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Top Essential Vitamins You Should Be Taking

Everyone knows that Vitamins are essential to good health and help ensure a long, healthy life, so we try to take as much of it as we can. May it be through eating vitamin-rich foods or through consuming pills and tablets available over the counter.

Individually, these supplements don’t cost that much, but when you sum everything up, you will realize how costly it is.

Even multivitamins which are an alternative to taking multiple tablets cost a lot. Don’t believe us? Just try looking up the price list of Usana Philippines and other similar corporations.

So before you go buying bottles and bottles of vitamins, know first which of them are really essential to your body. These essential vitamins are listed below and discussed in detail so keep on reading!

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an essential ingredient to our health that is hard to find in the food we eat daily. Its role is to help our body absorb calcium. This, in turn, helps keep our bones strong and healthy.

Aside from getting it from supplements, you can also get it from sunlight.

However, we all know how dangerous the sun’s light can be and it is also difficult to get enough of it during the monsoon season.

Vitamin B

You will find 8 different kinds of B vitamins but the two that have most to do with health maintenance are B-12 and B-9.

B-9, also known as folate, is particularly important to pregnant women. Folate helps prevent birth defects that put both the mother and child in danger. It can be found in dark leafy greens, certain vegetables like broccoli and asparagus, citrus fruits and more.

B-12, on the other hand, is naturally present in poultry, fish, red meat, and dairy products. It maintains proper blood cell production and keeps the nervous system functioning well.


It has been found that Zinc does a better job of shortening and preventing colds than Vitamin C. Zinc hinders the replication of rhinoviruses which are the cause of common colds.

There have been a few studies that have proved the effectiveness of this vitamin, so you should consider including a small dose in your daily supplement intake.


Magnesium isn’t hard to come by; you can find it in magnesium-rich foods like bananas, yogurt, dark chocolate, almonds, spinach, and more.

However, even though magnesium-rich foods are abundant, people still fail to meet the required daily dose. For adults, the daily dose is between 300mg – 400mg and that varies with age.

To put things into perspective, a cup of cooked spinach has 157mg of magnesium, meaning you will need almost 3 cups of it to meet the daily requirement. That’s already a lot and you have other vitamins to consume.

Key Takeaway

It is not necessary for you or anyone else to consume every single supplement you can get your hands on. In fact, it may even cause harm to your body if you take too much of them.

The only ones you really have to take to properly maintain your health are the four listed above. You can easily find them available over the counter or on the internet.

You can even purchase multivitamins that have everything you need in a single tablet. Just make sure to check the price list of Usana Philippines or whatever similar business you are buying it from to ensure you’re getting the right ones.

Supplements may be essential to your health, but remember that they are not the be-all end-all! If you can find a way to naturally consume these vitamins, then that would be the way to go.

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Top Essential Vitamins You Should Be Taking


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