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Start Your 2018 Right With These Fitness Tips

Three words that are always included in people’s New Year’s resolution list are “TO. BE. FIT.” This is especially true in today’s society, where being fit and healthy has always been the standard.

Admittedly, most individuals are unable to complete this goal after the year ends. But don’t worry, we can surely help you with maintaining your goal all throughout the year. Here are some helpful tips to aid you achieve your goal as you bust it out at the hottest gyms in Manila:

Fuel Up

Just because you are eating healthy doesn’t mean that you won’t eat at all. Remember the body will need energy too, especially if you’re planning on working out. This is why it’s essential to have your pre-Workout snack 2-3 hours before you start your Routine.

It’s a common belief that carbs are not ideal when losing weight. But that is not always the case, carbs are essential during physical activities. During muscle contraction, glycogen is converted into glucose. Acquired carbs during the pre-workout snack is then used to replenish the lost glycogen.

Ample amount of protein must also be included in the recipe of your snack. Protein can help muscle build up by increasing the Amino acids in the blood. These Amino acids are responsible for promoting muscle growth.

Form is key

Like most things, quality tops over quantity—this  same rule applies when working out. No matter how many crunches you’ve done, your efforts are useless if your form is wrong. This tip is very important to those who weight lifts.

But the main reason for practicing proper form when exercising is to prevent any strain or tear in the muscle, ligaments, and joints. Since heavy equipment is involved, proper form also ensures proper alignment of the spine.

The correct muscle will also be targeted by the specific workout, ensuring a visibly well-toned result.

Spice Up Your Routine Every 2 Weeks

Another concern with following a workout routine is finding the initiative to regularly do it. Sometimes not only is the routine forgotten, but the entire plan to workout altogether. This is why workout routines must be spiced up every 2 weeks, to provide variety which makes it exciting and enjoyable to follow.

Slow but Steady

As the saying goes “good things take time,” and so does the waistline too. Instant results are not always achievable.  Instead of constantly looking at the mirror, set a monthly goal to achieve. This will provide enough time to accomplish the task and serve as a motivator.

Friends Who Exercise Together, Stays Together

If boredom hits before a scheduled workout session, then bring a friend. Not only will a friend make working-out a fun experience, they also provide the greatest motivation. Having small competitions can also push both parties to do more sets of activities. For sure, exercising in gyms in Manila will be worthwhile with a friend, resulting in more calories burned.

Have a Sweet Ending

Congratulations to you and your body! After working out, the body just converted numerous glycogen into glucose. It is deserving of a bountiful feast! Well a small treat is more appropriate, especially within 20 minutes after the workout. Due to the high level of carbs and protein used-up, it is essential to refuel with ample amount of foods rich in carbs and protein. Also make sure to rehydrate with water, to prevent dehydration caused by excessive sweating during the routine.

Key Takeaway

“Fit” is not just a size, but a lifestyle. It’s a lifestyle that will not just require physical strength, but also mental determination. For those planning on adopting this healthy lifestyle, remember that it’s not enough to sweat off the Noche Buena meal at the gyms in Manila. The appropriate pre-workout snack must be consumed to prepare the body for the activity to follow.

Proper form must be observed to prevent injuries and target the right muscle area. Change the routine every 2 weeks for variety. Remember, the results won’t be visible in an instant, it’s a slow and steady process; and constant exercise will surely yield results!

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Start Your 2018 Right With These Fitness Tips


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