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Group 1 Quiz for APPSC / TSPSC

1. Three states which had not acceeded by 15 August, 1947 were ruled by Princes, whose own religion was different from that of the majority of their subjects. Identify the odd one
1. Kashmir
2. Junagadh
3. Hyderabad
4. Bhopal

2. Who of the following was the last king of thevQutub Shahi dynasty of Golkonda?
1. Abdullah Qutub Shah
2. Ibrahim Qutub Shah
3. Abul Hasan Tanisha
4. Mohammad Quli Qutub Shah

3. Identify the odd one:
1. Sangama
2. Saluva
3. Vishnukundin
4. Tuluva

4. The founder of Indian National Congress was
1. Bal Gangadhar Tilak
2. A.O. Hume
3. Dadabhai Naoroji
4. Gopal Krishna Gokhale

5. Who was the author of Geeta Rahasyam?
1. Sarvepalli Radha Krishnan
2. Bal Gangadhar Tilak
3. Mahatma Gandhi
4. Madan Mohan Malviya

6. Lothal is associated with
1. Indus Valley civilization
2. Sumerian civilization
3. Babylonian civilization
4. Egyptian civilization

7. The sacred books of the Buddhists are
1. Vedas
2. Angas
3. Tripi takas
4. Aranyakas

8. Kharavela was responsible for the inscription?
1. Nasik cave inscription
2. Naneghat inscription
3. Hathigumpha cave inscription
4. Amaravathi inscription

9. Badami is famous for its
1. Rock-cut cave temples
2. Structural temples
3. Secular buildings
4. Paintings

10. The Satavahana king who defeated Nahapana was
1. Gautamiputra Satakarni
2. Pulumayi
3. Yajna Satakarni
4. Rudra Satakarni.

11. The leading astronomer of the Gupta period was
1. Susruta
2. Asvagosha.
3. Varahamihira
4. Bhasa

12. A renowned surgeon of ancient India was
1. Bhaskaracharya
2. Aryabhatta
3. Varahamihira
4. Susruthudu.

13. The magnificent temple of Kailasa was erected by
1. Govinda-II
2. Krishna-I
3. Dantidurgas
4. Krishna-II

14. The first poet to translate the Mahabharata into Telugu was
1. Nanne Choda
2. Tikkana.
3. Nannaya
4. Bhima Kavi

15. The most powerful Kakatiya ruler who expanded the empire upto Kanchi was
1. Beta-I
2. Prola-I
3. Prola-II
4. Ganapati

16. One of the purpose of INSAT 1D, the satelliteput up by Indian Scientist, is to link all parts of India by television. The height about the earth surface at which it is revolving is about
1. 10,000km
2. 200 km
3. 1,00,000 km
4. 36,000 km

17. Who served as the Home Minister in the Interim government headed by Jawaharlal Nehru in 1946?
1. Mohammad Ali Jinnah
2. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
3. Kamaraj Nadar
4. Liaqat Ali Khan

18. Under whose leadership were branches of the Home Rule Movement started in Andhra Pradesh?
1. Konda Venkatappaiah
2. Kompelle Krishna Rao
3. Kakani Venkataratnam
4. Gadicherla Harisarvotham Rao

19. In which of the following sessions of the Indian National Congress did a Telugu man, Anandacharlu, preside, in 1891?
1. Nagpur Session
2. Kakinada Session
3. Lucknow Session
4. Meerut Session

20. The first Nizam of Hyderabad, who accepted. Lord Wellesley's plan of Subsidiary Alliance in 1798, was
1. Nizam Ali Khan
2. Osman Ali Khan
3. Nizam-Ul-Mulk
4. Ibrahim Quali Qutub Shah

21. Which of the following seas is reported recently to be dying because of drying
1. Red Sea
2. Caspian Sea
3. South China Sea
4. Dead Sea

22. On the report of the UN Environment Programme, the Government of India has launched a study to determine the extent of responsibility of countries for the occurrence of the "Asian Brown Cloud-(ABC)". Where is the ABC formed?
1. Over South Asia.
2. Over South-East Asia
3. Over India's Southern peninsula
4. Over the Central Asian region

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Group 1 Quiz for APPSC / TSPSC


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