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Biology Quiz for CTET / Junior Lecturers

1) Earthworm has no skeleton. During burrowing anterior end becomes turgid acts as hydraulic
skeleton. It is due to
a) Gut peristalsis
b) Setae
c) Coelomic fluid
d) Blood

2) Which one is correct
a) Rat – left kidney is slightly higher in position than the right one
b) Cockroach – 10 pairs of spiracles (2 pairs of thorax, 8 pairs of abdomen)
c) Earthworm – Alimentary canal has pharynx, oesophagus, stomach , gizzard and intestine
d) Frog – Body divisible into head, neck and trunk

3) In earthworm
a) Integumentary and pharyngealne phridia are exonephric
b) Pharyngeal and septal nephridia are exonephric
c) Integumentary and septal nephridia are enteronephric
d) Pharyngeal and septal nephridia are enteronephric

4) If a live Earthworm is pricked with needle on its outer surface without damaging its gut, the fluid that comes out is
a) Coelomic fluid
b) Excretory fluid
c) Slimy mucus
d) Haemolymph

5) A single layer of tall and slender cells found in the lining of human stomach which helps in secretion and absorption is comprised of
a) Columnar epithelium
b) Cuboidal epithelium
c) Squamous epithelium
d) Glandular cells

6) With reference to external features of Cockroach, which among the following statements is not correct ?
a) Body is covered by chitinous exoskeleton
b) Hind wings are protective and are not useful in flight
c) Fore wings are elytra
d) Gonapophyses help in copulation

7) Which is correct in common Cockroach?
a) Nitrogenous excretory products is urea
b) Food is grind by mandibles and gizzard
c) Malpighian tubules are excretory organs that project out from coelom
d) Oxygen is transported by haemoglobin in blood

8) Choose the correctly matched pair
a) Cartilage- Loose connective tissue
b) Tendon- Specialized connective tissue
c) Adipose tissue – Dense connective tissue
d) Areolar tissue – Loose connective tissue

9) Mushroom gland is a part of
a) Male reproductive system of Cockroach
b) Female reproductive system of Cockroach
c) Male reproductive system of Rabbit
d) Female reproductive system of Rabbit

10) The bodycells in cockroach dischar ge their nitrogenous waste in the haemolymph mainly in the form of
a) Potasium urate
b) Urea
c) Calcium carbonate
d) Ammonia

11) Which type of tissue correctly matc hes with its location?
a) Smooth muscle Wall of intestine
b) Areolar tissue Tendons
c) Transitional epithelium Tip of nose
d) Cuboidal epithelium Lining of stomach

12) All complex animals consist of only four basic types of tissues. These tissues are organized in specific proportion and pattern to form an
a) Organ like stomach, lung, heart and kidney
b) Organ system liked digestive system and respiratory system
c) Organ like digestive system and respiratory system
d) Organ system like stomach, lung , heart and kidney

13) Read the following statements and find out the incorrect statement
a) In uniclellular organism, all functions like digestion, respiration and reproduction are performed by a single cell
b) In the complex body of multicellular animals same basic functions are carried out by different groups of cells
c) The body of Hydra is made of different types of cells and the number of cells in each type can be in thousands
d) When two or more organs perform a common function by their physical and / or chemical interaction they together form an organism

14) Connective tissues are classified into
a) Three types, viz., loose connective tissue, dense regular and dense irregular tissues
b) Two types, viz., areolar tissue and adipose tissue
C) Three types, viz.,loose connective tissue, dense connective tissue and specialized connective tissue
d) Four types, viz., blood, bone , cartilage and adipose

15) Read the following statements and find out the correct statement
a) Ligaments, which attach skeletal muscles to bones and tendons which attach one bone to another are examples of dense regular connective tissue
b) blood, bones and cartilage are various types of specialized muscular tissues
c) Most of the bones in vertebrate embryos are replaced by cartilages in adults
d) None of the above

16) Which is correct about respiration in Earthworm?
a) O2 from atmosphere diffuses into blood and combines with haemoglobin of blood plasma
b) Blood does not have any important role in O2 transport
c) Respires anaerobically
d) O2 diffused from air combines with haemoglobin of RBCs

17) The differentiation of a frog from a toad is
a) Frog has no exoskeleton but toad has scales
b) Frog respires through lungs toad respires through skin
c) Frog has no parotid glands but toad has a pair of them
d) Frog has a tail but toad has no tail

18) Spermathecae of Earthworm take part in
a) Collection of sperms of other animal
b) Collection of sperms of the same animal
c) Sperm maturation
d) Fertilisation

19) Read the following statements and find out the incorrect statement about frog
a) The brain is devided into forebrain, mid-brain and hind – brain
b) fore-brain includes olfactory lobes, paired cerebral hemispheres and unpaired diencephalon
c) The mid-brain is characterized by a pair of opticlobes
d) Hind-brain consist of cerebellum, pons and medulla oblongata

20) Blood of pheretima is
a) Blue with haemocyanin in corpuscles
b) Blue with haemocyanin in plasma
c) Red with haemoglobin in corpuscles
d) red with haemoglobin in plasma

21) In frog , the medulla oblongata passes out through a foramen and continues into spinal cord. This
foramen is called
a) Foramen ovule
b) Foramen magnum
c) foramen megendie
d) Foramen luschka

22) Eyes in a frog are a pair of spherical structure situated in the
a) Cranium in skull
b) Sella tursica in skull
c) Orbit in skull
d) glenoid cavity in cranium

23) Read the following statements and find out the incorrect statement about frog
a) In frog, external ears are absent
b)Ear is an organ of hearing as well as balancing
c) in male testes are adhered to the upper part of kidneys by a double fold of peritoneum called mesothelium
d) Vasaefferentia are 10-12 in number that arise from testes

24) Read the following statements and find out the incorrect statement
a) In male frog, cloaca is used to pass faecal matter, urine and sperms to the exterior
b) There is no functional connection of ovaries and kidneys female frog
c) A mature female frog can lay 2500-3000 ova at a time
d) In frog , fertilization is external and development is direct through a larval stage called tadpole

25) What is the economic importance of frog?
a) They eat insect and protect the crop
b) frog maintain ecological balance as these serve as an important link of food chain and food web
c) In some countries the muscular legs of the frog are used as food by the man
d) All of the above

26) Select the correct statement about frog
a) Body is divisible into head and trunk only
b) Forelimbs ends in five digits and they are larger and muscular than hind limbs that ends in four digits
c) The forelimbs and hind limbs help in swimming walking, leaping and burrowing. Feet have webbed digits that help in swimming
d) The digestive system of frog consist of alimentary canal and digestive glands

27) Peripheral nervous system is divided in frog in
a) Brain and spinal
b) Crainal and spinal nerves
c) Sympathetic and parasympathetic
d) Forebrain, midbrain and hindbrain

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Biology Quiz for CTET / Junior Lecturers


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