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Dear BabyBoomers and Previous Generations: Welcome to the Life of a Millennial

Millennials. The one word I hear get thrown around when I'm out running errands or see being used in social media posts. The one word that spurs harsh talks and controversy. The word that I often hear many older folk use in a sentence followed by swear words. It's the generation that has become the bane of Society, and guess what? I just so happen to be one.

Boomers and Elders. It has become abundantly clear that you have a wide variety of colorful opinions and perspectives on my generation. I've heard many under-the-breath comments in reference to us that I will not repeat because I am a classy lady. I will however, ask you to do the one thing we young people have been inwardly begging for you to do. Put yourself in our shoes. But before you step into the actual world of a millennial and all that we deal with, we must first address..THE LIES.


Yep. We youngsters have to be able to endure, balance, and juggle the unpredictable whirlwinds of life all while listening to the murmurs and critiques of our elders. We're working hard and contributing the best we know how to society when we hear it....
" Lazy Millennials "
"They Don't work hard"
"They have the same opportunity I had.."
 C'mon guys! We're your children and grandchildren. I PROMISE you that it's not lost on us that are actions are being overshadowed by the success of your past. But you should know that most of your murmurings are far from the truth. We do work and we do contribute, but the society you knew is not the society we live in now. Society has become a tough place and what it offers hardly works in our favor. If you still don't understand, let me break it down for you.....


What's that you say? Your average income fluctuates between $55,000 to $60,000? That sounds lovely. While you complain about your offspring, you should know that a millennials' median income in the USA is about $35,000 for those of us in our 20s. Jobs that pay what you guys are used to are almost becoming extinct in our world. Wages have dropped drastically for us. Even young married couples have to face the reality of dual income. Because of this, only 31% of millennials in America live the life they want to lead.(source: Aba advertising) Jobs are very scarce in some places. I know very bright and brilliant comrades with masters degrees that have a hard time finding jobs these days. We just happen to live in the most unfortunate time in economic history.


We've got tons of it. From Student Loans mostly. We'd take your $40,000 of student loans any day compared to what looms over our heads everyday. Most student loans these days are well into the six-figure range. Think we should be further along financially? Many paychecks slip right through our fingers and into that debt. An amount that you will never have to worry about. So maybe next time go easy on your son or daughter the next time they casually bring up the subject of moving back in with you.


An elder very near and dear to me recently asked why my husband and I were planning to rent a house in the near future. 'Why not buy a house?' They'd asked. I almost laughed aloud. They really thought it was that easy. It wasn't this person's fault that they were out of touch with our reality. They'd grown up in a glorious time period where it was a lot easier to own a home. For most of us, owning a home is something we have to save up for. Gosh, I wish it were as simple as seeing a house, parking in the garage, removing the for-sale sign, and shouting to the neighborhood " Called it!" Unfortunately, buying a house can be an endeavor that takes a lot of time and a lot of planning.


If you think that we're being selfish when we tell you that we're not having kids or that we're putting off having your grand-kids or great grand-kids, stop it. Of course some of us want to have children. But according to a Gallup pole, a third of my generation wont have kids because we simply cant afford to them. That's right. It's becoming very difficult to afford the cost of raising a child and even being a stay at home parent. Dual income is the only way many of us keep our heads above the water! Of course this is due to the now insane cost of living. Studies also show that 60% of a millennial's monthly income is spent on rent alone. We've got big financial obligations. So if you happen to have one grand-baby in your lifetime, consider yourself blessed.


I mean it in the nicest way possible when I say that you're only getting older. Someone is going to have to be there for you and, chances are, it'll be us. Not only do we have to endure lies about us, deal with our income, juggle the debt, strive toward home-owning. and fantasize about kids; we have to think about you. Yes. You. In the midst of the chaos and your name-calling, it will soon be our responsibility to save enough of whatever  money we have left and make sure you live comfortably in your old age.

So next time you use the word 'millennial', you should remember all that we go through and respect and honor the almost heroic lives we lead everyday, because soon those 'millennials' will be taking care of you.

                                                               Puts things into perspective doesn't it?

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Dear BabyBoomers and Previous Generations: Welcome to the Life of a Millennial


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