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General Awareness Quiz for SSC CGL TIER 1

1.Who discovered Hydrogen?
1) Henry Cavendish
2) Antoine Lavoisier
3) Robert Boyle
4) Joseph Priestley

2.When water is lost in the form of liquid from the plants it is called?
1) Evaporation
2) Transpiration
3) Guttation
4) Bleeding

3. A swimming pool has 3 drain pipes A, B and C. The pipes A and B, working simultaneously,
can empty the pool in half the time taken by pipe C. Pipe A, working alone, takes half the time taken by pipe B. All together they take 6 hour 40 minutes to empty the pool. Time taken by pipe A to empty the pool is
A) 15 hours 
B) 10 hours
C) 30 hours 
D) 7 hours

4. A person wanted to buy some chairs whose cost was Rs.200 each. Seller offer him a discount such that after buying 12 chairs the person have to pay the cost of 10 chairs and rest 2 chairs at Rs.80 each. What is the discount percentage?
A) 6% 
B) 9% 
C) 12% 
D) 10%

5. Ram Mohan Roy was given the title of Raja by ..........
A) Lord William Bentinck 
B) Akbar -II
C) Disciples of the Brahmo Samaj
D) The intellectuals who oppose sati pratha

6. The percentage of water in an adult human body ........
A) 10% 
B) 30% 
C) 65% 
D) 75%

7. The authority to specify as to which castes shall be deemed to be Scheduled Castes rests with the following ............
A) Commission for Scheduled Castes and Tribes
B) Prime Minister
C) Governor of the State 
D) President

8. Who has written the Book 'The Rediscovery of India'?
A) Ram Chandra Guha 
B) Meghnad Desai
C) Arun Shourie 
D) Mohan Bhagwat

9. Which of the following can be used for checking inflation temporarily?
A) Increase in wage
B) Decrease in money supply
C) Decrease in taxes 
D) None of these

10. Acommercial bank law creates credit only if it has ...........
A) Cash in the vault 
B) Excess reserves
C) Permission of Reserve Bank of India
D) Cooperation of other Banks

11. Who has been crowned as the FBB Femina Miss India World 2016?
A) Namrata Sharma
B) Priyadarshini Chatterjee
C) Pankhuri Gidwani 
D) Sushruthi Krishna

12. A person sells his T.V. at 25% profit of the cost price. If he sells his T.V. at 25% of the
selling price then his profit is increased by (5% of C.P. + Rs.80) find the cost price of T.V.
A) Rs.6,400 
B) Rs.8,000
C) Rs.6,320 
D) Rs.7,500

13 .Brihadratha was the last ruler of which of the following dynasties?
1) Sunga
2) Shaka
3) Maurya
4) Chera

14. Pirotan Island is located in which of the following States?
1) Gujarat
2) Odisha
3) Goa
4) West Bengal

15. Two cm of rain has fallen on a square km of land. Assuming that 50% of the rain drops could have been collected and contained in a pool having a 100 m × 10 m base, by what level would the water level in the pool have increase .......
A) 10 m 
B) 12 m 
C) 7 m 
D) 20 m

16.Who among the followingIndians won the Ramon Magsaysay Award for the year 2016?
1) Neelima Mishra
2) Kulandei Francis
3) T.M. Krishna
4) Harish Hande

17. Anosmia is called ..........
A) loss of the sense of taste.
B) loss of the sense of smell.
C) loss of the sense of touch.
D) loss of the sense of heat.

18. "Curie" is unit of ...........
A) Radioactivity 
B) Temperature
C) Heat 
D) Energy

19. A number 476*** D Which is divisible by both  3 and 11. The digit in the hundred and tenth
place respectively are (if digits are non-zero) 
A) 7, 4 
B) 7, 5 
C) 8, 5 
D) None

20. A team of 20 men is supposed to do work in 30 days. After 12 day's 5 more men were employed and the work finished 2 days earlier. In how many days would it have been finished if 5 more men were not employed?
A) 30 days 
B) 28 days
C) 32 days 
D) None of these

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General Awareness Quiz for SSC CGL TIER 1


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