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General Knowledge Top 40 Questions for Competitive Exams

1. Which type of woods is specially used as railways sleepers?
Answer : Jarrah and barri

2. Which State sends the maximum number of members to the Rajya Sabha?
Answer : Uttar Pradesh 

3. Which explains that all the galaxies are receding from?
Answer : Red shift

4.  Which elements is most abundant in the earth’s crust?
Answer : Oxygen

5. The Gayatri Mantra contained in the Rigveda is dedicated to which deity?
Answer : Savitri

6. How many married couples have won the Nobel Prize?
Answer : 04

7.  The ‘Cannes Award’ is given for excellence in which field?
Answer : Films

8. Why does happen Short sightedness?
Answer : Due to elongation of eye balls

9. Why does the phenomenon of ‘trade winds’ takes place?
Answer : Due to convection of heat

10.  With which religion is Kalvalya associated?
Answer : Jainism

11.  Who was the first leader of the Opposition in the Rajya Sabha?
Answer : Kamlapati Tripathi

12. Which is an element which never exhibits positive oxidation state in any of its compounds?
Answer : Fluorine

13. Which is at the apex of Industrial Finance in India?
Answer : Industrial Development Bank of India

14. What is a Doldrums?
Answer : Tropical no-wind belt

15. Who was the greatest Buddhist commentator of the Buddhist canonical literature?
Answer : Ashvaqhosha

16. What is the name of winner of the Sanjay Chopra National Award for Bravery 2012?
Answer : Gajendra Ram

17. Which is adapted to grow in dry places?
Answer : Xerophytes

18.  With which the executive power relating to concurrent subjects remain?
Answer : The Center 

19. Which is a tropical monsoon crop?
Answer : Wheat 

20. During the Sangam Age which dynasty was not in power?
Answer : Pallavas

21. The quality of sound produced by an instrument depends on the which thing? 
Answer :  Number of overtones

22.  The term ‘Tee’ is connected with which game? 
Answer : Golf 

23. In India, the bank NABARD does not provide refinance to which bank? 
Answer : Export-Import Banks

24. What is the main activity of Eskimos during the short period of summer season ? 
Answer : Hunting 

25.  With which external trade of the Sangam were people carried on? 
Answer : Romans 

26. Which is a mixed fertiliser? 
Answer : NPK 

27. Howmany subjects are in the Union list? 
Answer : 97 Subjects

28. In which situation a chemical reaction does not? 
Answer : Common salt is exposed to air

29. Which geomorphic processes is associated with the work of glaciers?
Answer : Plucking 

30.  Who Chola king fought against the Shailendia king of Shri  Vijaya and defeated him ? 
Answer :  Rajendra Chola I

31. ‘Gambit’ is the term associated with which game? 
Answer : Chess 

32. Who was the first ‘Indian to swim across English Channel? 
Answer : Mihir Sen 

33. Which one of symbiotic algae is found in secretory cell of hydra? 
Answer : Euchlorella 

34. From which rocks is the soil material mainly derived? 
Answer : Sedimentary rocks 

35.  The -titles of 'Mummadi Chola', 'Cholamartanda' and 'Raja Kesari Aromoli' were assumed by which Chola ruler? 
Answer : Rajaraja 

36. In which schedule is the list of items which may be entrusted to the Panchayats given? 
Answer :  Eleventh Schedule 

37. What is the order of magnitude of electric resistance of the human body (dry) ? 
Answer :  106 ohm 

38. Which forms the largest share of deficit in Govt. of India budget? 
Answer : Fiscal deficit

39. Which pair of ocean currents meet each other near Newfound land? 
Answer : Gulf stream and Labrador 

40. In which field did Indians in ancient time learn a lot from the Greeks?
Answer : Music

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General Knowledge Top 40 Questions for Competitive Exams


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