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Pregnancy Stages Week by Week in Telugu

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Week 3:
Wait for it or not, the moment has arrived: you've conceived. Although you may not know it. The Miracle of life has begun. And we say miracle because the transformation from a cell until a Baby is really a miracle of nature, very studied but I still can't reproduce. It's really complex and fantastic at the same time. This week the fertilized egg (called a zygote) shall be divided into a number of occasions to become embryo. When it starts to divide will be called blastocyst (don't worry about the names since we will refer from now on to him or her as your baby). And the time she starts to divide descends from the trunk of the uterus, fallopia where adheres to his wall and it will be a season of more or less than nine months.

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Week 4:
This week the baby is the size of a poppy seed. The Ball of cells that is developing (embryo) has finished his trip from the fallopian tube and has stayed in the womb. Once comfortable installed in his hotel room, the cells of the baby will be subject to a large number of continuing divisions. But eye, only half of the cells will develop forming the baby; the other half will be the placenta.

Week 5:
Baby.- this week your baby looks more like a little tadpole with her little tail that a human. Is about the size of a seed of orange. Circulatory Systems, and the heart are beginning to form. Is it possible that if they make you an ultrasound during these days we can actually see a heartbeat primitive.

And what is very important and has begun to unfold: the neural tube. The Neural tube is gonna end up turning into the brain and spinal cord. And it's very important the intake of folic acid during this phase to avoid problems such as the back bifida. Mom.- you already have all the symptoms of pregnancy. You don't come the period, nauseous, your boobs are swollen and sensitive and have a lot of fatigue. You want the ultimate test? You can make you the proof of pregnancy. And when you confirm that you're pregnant... Congratulations! You will invade a swarm of emotions that go through happiness, fear, joy, fear, terror... all this is normal, and will not abandon you for a while. And even if it is the first pregnancy. When you tell the rest of the world that you're pregnant? So basically when you and your partner decide. No matter what anyone tells you: say it you. Many couples prefer to wait a while to say it just in case the pregnancy goes wrong, but many say it right away. You can also communicate only to your closest family environment, although it's more than possible that future grandparents " talk more about the account " and don't know how to save this " little " Secret (we would say that it is impossible for a grandfather or grandmother to maintain this kind of Secrets, although we haven't found any study on this).

Week 6:
This week there are a lot of good news. The jaw of your baby, cheeks, chin, eyes, ears and nose are already starting to form what will be the face of our precious baby. On the other hand, kidneys, liver and lungs have already begun has developed, and his heart beats over 80 beats per minute. Right now the size of the baby is not bigger than a small screw.

Week 7:
 This week the baby is about the size of a blueberry, I mean, it's about ten thousand times bigger than the moment of conception. Most of the development takes place in the head during this week, with a neural growth exceeding the 100 neurons per minute. The Baby's mouth and his tongue are already taking place, as well as the small outbreaks of arms and legs. The kidneys are preparing for normal activity.

Week 8:

This week the baby is developing at a pace that is truly amazing. It grows on the order of a millimeter a day. In fact, this week is already the size of a raspberry big. Every day seems less like a reptile (and that still has the fingers of the hands and feet together as frogs and that still has not gone away at all the tail). Now it's developing the lips, nose, eyelids, the leg and back. Your heart is beating at a very fast pace (140 to 150 beats per minute), at a rate that is approximately twice that of a normal adult. And already does some spontaneous movements, although small, with its trunk and small sketches of arms and legs. Yes, you still can't feel it

Week 9:

This week your baby is the size of an olive. 4 cm and his little muscles start to form. I'm sure you still don't feel anything, it's impossible, so don't despair. It's more than possible that on your next review can see and hear the heartbeat of his little heart ultrasound dlopper effect (completely harmless for the baby)

Week 10:

This week the baby is now weighing about 2 grams and measures about 4 CM, or whatever it is the same thing, it's like a prune. You have turned a few small gaps in the legs, which in a few weeks will be on your knees and ankles. Can you fold your arms at the elbow. On the inside of the mouth is are beginning to develop milk teeth under the gum line. His stomach and kidneys are developing and starting to work. Already produce digestive juices and urine, and in the case of children, their testicles already produce testosterone.

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Week 11:

This week your baby will weigh about 4 Ounces and measured around 6,5 cm. And He's been pretty busy this week, because of the hair follicles have grown pretty and they have started to develop nails and ovaries (this last only in the event that your baby is a beautiful girl). It's starting to get a few human characteristics, such as the hands and feet in front of the body, ears displaced to the side about to reach its final position, open the nasal passages in his tiny nose, tongue and palate has in his mouth, A couple of tiny nips... and above all, and quite remarkable, as individual has toes on the feet and hands. No longer looks like a frog!

Week 12:

This week your baby the size of a plum big: weighs around 7 grams and measures about 6,5 cm. Most of the internal systems are already in place, despite the fact that they are still emerging and should grow up a lot. The Baby's digestive system is starting to practice movements of contraction that will be required to be able to eat and the bone marrow is already starting to produce white blood cells (Lymphocytes, neutrophils, etc. ) in the blood. The Pituitary Gland (inner part of the brain) is starting to produce sex hormones which will let you in the future to have their own children (maybe in a couple of decades or before you become a grandmother).

Week 13:

What's going on in there? Develops something? Yes, and also enough speed. This week we are starting to form small bones in my arms and legs, the intestines are starting to move, the vocal cords are starting to develop... And as you can move a little, albeit very awkwardly and shortness of form, the arms and legs, he is able to get a thumb in his mouth. Awesome.
If you go to a 4 D ultrasound and you get lucky and see him with his thumb in his mouth I'm sure you'll spend days thinking about him or her

Week 14:

This week your baby is the size of your fist. Another novelty is the formation of your palate as well as the start of his intestinal activity: is already producing the meconium. The meconium is the waste that will be his first bowel movement after birth. Actually expel him soon after childbirth or in the delivery itself. Also is forming the lanugo (body hair) that keeps him warm and happy. Don't worry about giving birth to a monkey, because in the next few weeks a layer of fat under the skin will assume this role and some will disappear. And if so, when is he's a bit of one nor worry: will fall bit by bit.

Week 15:

One way of dealing with the devastation that we produce the hormones of pregnancy is focusing on everything that's going on with the baby with its constant and surprising development. This week the baby will reach a weight of 45 grams, a size of 12,5 cm, a BPD (Diameter of the head) of 29 mm and a length of 18 mm femur. During this week your ears have shifted towards the side of the head and his eyes have been moved to the front. She looks more human. Plus you can move the fingers of the hands and feet and make certain moves lung as preparation for life outside the womb -

Week 16:

This week of pregnancy your baby weighs a whopping 70 Ounces, 12,5 inches long, has a diameter of BPD (head) of 33 mm and a femur length 21 mm. They have begun to develop the ear bones, possibly indicates that in a very short time you will be able to hear your voice and get used to it. While it is customary to your voice, the muscles of your body, especially those in the back, they're winning volume and strength, for what it is becoming increasingly straightened out. Thanks to this incredible muscle development, which also develops the facial muscles, your baby can frown and look sideways expressively, even as soon as this week. And my eyes are starting to carry out their work, making small moves from side to side and already receive the light (although the eyelids closed).

Week 17:

What amazing speed the baby grows! This week the baby is the size of the palm, more or less: weighs about 100 grams, 16 cm, has a BPD (Diameter of the head) of 36 mm and a length of the femur 24 MM. Is already developing a little body fat-and see that the word "little" we have put it in bold to highlight it, not like others that we know that they break the kg recommended for fattening. His heart is already covered by the brain (not beats at random) and reaches between 140 and 150 beats per minute (twice as much as a normal adult). The baby is learning two very important activities at the moment: suck and swallow (amniotic fluid, not food)

Week 18:

This week the baby should weigh approximately 140 grams, measuring approximately 16 cm, having a BPD (Diameter of head) of plus or minus 40 mm and a length of the femur of approximately 27 mm. Now you can be as big as succinctly to sit perfectly his incredible movements: Tour, twists, kicks and hits all the belly from the inside. On the other hand is learning how to yawn and an incredible ability: the hiccups. Finally it is worth mentioning that more or less during this week will develop its unique set of fingerprints.

Week 19:

Have you tried or ever seen a mango dipped in cheese? Well, that's what it looks like your baby this week thanks to a big uptick in their development and growth: already weighs about 190 grams, 20,5 cm, HIS BPD (Diameter of head) is approximately 43 Mm and his femur length is 31 mm. And the cheese? We have spoken of the mango (your baby) but we're missing "the cheese"... the cheese is the substance called vernix caseous lymphadenitis, which is a white fat that covers the skin of your baby. The function of this layer of fat is to protect the baby from the amniotic fluid (without her his skin is wrinkled like ours when we put her a good time in the water... and he thinks it'S 9 months)

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Week 20:

Your curiosity kills you? You need to know if your belly size malón contains a boy or a girl? Now the time has come. Now you can find out if it's going to be a boy or a girl! If the baby is a girl, her uterus is completely developed and their small ovaries already contain approximately seven million eggs primitive. If the baby is a boy, his testicles will have begun to descend from the abdomen is scrotum.
And don't hesitate, your baby is becoming bigger. Now weighed around 240 grams, measured about 20,5 cm, will have a diameter of BPD (head) of about 46 mm and a length of the femur of approximately 34 mm. He still has a lot of free space on your belly to keep growing and at the moment, with all that free space, you can turn without stopping (and you notice the little tickle that produce their constant twists).

Week 21:

What size is your baby this week? Well, it has a size more or less it's like a big banana or banana. And speaking of bananas, you should eat bananas this week... it's very possible that your baby can savor its flavor! This is due to the fact that it's starting to swallow a little bit of amniotic fluid daily, because you can taste everything you eat and drink you. Passing trains the taste buds and practice all the necessary synchronization for in a future eat outside the womb. By the way, some studies suggest that the baby can develop the sense of taste depending on what you eat during pregnancy. Maybe you could save any future tantrum with starting to acclimate to a big healthy and balanced diet with vegetables, fish, vegetables, etc... plus you'll be good for you too. So you know: less doughnuts and more fish. The weight of the baby this week will be approximately 300 grams, will have a diameter of BPD (head) of about 50 mm, a femur length of 36 mm and a height of 25 cm.

Week 22:

This week your baby weighs about 360 grams, 25 cm, HIS BPD (head) Diameter is 53 mm and the length of your femur is 40 mm. Your little baby doll has already developed the eyebrows, eyelashes and even a little bit of hair on your head. Already can see the light and the dark, hearing your voice, the beating of your heart, and the flowing of your stomach, the whistles and the hum of the blood that flows through your body. And as his brain and nerve endings, continue to be developed, will soon experience a new and amazing sense: touch

Week 23:

Weighing approximately 430 grams, a BPD (head) Diameter of 56 mm, a femur length of 42 mm and a height of 27,5 cm, our little baby is about to suffer some Small changes. This week baby's skin is starting to fit into his body. At the end of the month will weigh more or less double what he weighs now. At the moment the baby's organs and bones are visible through his thin and transparent skin, which has a reddish hue due to the fact that you can see the veins and arteries. As soon as the fat deposits under the skin are completed, the skin will cease to be transparent.

Week 24:

This week your baby is approximately 27,5 cm, weighs about 500 grams, it has a diameter of BPD (head) of about 59 mm and a length of the femur of plus or minus 45 mm. Much of the increase of weight comes from the accumulation of fat from the baby and growing organs, bones and muscles. The ears hear more clear every day. The baby is able to hear loud noises, from a barking dog up to a jackhammer. On the other hand already has almost completely developed the eyelashes, eyebrows and hair. And speaking of hair stress that still is white because it has not even pigmented. So even with cameras would you know if it's going to be blonde, black or red.

Week 25:

During this week your baby is to develop and grow to big steps, coming now to weigh about 600 grams, having a BPD (head) Diameter of 62 mm, a femur length of 47 mm and a size 30 cm
The capillaries are forming under your skin, filling with blood. About at the end of this week, the air bags (which are also full of capillaries) will be formed in his lungs, so his lungs can achieve their functionality of exchange of oxygen-carbon dioxide. Is yes, the lungs will not fully formed yet, but have already begun to develop the surfactant, which is the substance that prevents they stick the sacks of air and allow them to the lungs to function normally. And speaking of breathing, the baby's little nose has been plugged in, it's starting to open and his vocal cords are preparing to yell more than I want in a few weeks.

Week 26:

How's our little baby this week? Growing up is the answer. Now he has a weight of 700 grams, a BPD (Diameter of the head) of 65 mm, a length of the femur of a 50 mm and a height of approximately 30 cm. This week my eyes begin to open. So far the eyelids were merged, but now the time has come for them to open up. There's not much to see on the inside of the womb, except for one thing I will call you quite the attention: you can see the light through your belly. Between that he can now see light and is also capable of listening to loud noises, it is likely that you start to notice a large increase in fetal activity. All this are added that his brain is increasingly developed and allows you to generate more answers.

Week 27:

What are the statistics of your baby this week? The baby has 800 grams of weight, BPD (Diameter of head) 67 mm, length of the femur about 52 mm and a height of 32,5 cm. As you can see, it's almost triple or quadruple of what was in the twelve weeks. And this week gets one of the most important news: your baby is able to recognize your voice! Feel free to sing and talk to your belly. Many studies indicate that the voice of the mother is "Impregnated" in the baby inside the womb. Talk to him and love him

Week 28:

This week the baby is starting to settle in head down, in the right position for delivery. His weight now is approximately 900 grams, her bpd (Diameter of head) is about 70 mm, the length of your femur is approximately 54 mm and his size is 32,5 cm. The baby she spends all day learning and developing new skills such as the blink, cough, hiccup, the suction... and already start practicing breathing! The dream of the baby also has been developed to the couple that his brain, and it includes the rem sleep (phase with rapid eye movement). And the one who has this stage at this moment shows us one thing: She's dreaming. What could I be dreaming?

Week 29:

How is your dear baby grown this week? This week the baby weighs almost 1 KG, is a size of about 35 cm, ITS BPD (Diameter of the head) is 72 mm and his femur length reaches 56 mm. Despite the fact that proportionally has grown so much, he's still got to grow up a little. For the next eleven weeks will grow to double or triple your current weight. And as it grows and space in your womb is increasingly small (relatively) you will begin to notice less kicks and elbows. Even though what you'll notice they will then elbows, knees and ass.

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Week 30:

This week the increase in the volume of your womb is an effective evidence that your baby is growing daily. Now has a weight of 1,175 kg, a BPD (Diameter of the head) of 58 mm, a femur length of 58 mm and a height of about 35 cm. What grows daily is all over his brain, which is starting to look like an adult brain, with the grooves and wrinkles characteristics. And now that our little intellectual has learned to regulate their own body temperature and to increase the temperature, it will start to get rid of the llaguno. The one you'll remember is the body hair white and thin that has had so far to keep warm. -

Week 31:

With a weight of 1,350 kg, a BDP (head) Diameter of 77 mm, a femur length of 60 mm and a height of 37,5 cm your baby is fast approaching the final size which will be At the moment of birth.
Is also developing at a rate too high: the neural connections in the brain are rising fast (to the tune of millions of connections). In the brain are developing functional parties responsible for processing the information, the follow-up to the light and the signs of the perception with the five senses.
With regard to other aspects that is now developing the baby we stress the one that's taking longer stretches of sleep, so you're probably starting to notes that your baby starts to patterns of vigil (and move) and sleeping patterns (in which Can barely move or bother you). The pity is that these patterns, and according to the opinion of many women, never coincide with yours

Week 32:

What's wrong with your baby? This week keeps getting ready for their big debut. Weighs about 1,5 pounds, her bpd (Diameter of the head) is about 80 mm, the length of your femur is approximately 62 mm and has a size of 37,5 cm. In these past few weeks, the baby is developing and especially practicing certain exercises and skills necessary for his life outside the womb-like swallowing and respiration -. by the way, your little baby has been able to suck his thumb for some time . Another very important point: every time he goes doing less transparent her skin thanks to that it's starting to accumulate fat beneath it

Week 33:

This week your baby continues gaining weight (about a pound a week) and can grow several inches size this week. The Approximate weight of your baby is 1,675 kg, ITS BPD (head diameter) is 82 mm, the length of your femur is 64 mm and its height is 40 cm. With the baby inside the womb of the level of amniotic fluid has reached its peak, which explains why some of their kicks and elbows the feel heavily these days (there's less fluid down the hit). Your antibodies are passing you to your baby while he continues to develop his own immune system, which will be essential once it's out of the w

Week 34:

This week your baby has several new developments. His weight is more or less 1,825 kg, ITS BPD (head) Diameter is 84 mm, the length of your femur is 66 mm and your size is approximately 40 cm.
The Vernix is increasingly thick (the white layer that protects the skin from the baby). In Children, the testicles are beginning to make its way below the abdomen until their final destination in the scrotum. Despite the fact that approximately between three and four percent of males are born with the testicles don't demoted, there's no need to worry. This is not a concern. On the other hand the united nations from the hands and feet have already reached the tips of the fingers and are preparing for a future manicure after childbirth.

Week 35:

During these days your baby continues to grow. And a lot of speed. This week will weigh around 2,1 kg, measured about 42,5 cm, ITS BPD (Diameter of the head) is approximately 86 mm and the length of your femur is 67 mm. One of those bodies that are suffering more than a genuine revolution in terms of growth is the brain. The outer part of the head remains soft to allow for an easier way out through the birth canal

Week 36:

Have you already forgotten the pain of my back? A trick: trying to focus on your little baby, who now weighs about 2,1 kg, 42,5 cm, HIS BPD (Diameter of the head) is approximately 86 mm and the length of your femur It's more or less 67 mm. Not fused bones and cartilage soft allow you one more trip, safe and comfortable through "the exit door". most of their systems (movement, muscle-Esquetélico, nervous...) are ready for delivery , even though their digestive system will begin for the first time when mame for the first time the breast or the bottle.

Week 37:

Congratulations! During this week what is officially considered a baby to term, even though you are more or less three weeks for delivery. This does not mean that the baby has stopped growing (in fact will continue to grow). Half the baby weighed right now approximately 2,35 kg, will have a BPD (Diameter of the head) of about 90 mm, a femur length of approximately 70 mm and measured a size of about 45 cm. All this makes the baby starts to be a little tight in the womb (or very tight), so that possibly you'll notice that I no longer kick so much. Probably notes that they are trying to stretch, roll and move around a lot. You'll notice packages (his ass, his legs...). At the moment your baby is rehearsing for their big debut, inhaling and exhaling the amniotic fluid to get close to her lungs. It's a very important exercise to train his lungs. It should also be sucking her finger, blinking and especially moving from side to side.

Week 38:

This week your little boy is no longer so little. Has a weight of approximately 2,5 kg, BPD (head diameter) 92 mm, length of the femur of 71 mm and a height of 45 cm. Foetal development is almost completed but the baby has to perform certain tasks by the end as the shedding of the vernix. Is also producing more surfactant, a substance whose function is to prevent the soca of air in his lungs they stick to each other once it begins to breathe. The majority of the changes this week are small details that have actually of great importance.

Week 39:

Your baby is ready to come into the world! Now go ahead and keep accumulating fat in order to stay warm at birth. It is very likely that weighs about 3.2 pounds (more than 7 LBS) and height is about 51 centimetres (20 inches), the equivalent of a small watermelon. Males tend to be a little more fatties that the females. Its organs are fully developed and, as has been increasing weight, all the little wrinkles and folds I had in the skin are vanishing. Despite the fact that he is already very tight in your womb, will remain active until the time of birth. If you notice that diminishes their activity, call your doctor because this could indicate that there is a problem.

Week 40:

Congratulations! At forty weeks pregnant you're in the last week of pregnancy. The baby probably weighs approximately 3 KG, ITS BPD (Diameter of the head) is 95 mm. Femur Length is 75 mm and has a size of 47,5 cm. The bones of the skull of the baby still don't have merged (to make it easier for them to pass through the birth canal). Now owns pretty fat under the skin, which would be able to maintain the body temperature on the outside of the matrix. The placenta continues to provide the baby antibodies, which are necessary to fight infections during the first six months of life. Also, if you think give breastfeeding through the milk you will pass your antibodies that will boost their young immune system

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Pregnancy Stages Week by Week in Telugu


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