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The Effect of Corruption on Leadership and political Failure in Nigeria

The Effect of Corruption on Leadership and political Failure in Nigeria

This article is focused on Political Failure as a consequence of corruption and bad leadership systems, which has become an impediment to peaceful coexistence, social stability and the development of the Nigerian society.

The refusal of Political elites in Nigeria to regard and respect the rule of law governing various facets of the nation has not only resulted in the decline in leadership quality, but it has marred the possibilities of getting the nation attain its fullest potentials within the shortest possible time due the political failure.

In recent history, Nigeria was known to be a multi-ethnic and multi-religious entity that co-existed and interacted with one another in a peaceful way, which has been since independence and even before independence. This was as a result of genuine leadership systems that saw to the wellbeing of her people.

On the political failure
As we may all know, no system is perfect, but as at that time, political decadence was not on the high as it is today, and the citizenry had little or no worries as pertaining their well-being. People were living well, the youths had access to quality and affordable education and on completion could easily secure decent, well-paying jobs.

Today, most youths that succeed in going through the rigor of acquiring formal education find it difficult to be gainfully employed legitimately, and this has forced many into venturing into different skills and trades that most times may not be profitable due to the hostile business environment.

Unfortunately, youths who can’t thread the line of legitimate self-empowerment have yielded themselves as tools for varying degrees of illicit activities such as online fraud, kidnapping and the likes which has resulted in the further degradation of the society. The situation today is a total deviation from what has been, and this is unarguably due to political failure and bad leadership systems that has been operational in the country.

Political Failure and the Change Proliferation
If truly we want change as we profess every day, we must first and foremost kill the scourge of corruption that has eaten deep into the fabric of our national lives. If we examine the leadership system in Nigeria today, there are no competent leaders who will genuinely stand up to fight the course for a liberated Nigeria. Irregularities has continually and consistently marred the election of our leaders to public offices.

The political failure on election rigging
Rigging has become the ultimate and easiest way to get into public office now as a result of corruption and the major key to leadership failure is corruption which is currently affecting the leaders and even the future leaders (the younger generation)who are currently following the ugly trend.

How political failure has disrupt the hope of the youth in Nigeria
We the youths of Nigeria do not have hope or trust for our leaders because of the current political miscarriage, they are no longer role models that lead with good examples, rather they prefer corruption and there is no peace in our society anymore. Violence and all forms of indiscipline has become the order of the day due to poor leadership that is prevalent in all spheres of our society.

How political failure has disrupt the environs
Corruption has affected the modern Nigerian political sphere so deeply that it has led to the advent of various forms of social decay characterized by institutionalized corruption in different spheres of the society, political greediness, political thugs, violence of indiscipline, loutish disposition sustained by our leaders in government which has brought about all levels of lawlessness. Corruption has led the youths into becoming instruments for crime, those that cannot think positively now see crime as an opportunity to survive as a result of political miscarriage and socio-economic insecurity in Nigeria.

Political Failure and its Effect on the Economy
Due to the ugly scourge of corruption, majority of Nigerian youths are currently living in abject poverty that has resulted from leadership failure by the inexperienced leaders we have who have propelled the nation towards political injustice and abuse of rule of law. Corruption has led Nigeria into little or no regard for the constitution; everybody can do what they like as far they are in power even if it is to the detriment of others, of which the most affected are the commoners and ordinary citizens. Nigeria has been enslaved by corruption and we are now in bondage due to political failure.

The economic inequality is instigating crime in the society leading to violence of mindless killings, assassination, kidnapping, armed robbery, cyber-crimes and many other social vices as a result of leadership and political failure.

How political failure lead to high rate of poverty in Nigeria
The high rate of poverty in Nigeria that has made us the poverty capital of the world is as a result of corruption that is a consequence of the abuse of rule of law and bad governance system. This has so developed that it has almost gone out of control and it has in turn made the teeming youths to lose hope in a better Nigeria.

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The Effect of Corruption on Leadership and political Failure in Nigeria


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