an… Read More
Recipes For Ganesh Chaturthi 2023
2023-09-17 03:57
Its time to celebrate Ganesha, the God of auspicious beginnings as well as the God who loves food. One of the most loved Gods Ganesha is everywhere – just look and you will find him… Read More
International Ganesh Festival 2023
2023-09-17 03:45
The first edition of The International Ganesh Festival 2023 is set to be a grand celebration of Maharashtra’s illustrious heritage and the unity of cultures. Organized by the Depar… Read More
Sonam Kalra
2023-09-16 13:57
Musician Sonam Kalra says that music to her is worship, ‘Ibaadat’ and it moves her from deep within. Apart from being a versatile Singer and Composer, but also as an inspirati… Read More
2023-09-15 14:33
Being an unusual No Rules Playground’ for food experiences in the city, The Conservatory is a space for all things food with interesting twists. Bangalore has been the contemporary… Read More
Floral Art
2023-09-15 10:17
The story of Floral Art commenced in 2002 when Kavita Kapur embarked on a creative journey, nurturing her love for crafting exquisite creations. It all began with adorning her own living spa… Read More
Roop Partap Choudhary
2023-09-15 09:47
Roop Partap Choudhary is an award-winning hotelier and an internationally acclaimed art collector. Under his avid leadership, Noormahal Palace India’s Ico… Read More
Glamping In India
2023-09-14 15:47
Glamping is a contraction of the term’s “glamour” and “camping”, this combines typical or even unusual camping accommodation with the feel of absolute sophistic… Read More
Hotels And MICE
2023-09-14 15:36
The MICE segment in India will grow manifolds in the years to come. A lot of corporates are now also looking at domestic destinations for hosting incentive groups, which augurs well for hosp… Read More
Natural Ingredients For Anti-aging
2023-09-14 06:29
Before applying any new natural ingredient to your face, perform a patch test on a small area of your skin to check for any adverse reactions or allergies. If you’re unsure about wh… Read More
Whole Grains
2023-09-11 04:11
Adding whole grains to your diet can help you lead a healthier life and it is not as hard as you think.  The search for nutritious food grains which are planet friendly as well as cl… Read More
Peanut Recipes
2023-09-11 00:36
The humble ground nut or peanut packs a punch of good health and is hailed as the healthiest nut that must be a part of your diet. Peanuts have today moved out of just being a tempering i… Read More
The River Is A Lifeline
2023-09-09 14:48
Rivers in India are an ecosystem that support life. It is however unfortunate that they are one of the most polluted and need conservation now. The rivers support an entire ecosystem and… Read More
Chetan Singh Solanki
2023-09-08 11:54
Dr. Chetan Singh Solanki, a globally renowned expert in the field of Solar Energy.  He is currently on a Solar Yatra across the country  for 11 years in order to increase… Read More
Monsoon Skincare
2023-09-07 05:12
Monsoon season brings relief from scorching heat, but it also ushers in high humidity levels that can wreak havoc on your skin. To ensure your skin stays radiant and healthy during this rain… Read More
Siroi Lifestyle Goa
2023-09-05 10:46
A store dedicated to all things art, Siroi Lifestyle Goa is all about curated pieces of art and craft from India and across the world. Sapna Kabra is extremely experienced, and she has gr… Read More
Pondicherry Calling
2023-09-03 06:46
Pondicherry is a city that has been a favourite with me largely because its vibes are like no other and it has a charm that is most appealing. For the latest issue of Ait India’s in… Read More
Dopamine Decor
2023-09-03 06:16
The past few years have been a serious blow to many people’s mental health, what with the pandemic and the ever-growing presence of social media in our daily lives. Work-from-home cult… Read More
Recipes That Make You Fit For The Runaway
2023-09-02 11:25
Choose the right dishes that will help fit into your dress and make your skin glow so you are all set to look your best for fashion week. You are what you eat and making the right choice… Read More
Skincare – Use Hyaluronic Acid
2023-08-31 14:52
Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a naturally occurring substance that helps to keep skin hydrated and plump. It is available in various molecule sizes, with smaller molecules being able to penetrate… Read More
Interview With Akshita M Bhanj Deo
2023-08-31 10:46
Akshita M Bhanj Deo and her sister, Mrinalika, along with her family are Directors of the 200-year-old Belgadia Palace in Mayurbhanj and are working to build sustainable tourism with social… Read More
Easy Som Tam (Papaya Salad) Recipe
2023-08-29 04:33
I first tried Som Tam salad on a visit to Thailand a few years ago. Intrigued by its flavours, I experimented an easy and simple version that uses ingredients that are mostly always availabl… Read More
Raksha Bandhan 2023
2023-08-29 04:22
Raksha Bandhan is celebrated on the full moon day in the Hindu calendar month of Shravana which typically falls in August. The festival means a knot of protection coming from the words Ra… Read More
Achari Mushroom Samosa
2023-08-28 03:10
A twist on the traditional samosa, this crispy flaky delicacy has a filling comprising pickledspiced mushrooms. The combination of the spiced mushroom filling and the crispy pastry makes… Read More
Recipes For Raksha Bandhan
2023-08-28 03:01
Raksha Bandhan is here and it is the time to renew the bonds between brothers and sisters over a plate of yummy food. A day that celebrates the unique bond between brothers and sisters, R… Read More
Deforestation In India
2023-08-26 14:44
Deforestation in India is rising at alarming levels and is a key contributor to climate change, the effects of which are now increasingly visible in the country. Deforestation is a realit… Read More
Ayatana Ooty
2023-08-25 04:09
Ayatana Ooty is set amidst a huge expanse of lush tea gardens that makes it a one of its kind holiday experience. Ooty is a destination that has always been a personal favourite primarily… Read More
2023-08-24 15:14
Coastal Impact, a non-government organisation in Goa, has just completed a coral micro-fragmentation transplantation project that seeks to rejuvenate coral reefs. Coastal Impact is an org… Read More
Uncafe, Delhi
2023-08-22 11:39
A new outlet for a health forward café has been designed by the Delhi based studio, Tangible Intangible Design Office or TI:DO as they are also known. UNCAFE, is a new 800 sq ft is… Read More
Exercising In Menopause
2023-08-22 04:36
Few activities that are good for women during menopause include yoga, walking, physical activity, swimming, playing outdoors, dancing, and going to the gym. These activities can help improve… Read More
Sorbet As Palate Cleansers
2023-08-21 08:46
As a fruit that is light and refreshing and is the best way to beat the summer heat, watermelon is a hands down winner. Amenable to variety of dishes, watermelon is also great as a sorbe… Read More
Mushroom Recipes
2023-08-21 00:40
Mushrooms are available in so many variants that they have become a popular ingredient in cooking. There are endless possibilities of creating unique mushroom recipes and this is what mak… Read More
Dr. Ram Sewak Sharma Interview
2023-08-19 14:19
Dr. Ram Sewak Sharma is a former member of the prestigious Indian Administrative Service with a distinguished career in the Government of India and State Governments, leading reforms and lev… Read More
Pilates On A Mat
2023-08-17 03:37
Classical Pilates strictly works on incorporating all of the six fundamentals – Breathing, Concentration, Control, Centering, Precision & Control. Hence, there is no specific exerc… Read More
E-Waste In India
2023-08-15 09:00
With its burgeoning population and massive increase in the use of electronic items India is facing a huge problem of e-waste. Mining specialized materials for a new phone generates signif… Read More
2023-08-14 13:43
When you look beyond the cliched dishes associated with Rajasthan’s cuisine you will discover several culinary gems. There’s so much more to the cuisines of Rajastha… Read More
Shaily Sanghvi Interview
2023-08-14 12:53
Shaily Sanghvi, an acclaimed Indian filmmaker who is on is on a mission to elevate India’s standing on the global cinematic stage. Shaily, the Writer-Director-Producer is based In L… Read More
Jardaloo Salli Marghi
2023-08-14 07:03
The Parsis strongly believe in ‘Humata, Hukha, Huvarshta’ which mean good thoughts, good words, and good deeds. Parsis reflect deeply upon their thoughts, deeds and words of… Read More
I-Day Recipes
2023-08-14 01:10
This Independence Day celebrate India on your plate with a range of dishes that are sure to amp up your festivities. With its diverse culture and nuances India is a country where food pla… Read More
MAP(ping) The Future Of Museums
2023-08-13 05:02
The Museum of Art & Photography (MAP) the newest museum in Bengaluru is an ode to the idea of tracing and mapping relationships between artistic disciplines. Designed by Soumitro Ghos… Read More
Aqua Workout
2023-08-11 04:04
If you do a workout in water it takes less effort at movement and more benefit gets than the land workout, since you are in the water it motivates you to perform exercises, if anyone workout… Read More
Svasti Spa
2023-08-10 15:43
The TAF Svasti Spa at Cheetahgarh Resorts & Spa in Bera, Jawai Rajasthan, is all about enjoying a break in the wild with a dash of relaxation. Karan Bakshi, General Manager, WH Cheeta… Read More
A ‘Peachy’ Affair
2023-08-08 03:06
Here are five different/ special/ unique ways to use peaches for the US summer. And this is an ode to the versatile ingredient that peach is. A peach with its soft, round, sligh… Read More
David Belo And Naviluna Chocolates
2023-08-07 11:01
Mysuru’s homegrown brand of Naviluna Chocolates is a bean to bar chocolate brand that is making waves across the country. As the first bean-to-bar chocolate house in India and the f… Read More
2023-08-07 07:44
The food and beverage business of hospitality has got a technology boost especially post the pandemic, which is giving a fillip to revenues. In the hospitality and food and beverage indus… Read More
Why You Should Eat Avocads?
2023-08-07 02:39
The much loved Avocado has been hailed as a source of good fat and even made it to the menu at the White House on PM Modi’s recent visit. Avocado Facts Scientifically named as &l&hell…Read More
Monsoon Fritters
2023-08-07 02:01
After a long and dry run of a rather harsh summer, the monsoons of 2023 has come as a welcome relief to all. So why not celebrate the season with some crispy, crunchy munchies. After all… Read More
Wood Flooring In 2023
2023-08-06 12:53
The natural elegance and warmth of wood flooring can transform any space into a sophisticated environment. Rushil Décor sources the finest materials to ensure exceptional durabilit… Read More
Nayana Kokare
2023-08-03 14:40
India’s fastest runner and Asia’s fourth fastest runner, Nayana Kokare was discovered by Bridges of Sports Foundation. Bridges of Sports Foundation is an NGO working towards d… Read More
National Avocado Day
2023-08-01 09:14
July 31 is celebrated in the USA as National Avocado Day and this is why Avocado is such a loved ingredient. It is time to celebrate the much-loved Avocado and raise a toast to its holist… Read More
Picnic Puff Recipe
2023-08-01 07:18
Picnics in the summer are a great way to enjoy the summers in the USA and this recipe is the perfect way to add a zing to your day out. Stewed Tomato & Goat Cheese Puff is a recipe th… Read More
2023-07-31 14:22
Lip Balms are made with nourishing ingredients that help provide deep moisture and hydration to the lips. They are formulated to create a protective barrier over the lips that safeguard them… Read More
National Avocado Day 2023
2023-07-31 01:01
July 31st is celebrated as National Avocado Day every year which is a testament to this versatile ingredient. Avocados can be consumed in a variety of ways to make them a part of a balanc… Read More
Monsoon Mayhem In India
2023-07-30 14:03
The 2023 monsoons in India have come with a trail of destruction as there have been rivers in spate and life thrown out of gear. This year India has seen torrential rains in its monsoons… Read More
Fitness Post 60
2023-07-26 03:32
While exercise is generally beneficial for individuals above 60, there are exercises that may pose higher risks or be unsuitable for certain individuals. Avoid exercises involving repetit… Read More
Cashmere Cushions
2023-07-25 09:13
Cashmere cushions are a popular decor item made from the soft and luxurious cashmere wool. Cashmere is a type of wool that comes from the undercoat of the cashmere goat, which is known for i… Read More
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
2023-07-25 07:22
While hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) can be beneficial for many individuals, there are certain situations where it may not be recommended or should be approached with caution. HBOT should… Read More
Recipes Sans Tomatoes
2023-07-23 23:59
The rising prices of tomatoes have meant that most households are looking to make dishes that do not need them. After all the surge in prices of tomatoes has made the vegetable out of bounds… Read More
Celebrating The Tiger
2023-07-23 09:29
International Tiger Day is July 29 and India being home to the largest population of these majestic animals has several reserves that are your best bet to see the animal. Here are some of… Read More
Skincare With Hyaluronic Acid
2023-07-22 00:34
Hyaluronic Acid is a naturally occurring substance found in the human body, joints, connective tissues and in particular, the skin. This natural sugar is what gives our skin its structure as… Read More
No Fat Body And Its Repercussions
2023-07-21 02:10
While pursuing a body with very low body fat and visible ribs is a personal choice, it is crucial to approach it with caution and awareness of potential risks. Hormonal imbalances can arise… Read More
Dips Recipes
2023-07-17 04:28
Whether you are snacking or having a party, dips play an important role as far as the food is concerned. Dips are a great way to enjoy snacks. They come in several refreshing flavours and… Read More
Cucumber Labneh Canapes
2023-07-16 14:23
A dish that is perfect for the summer, Cucumber Labneh Canapes are a great choice because of the cooling power of cucumber that makes the summer more bearable. Tarun Panjwani Application… Read More
Mac And Cheese Makeover
2023-07-16 14:13
Mac and Cheese is a quintessentially favourite food especially among kids. A dish that is easy and never goes wring can bee given interesting flavour twists. Mac and Cheese by Poach Kolka… Read More
Stone Surfaces
2023-07-16 14:02
Amrita Guha and Joya Nandurdikar of Delhi-based Untitled Design delve into stone in moreways than one. They are trying to utilise stone to the fullest and are constantly experimentingwith ne… Read More
Wall Surfaces
2023-07-16 13:54
A wall surface can add a touch o class to home interiors as it can add depth and character to otherwise blank walls. Chrisann Rodrigues, Founder & Architect, Eight Degree Design House ex… Read More
Microplastic Mess
2023-07-15 08:35
A concern around plastic pollution is the smaller than five millimetres solid, synthetic polymer particles or microplastics that are omnipresent. Microplastic are small parts of plastic p… Read More
Sri Lankan Vegetarian Fare
2023-07-14 14:50
The island nation of Sri Lanka may often be known for its seafood delicacies but if you look beyond, there is a plethora of vegetarian fare that is both appetising and appealing. On a rec… Read More
A Nursery That Is An Ode To Childhood
2023-07-13 11:04
Upasana Kamineni Konidela is a third generation entrepreneur (Apollo Hospitals), philanthropist and wife of superstar Ram Charan.  Recently the couple became parents a baby girl Klin… Read More
2023-07-12 12:11
Greenlam Industries has forecasted six interior trends that will rule the year for 2023 and renowned architects decode them. These trends are not restricted to specific interior spaces bu… Read More
No Jumping Workout
2023-07-11 02:13
If you are the kinds that is not exercising because you do not like to jump, there is a way to remain fit despite that. If you’re looking for a way to get in shape without putting s… Read More
Picnic Recipes For A US Summer
2023-07-10 06:06
It is that time of the year when the summer sun is shining in its full glory in the USA and this is when picnic baskets come out. Picnics are always a great way to bond with friends and f… Read More
Barbeque Recipes
2023-07-10 02:15
With the monsoons making their must wanted and awaited appearance, it is time to binge on barbeques, after all its the season. A hot barbequed dish is the best way to beat monsoon woes. A… Read More
Lab Grown Diamonds
2023-07-09 13:30
Lab-grown diamonds are having a moment under the sun even as the Government is giving an impetus to the industry. When working with LGD (Lab-Grown Diamonds), there are some differences in… Read More
Hair Colours For Summer
2023-07-07 04:16
The type of hair colours best suited for summer are the ones that do not need pre-bleaching because summer is the hot season where any colour with bleach can cause more damage to the hair… Read More
2023-07-06 08:31
Revenue Management Strategies for F&B operations help optimize pricing, manage inventory effectively, and maximize revenue generation opportunities. Some revenue management strategies… Read More
2023-07-06 08:28
Technology is being increasingly used by hoteliers to strategize and bolster revenues in their properties. Marketing technology helps hoteliers optimize our marketing efforts by targeting… Read More
Amrit Pal Singh’s Toy Face Tour
2023-07-04 06:16
Amrit Pal Singh’s 3D toy-like renditions of characters, figures, and movements celebrate a whimsical childhood that transcends age. Amrit Pal Singh’s Toy Face Tour is presente… Read More
World Chocolate Day 2023
2023-07-03 00:14
An ingredient that is aptly described as the ‘Food of the Gods’, there is little competition for chocolates as a dessert that beats most others hands down. Chocolates are a c… Read More
Sustainable Packaging
2023-07-02 10:55
As the entire ecosystem continues its progression towards greener solutions, an ongoing challenge remains the lack of infrastructure and availability of raw materials in the market. While th… Read More

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