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Clever Ways of Getting Rid of Mice

Have you ever watched The Rescuers? or what about Stuart Little?

Don’t you just wish that real-life Mice are as concerned, loving, and helpful as the mice in cartoons? Sadly, the rodents found in our homes are the complete opposite!

They feed on the supplies in the pantry, leaving those provisions inedible—even household items and furniture’s are not safe.

But, before you pick up the phone to call your local pest control provider, you may want to try these creative ways to get rid of those pesky mice first.

Close Possible Entrance

Remember, if a pencil can fit in a crack, then mice can too. A house can have multiple cracks for piping and ventilation, and these openings can act as entrances for rodents.

Covering small openings with materials made of plastic, rubber, and wood is futile due to their ability to gnaw into the material.

For an effective barrier against these destructive creatures, use a steel wool or caulking.

Small cracks under your doors or windows can be effectively blocked by applying weather stripping.

Lay Out Multiple Mouse Traps

Multiple mousetraps in hidden nooks (or even just behind pieces of furniture) can help catch these sneaky creatures.

If you are aware of their hideout, place the traps near it. They are more likely to tinker with foreign equipment if it is within an area they are comfortable in. Changing up the location of traps can also increase the chances of catching a mouse, because some mouse may be used to dealing with certain traps.

Make sure to check up on your traps twice a day. This is to ensure that captured mice are immediately removed and disposed of. The decomposing body of the captured rodent is sure to generate and spread bacteria.

Serve Them Their Favorite Bait

Are you fond of chocolates, peanut butter, oatmeal, and bacon? Well, so are mice! Serving them their favorite treats will have them rushing towards your trap.

Have you experienced a trap that was set off, but with no bait? Securing your bait with hot glue will certainly have your prey hanging around the food, long enough for them to be captured.

Use Nesting Materials

In case treats do not work, nesting materials are an unusual yet effective bait. Lay out a generous number of Cotton Balls or feathers in a cage; and wait for those rodents to be drawn into the very inviting trap.

Let Your Pet Hunt

Did you grow up watching Tom and Jerry? Well if you have a mice infestation problem, it’s handy to have a cat around to hunt down those rodents, even farmers keep cats on their farm to minimize the number of mice.

Not a cat person? No problem! Terriers are excellent at hunting down rats.

It’s like having your own pest control service at home.

Key Takeaway

There are multiple ways to manage a mice infestation, but prevention is still better than cure. That’s why before these mice penetrate into your fortress, block them off with steel wool or caulking.

If they managed to intrude into your home, set up traps near their “nesting area.” To draw them into your trap, layout baits that will surely entice these critters. Another option to use as baits are fluffy cotton balls and feathers. Give your pet their own chore and have them hunt down these kitchen invaders.

Now, all you have to do is choose which method you would want to try. If you want, you can even try all of these techniques.

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Clever Ways of Getting Rid of Mice


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