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The Differences between COVID 19 vs Ulcer The way forward on COVID 19 and how it trigger the Nigeria Sorrows in poverty.

The Differences between Covid 19 vs Ulcer The way forward on COVID 19 and how it trigger the Nigeria Sorrows in poverty.
This is my call to every Nigerian on the way forward on COVID 19. It is with a heart of joy and sincerity I greet you all my fellow Nigerians. It’s with a great sense of hope I write to every Nigeria child. It is time for every Nigerian to have the right understanding of the times we are in and speak with one voice as this is the only way out of the poverty that has pervaded the Nigerian system.
The way forward on COVID 19: Due to the lack of meaningful development that has led to a surge in the unemployment rate, the Nigerian society has become a theatre for all social vices that is further degenerating the already degraded system. I will be pointing out some key measures the Nigerian leaders have failed to put in place for the successful development of the nation and upliftment of its inhabitants.

The way forward on COVID 19: Take for instance, we all know that the Nigerian setting has been plagued by the scourge of unemployment which has had a far reaching effect on the entire populace, especially the young population which is the overwhelming majority. The situation has been further aggravated due to the current pandemic that is ravaging the economy of most countries of the world, of which Nigeria is having its own fair share of the situation.


The way forward on COVID 19: Well-meaning nations who seek the good of its citizenry are coming up with appropriate measures, both short and long term to cushion the effect of the economic downturns that has ensued owing to the current global pandemic. Beneficial strategies and policies are being set and implemented, while previous ones are being reviewed and tailored in keeping with current trends. This they do in order that the effect of the current upheaval on its citizens will not be far reaching.

The way forward on COVID 19: However, coming back home and speaking of our beloved country Nigeria, can it be said that we are on this part of bringing the best out of the current situation? Can we say we are truly ready to stall the obvious consequences of the current pandemic that has already taken its toll on Nigerians? While the leaders of other countries are taking their stand and bracing up on the path to meaningful development, Nigeria leaders are still battling with issues of corruption and incompetence, which is a big slap on every Nigerian today. The interest of our leaders has never been on the citizens and the current situation has further made that clearly obvious as their actions and inactions has portrayed in recent times.

The way forward on COVID 19: I will not just say that the Nigeria leaders have failed us. But, I will boldly say that the Nigeria leaders have failed both our past patriots and our posterity. The effect of the current abnormalities transcends this generation, and it has also made the efforts put in place by past leaders who sought the good of the nation footling to a very large extent.

The way forward on COVID 19: Before I stand on the ground to be questioned, permit me to bring to your notice some notable Nigerian patriots whose labours are worthy of mention any time, any day;

The way forward on COVID 19:
There was a woman named Funmilayo Ransome Kuti, she was one of Nigeria’s premier leaders that stood up to fight and defend the right of every Nigerian woman. Her struggles led her to go against the dictates of the military government then on human right violations in the country. Funmilayo Ransome Kuti was known to be a “Mother of Africa” for her philanthropic and human right activities that involved the protection of human existence. She went on to pursue this worthy course even unto death. The question is;
Do we still have such mothers in Nigeria?

The way forward on COVID 19:
Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe was one of the famous patriotic Nigerian leaders and was the first Nigerian President after it gained her independence from Britain. Zik as he was fondly called was a man of notable character who took his time to spread the African nationalist ideology. In 1937, the great Zik was able to structure the West African Pilot for the promotion of Nigeria’s Nationalism. He also created the Nigerian and Cameroonian National Council together with Herbert Macaulay in 1944 which earned him so many recognition’s both locally and globally.
Does Nigeria still have such leaders anymore?

The way forward on COVID 19: There is another famous Nigerian mother in the person of Kudirate Abiola who devotedly fought for the oil employees during their twelve (12) weeks national strike against the military government at that time. Her enormous support made the struggle successful. In 1995, Kudirate Abiola also participated fully in the freedom procession organized by the democratic parties and she was a true advocate for democracy which inspired many Nigerian then.

Do we still have leaders like her who can inspire Nigerians on the path to true democracy?

The way forward on COVID 19: The very point I am driving at is that at this juncture, we need to have a common front that can champion the course of true democracy in the nation. A body such as the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) need to rise to the occasion and fulfill its constitutional mandate of championing the course for true democracy in the labour sector. Other bodies of such repute should also stand up and do the needful if we are to rise from where currently to where we so desire.

The way forward on COVID 19: The lone fight and agitations can never achieve the desired result without a collective agenda that is void of personal agendas and selfish interests. The drive for personal ambitions and selfish interests has been one of our greatest undoing as a nation. There can never be true progress until there is a unified ideology towards a definite common goal.

We must put our differences aside if we are to make progress towards the attainment of a true democratic state void of all the current anomalies that have plagued our nation.

The way forward on COVID 19: We are currently bedeviled by so enemies of our collective emancipation. Insecurity has been taught to be one the biggest threats to our nation, but stronger forces are also contending for the destiny of this great nation.

The way forward on COVID 19: We are currently under the pangs of corruption in all its shades and forms that has eaten deep into our national lives; we are still under the scourge of social vices such as kidnapping, highway robbery, cyber-crimes and other vices that has highly deteriorated our national values. This is just to mention but a few of the many anathemas that are inhibiting our advancement as a nation.

The way forward on COVID 19: Due to the widespread economic degradation, our teeming youths who have been greatly endowed by God now find themselves guilty of most of these vices aforementioned, which in most cases wouldn’t have been if the right structures were in place to get them engaged in noble and worthy endeavors that will be beneficial to both them and the society at large.

The way forward on COVID 19: It is now common place to have a young Nigerian go through the rigor of attaining formal education, graduate from the university under great stress and pressure, fulfill the mandatory one year national youth service and still end up without a decent employment or the wherewithal and conducive environment to toll the path of entrepreneurship. This has further stalled our innovative prowess in no small measure since the right system is not in place to conceive, incubate and bring forth new innovations that will make us compete favorably with our counterpart world over.

The way forward on COVID 19: The Nigerian government has consistently failed to look into areas of national interests that will benefit all and see to our collective good. This is why even up until this point in time, we are still struggling to meet up with our basic social amenities such as; stable electricity, good road networks, and good water supply system. This are basics that when properly put in place will set the tone for further development.

The way forward on COVID 19: A case in point is the technological market in the country which is currently suffering a huge setback. The story would have been very much different if we had a good and steady supply of electricity in the country.

The way forward on COVID 19: Currently, private school teachers are soliciting for government’s intervention due to the prolonged stay from work and hence, no pay situation due to the pandemic, this is an agitation that could have been championed by the NLC if they were to act in keeping with their mandate. Numerous of such cases exist and it has in turn resulted in so many fruitless agitations since there is no common front in most cases. It has consistently been a one man soldier affair fighting for his own personal interest.

The question now brought to bear is; who is fighting for the common man in the country? Who is championing the course for a truly democratic Nigeria?

The way forward on COVID 19
Thank you.

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The Differences between COVID 19 vs Ulcer The way forward on COVID 19 and how it trigger the Nigeria Sorrows in poverty.


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