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My Crush Is Taken

Have you ever liked someone and found out that they already have a boyfriend or girlfriend.?  Your dream guy or girl is right there in front of your face, but unfortunately they are already taken. Like most or some of us can relate to, this is basically the Story of our life.

Coming from someone that has been in the same situation more then once, I can definitely say that it is not a great feeling.  Especially when you know that you’re the perfect person for your Crush, but yet they don’t see it.  Though as much as you may like or even love this person, you may have to come to the harsh reality that it’s time to move on. 

For most people, moving on is harder said then done especially if you are friends with this person. The thing about being friends with a crush is that you have to ask yourself “What is your true motive”?.  Do you genuinely want to stay or be friends with this person?. Or is it only a cover-up so if they do break up with their bf/gf, you will be there waiting for them with open arms so you can make your move. 

The thing about liking someone that is already is taken is that you are always going to have this thought in the back of your mind” How can I make them Breakup or how can i steal them away from their bf/gf.”  Yet as brilliant as this plan may sound in your head, you still must remain realistic about the situation. 

First put yourself in their gf/bf shoe’s. How would you like it if some other guy or girl came out of nowhere and was trying to take your bf/gf from you.  I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t like it, so why do it to someone else. Because as we all know karma can be hell. 

Secondly even if they do breakup, whose to say that you guys are going to end up together. You guys may end up staying friends and that could be the end of the story.  Another thing is if they are flirting with you or trying to get you while they are committed to someone else, then that is a major red flag. Because if they are willing to cheat on their bf/gf with you, then who’s to say that they wouldn’t do the same to you. As the saying goes “Once a cheater, always a cheater.” 

Yet third but last, you have to ask yourself “Are you willing to change the dynamics of your friendship just for the sake of your own feelings or emotions?”  Transitioning from a friendship to a relationship can go either two ways.  One way is you guys could have the greatest relationship ever and live happily ever after. Or you guys could have a  terrible breakup and never speak to each other again. So not only is the relationship over, but you may also lose a good  friend  in the process too. 

Though when it all boils down to it, you must decide if you are willing to stick around for the good and the bad.   Whether it works out in your favor or not, the only thing you can do is just be there for them as a friend. Because you never know, your dream guy or girl could be just around the corner waiting for you to say “Hi”.  

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My Crush Is Taken


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