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APPSC Panchayat Secretary Exam Special

1. Bannihal pass is located in
1. Pir Panjal Ranges
2. Karakoram Ranges
3. Zaskar Ranges
4. Dhauladhar Ranges

2. The IST is ahead of GMT by
1. 3.30 hours
2. 4.30 hours
3. 5.30 hours
4. 6 hours

3. Which of the fallowing is the main feature of Mediterranean Climate?
1. High Temperature throughout the year.
2. Rainfall throughout the year.
3. Rain in winter season
4. Conventional rain

4. Consider the fallowing layers of the atmosphere.
a. Troposphere
b. Stratosphere
c. Mesosphere
d. Thermosphere
Which one among the fallowing is the correct sequence of the layers with increasing altitude from the Earth' surface?
1. a,b,c,d
2. b,a,c,d
3. c,b,a,d
4. d,b,c,a

5. Esker is a geomorphic feature developed by
1. mechanical weathering
2. river action
3. glaciofluvial deposits
4. aeolian deposits.

6. Which one among the fallowing atmospheric gases, filters out most of the ultraviolet radiation of the Sun?
1. Oxygen
2. Nitrogen
3. Helium
4. Ozone

7. The grassland region of S.Africa is known as
1. Selvas
2. Downs
3. Veldt
4. Llanos

8. The equatorial rainforest is also known as
1. Savanna
2. Campos
3. Selvas
4. Lanose

9. The cyclonic storm occuring over the Carribean Sea is known as
1. Typhoons
2. Willy-Willy
3. Hurricane
4. Cyclone

10. The IST is based on
1. 90 degress East Meridian
2. 82 1/2 degress East Meridian
3. 75 degress East Meridian
4. 0 degress East Meridian

11. The Suez Canal, The strait of Hormuze, The strait of Zibralter are important because they
1. prevent attacks on bordering nations
2. prohibit the movement of ships carrying nuclear weapons.
3. control access in vital trade routes.
4. unite Russian access to warm water points.

12. The western coasts of India receive very high rainfall in summer mainly due to
1. tropical location
2. Nearness to Sea
3. Western Ghats
4. Himalayas.

13. The Gulf of Mannar is situated along the coast of
1. Tamil Nadu
2. Kerala
3. Gujarat
4. Andhra Pradesh

14. Which one of the fallowing is primary rock?
1. Sedimentary
2. Igneous
3. Metamorphic
4. None of above

15. Which of the fallowing are West-flowing rivers?
a. Krishna
b. Narmada
c. Mahanadi
d. Sabarmati
Select the correct answer using the codes given below?
1. b and d
2. a and c
3. a and d
4. a and b

16. Iron ore from Kudremukh is most likely to be exported through
1. Goa
2. Kochi
3. Mangalore
4. Ennore

17. Biodiversity is highest in
1. Tundra Zone
2. Downs Zone
3. Torrid Zone
4. Tropic Zone

18. Xerophites thrive in
1. hot and arid condition
2. cool and wet condition
3. hot and wet condition
4. cool and arid condition

19. Glaciated regions are associated with
1. V-shaped valley
2. U-shaped valley
3. sand dunes
4. stalactites

20. Doldrums are characterized by
1. uniform low pressure
2. uniform high pressure
3. high wind velocity
4. low humidity

21. As we proceed from equator to poles the daily range of temperature tends to
1. decrease
2. increase
3. be constant
4. fluctuate

22. The tropic of cancer does not pass through
1. Odisha
2. Tripura
3. Chhatisgarh
4. Rajasthan

23. Which of the fallowing African countries is not landlocked country?
1. S. Sudan
2. Egypt
3. Chad
4. Zambia

24. What is the reason for the major hot dese rts of the world lying in the western part of the tropical latitude?
1. They are influenced by trade winds
2. They lie in the rain-shadow area of the mountains.
3. They are influenced by monsoon winds.
4. They are influenced by dry winds.

25. Which of the fallowing separates North and South Islands of New Zealand?
1. Davis Strait
2. Bass Strait
3. Cook Strait
4. Torres Strait

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APPSC Panchayat Secretary Exam Special


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