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General Awareness Quiz for Competitive Exams

1. Chandragupta Maurya spent his last days in?
1) Pataliputra
2) Bodh Gaya
3) Ujjain
4) Shravanabelgola 

2. Araneology is the branch of Zoology that deals with?
1) Spiders 
2) Mites
3) Aphids
4) Bees

3. Which is the first Indian talkie film released in 1931?
1) Shree Pundalik
2) Raja Harishchandra
3) Kalidas
4) Alam Ara 

4. What is the lowermost layer in the atmosphere?
1) Stratosphere
2) Troposphere 
3) Ionosphere
4) Exosphere

5. Which of the following Articles says that State shall not deny to any person equality before the law or the equal protection of the laws within the territory of India?
1) Article 17
2) Article 18
3) Article 14 
4) Article 16

6. Who gave the slogan 'Do or Die' during the Quit India movement?
1) Subhash Chandra Bose
2) Jawaharlal Nehru
3) Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
4) Mahatma Gandhi 

7. When was the reservation of 27% government jobs for other backward classes declared for the first time in Independent India?
A) In the year 1990 
B) In the year 1988
C) In the year 1985
D) In the year 1982

8. Napoleon Bonaparte was defeated in the Battle of Waterloo fought in?
1) 1812
2) 1813
3) 1814
4) 1815 

9. Crimea is now a part of which of the following countries?
1) Ukraine
2) Russia 
3) Poland
4) Latvia

10. Who among the following was awarded the Bharat Ratna in 1954?
1) Rajendra Prasad
2) Jawaharlal Nehru
3) C. Rajagopalachari 

4) B.C. Roy

11. The Russian Revolution took place in which of the following years?
1) 1905
2) 1911
3) 1917 
4) 1920

12. Who among the following is the present Prime Minister of Turkey?
1) Recep Tayyip Erdogan
2) Binali Yildirim 
3) Ahmet Davutoglu
4) Bashar al Assad

13. Which was the first non Test playing country to beat India in an international match?
A) Canada
B) Sri Lanka
C) Zimbabwe
D) East Africa

14. Who became the first woman President of the Indian National Congress in 1917?
1) Sarojini Naidu
2) Annie Besant 
3) Nellie Sengupta
4) Sucheta Kripalani

15. The adoption of High Yielding Variety Programme in Indian Agriculture started in......
A) 1968
B) 1967
C) 1966 
D) 1965

16. Planets are kept in orbit by the .....
A) attraction among the planets.
B) attraction among the planets and the Sun.
C) radiations from the Sun.
D) gravitational pull of the Sun.

17. The term "Goods are scarce" means?
A) There is no supply of goods
B) There is no demand of goods
C) Goods are limited relative to desires
D) Goods are expensive because of shortage

18. Satavahanas minted their coins predominantly in ........
A) Lead 
B) Silver
C) Gold

D) Copper

19. The highest multipurpose dam built on the River Ravi is .........
A) Bhakra Nangal
B) Kahalgaon
C) Ranjit Sagar dam 
D) Rihand dam

20. Which of the following banks changed its name to Axis Bank?
1) Times Bank
2) Centurion Bank
3) UTI Bank 
4) Global Trust Bank

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General Awareness Quiz for Competitive Exams


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