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Steps to Approved Google adsense Account with Blogger


I have shared many ad networks for publishers along with whole method of how to sign up, implementation of ads and boosting earnings but today I am going to share something most amazing and searched by bloggers and other publishers, its Google Adsense. It doesn't need any intro everyone is aware of Google Adsense. The thing which is most liked by publishers is high rates and best services which makes Adsense on top of all ad networks and thats why all bloggers and other publishers wish to have approved adsense account to earn good money. But as its the best ad network it is strict too because it provides better services to its advertisers. It doesn't tolerate any violence against its policies in order to provide best services to both advertisers and publishers.

That's the reason why it strictly analysis sites to be approved. Especially in countries like India and China Adsense is very strict because many spammers get approved accounts by certain tricks and sell them for fast earnings. So its harder to get approved adsense account.

However with blogger it is a little bit easier to get an approved adsense account. Though it is called hosted adsense account but still its good if used with care(no policy violations). So in this post I am going to give u some tips to get an approved adsense account.

1. Blog/Website Traffic:

The first thing you need to focus is traffic. How much your daily traffic is? where it comes from? these are the things which matter in case of traffic. Every ad network pay good when you have good traffic but adsense pay much higher rates even your traffic is not too huge but organic. So you need to focus on traffic of your blog. I suggest you to apply once you get 350-400 views daily, from search engines or social networks or the visitors are staying for long time on your site and viewing multiple pages, i.e a visitor comes from search engine(such as Google) and read your post and scroll down and read 2 or more posts from related post widget or random post widget or featured post widget or internal links to other posts. So ultimately you should have some audience to convince Google !

Steps to improve blog traffic:

Search Engine Optimization:

Improve your traffic by optimizing your blog for search engines to get real unique views.
  1. Add meta tags to your blog
  2. Enable search description for every post
  3. Use best keywords that match your content
  4. Optimize blog title
  5. Use webmaster tools - BING, GOOGLE, YANDEX.
Social Sources For Traffic:

Get your site shared on social networks for example in facebook groups, Google communities, Twitter, reddit, stumbleupon.

Guest blogging:

Write posts in other blogs and get backlink from them. It will drive some traffic to your site and give u backlinks too.

2. Search Ranking And Social Profiles.

Improve your search rankings and create social profiles and share every post of you on your social profiles. To improve search engines rank built quality backlinks and focus on seo.

3. Blog/Site Content:

Google like text posts more then just images. It doesn't mean that you start writing long and long posts that once read by a person would never come back to your site, he will search for short, meaningful posts. Too long post are not liked by people so write a great content and meaningful content no matter its not long. Google emphasizes more on meaningful content rather than on long content, here is the statement that google always use:

"Write a content that is meaningful so that people have a reason to visit your site"

So above statement clears that your content shouldn't be long but meaningful so that it could be good enough to bring visitors to your blog.

One more question that many Adsense appliers ask is how many posts should I write to get my Adsense account approved and the answer is simple, you don't need to write 200 or 500 post and all should be long stories, absolutely not. You can get your Adsense account approved even with 50-80 posts but your posts should be meaningful enough to receive traffic. So its all about traffic!

Content that is prohibited by Google:

1. Pornography/Adult content.
2. Illegal content e.g drugs.
3. Hacking content.
4. Violent content.
5. Copied content from other sites.

4. Site/Blog design:

1. Loading speed:

Make your site load fast because it is a part of user experience. If user experience is not good you can't get Adsense approved!

Suggested: How to speed up your blogger blog/improve page load speed

2. Navigation:

It is also recommended to have a good navigation so that visitor could easily find what he's looking for. A floating menu and search box would be a good choice!

3. User experience:

Keep focus on user experience, your site design shouldn't disturb the visitor. For example any pop-up that pops up again and again or alot of slideouts asking for email subscriptions.

Mobile site should also be free of such things which affects user experience specially pop-ups. If your mobile site have pop-ups remove them as soon as possible otherwise Google is going to penalize your site.

Suggested: Beware of Google's mobile site pop-up penalty

5. Third party ads:

You don't need to remove all your third party ads and lose whatever you have earned. Though you need to remove all the ads when you are applying for adsense and once approved you can install the ads back but these ads should be compatible with Adsense!

Pop-up ads should be removed before applying to Adsense and you can't install them after approval otherwise your Adsense account will get banned because Google hates pop up ads.

6. Comply With Google AdSense Policies:

Your site should comply with Google Adsense policies. According to Google Adsense policies:

1. Your content should be legal(no pornography, no violent content, no gambling content etc).

2. Your site should not violate any copyright policies(copy paste content).

3. Traffic sources of your site should not include PTC sites, Fake traffic from any software or traffic exchange sites, Traffic from unsolicited mass emails.


7. Important Pages: 

Your blog should have pages like contact pages, privacy policy, disclaimer, about, sitemap.

8. Never Give Up !

Its not like that easy that you just try once or twice and get approved, No ! Maybe you get rejected the first time but wait for a week or two with some improvements and try again. I also got rejected for 4-5 times and the 6th time I got approved. So never give up.

Conclusion With all the above things you will get your adsense account approved. In case of failure don't lose hope try again after some time but keep in mind that without good traffic e.g minimum 400 views per day you can't get adsense approved and if you get adsense approved with low traffic by some trick then it will not be good because you won't get aby benefit of it because you would not have any real traffic and thats why you will not earn good.

Also an adsense account got approved with tricks will be more prone get banned. So avoid these things!

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Steps to Approved Google adsense Account with Blogger


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