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7 Reforming Techniques to Make Your Towels Entirely Looking New

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The Towel is the most important thing that you often use all of the days. Due an excessive usage the towels normally become rough and filthy. It is much required to clean all that sort of stiffness and dirt from your towel as the towel might act as germs carrier. People often face hurdles to get back their towels back to original condition. Some people often complain that it’s too hard to alter the towel back to its original condition. So, here we are going to discuss 10 simple tricks to make your towel feel new again.

Reform You Washing Technique

Always try to use less detergent. Excess of detergent while washing may also result in harden the Fabric of towel. Moreover, the excess of detergent also cause your towel to absorb more chemical stuff and the fabric will also unable to resin it. So it is ideal reduce the amount of detergent you are using while washing your towel.

Provide Room to Towel While Washing

You have to provide some width to the towel in bucket or washing machine. If you want to make your towel fluffier then you have to ensure that towel must be washed in plenty of space. For this purpose you should avoid to combine the towel with other clothes while washing. It might also be possible that other clothes may consume the fabric of your towel.

Use Hot Water

It’s a good practice to use hot water while washing the towel. Hot water have the ability to loosen the fabric of towel hand hence it’s become easier to remove dirt. It is recommended that after washing the towel with hot water, you should resin it with cold water. As the hot water tend the towel to loosen up, cold water will tend it to reshape in its original form.

Avoid To Use Fabric Softener

Generally, it is precept that fabric softeners have nothing to deal with damage. But in fact fabric softener usually causes the towel’s surface to become harder. Exceeding the amount of fabric softener will enable the amount of unwanted chemical to stay on the surface of towel. Fabric Softener may also faint the color of your towel.

Use Vinegar

Using the vinegar while washing will also aid you to make your towel to feel like new. Vinegar has the ability to reduce the effects of hard water from fabric and will aid your detergent to wash the towel more specifically.

Use the Baking Soda

It is highly recommended that use the baking soda along with vinegar together. These both of the chemical aid each other to wash the wash out the existing dirt from your towel and give it brighter look. Especially, if you are using the commercial grade towels like hotel towels then this technique will surely work for you.

Squeeze Water from Towel Physically

You should try to squeeze water from towel as much as you can. By doing this you need to lessen the mechanical drying. Drying a towel more than enough in a dryer may also cause the fabric of towel to be harder.  So, squeezing the water physically before drying it is a good practice.

Additionally, it is also recommended that you should replace the towel after two years. Always be remember, nothing is important than your hygiene. Fabric stuff like towel cannot stay safe for your health for longer time. So, it is essential to replace it to avoid any kind of skin problems.

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7 Reforming Techniques to Make Your Towels Entirely Looking New


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