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Crisis Looms In Edo Over Ownership Of Gelegele Community

As shared by Hon Charles Eyimofe Pemu[i]

Ijaw vs Benin Communal Crisis looming as the Ijaws contend ownership of Gelegele community in Benin Kingdom , Ovia South West Areas of Edo State where there’s gas flow station.

The President of the Ijaw Youths Council ( IYC ) , Mr. Eric Omare has warned that, if the issue of Gelegele community in Edo State ownership is not properly handled it will lead to a serious fracas between the Ijaws as a nation and the Binis as a kingdom. He further lamented that , they (Ijaws) have longed been marginalized by the edo government by depriving them of their share from their God given natural resources.

The youths of Benin kingdom staged a solidarity match to the oba palace after the threats from their ijaw tenants and then send a message to the ijaws that , the Binis are not cowards but, warriors and their military unit is ever ready to reprise whatever external aggression.

According to some of the angry Benin youths who speaks on behalf of the Binis in a very strong bitter tone that ‘ they (the Binis) are not the kind hearted and peaceful itsekiri people who are the overlords of warri kingdom but,let go their lands to their tenants just to make peace between them and tenants. that they ( the Bini’s ) are ready to defend what belongs to them as their gesture to accommodate tenants shouldn’t be mistaken for stupidity.

One of the Benin youths ask ‘ How old is the Ijaw kingdom in Nigeria that’s if they have one and how many dynasty has reigned under the ijaws? He further said that the Benin kingdom has reigned over 40 monarch of which is the son of the 14th oba who suppose to be heir of Benin kingdom that established the great warri kingdom in the 1480AD so, he asked where were the others that are now fighting over lands as at then when others was establishing kingdoms? He asked ‘what are their history to provd they own a place rather than claiming with violence approach?

Another of the Benin youth made a reference to the throne of England which is the highest monarchy in the world today though, not history of mankind that ‘ Is no not a breaking news but a known fact that , all tribes and persons in England remains under her majesty, the queen of England . He said, though God created and own all lands but only afew were made kings over others and that must be respected for the sake of peace.

Note that there has been issues between the Ijaw vs Itsekiri of warri kingdom, Ijaw vs Urhobo of Aladja, Ijaw vs Ilaje, Ijaw vs Yoruba of ondo, ijaws now vs Benin kingdom and there is ijaws vs federal government please is Nigeria an Ijaw community or is there something we are not being told? People are still wondering how lands that was known in the 70s as Okerenghigo are now known as Okerenkoko via political manipulation.

My take on this : There is a need for the federal government to take a stand on the issue of land dispute to put an end to all these problem once and for all because we are going to have such issue over and over if a long lasting solution is not put in place. We are all suppose to be brothers and sisters by the virtue of being human created by the Almighty God but, due to excessive greed and power of supremacies over others as a result of who should have a larger share, some groups persons and ethnic nationalities are forcefully encroaching into others with the use of violence as if one own the monopoly of violence over the others.

The earlier the federal government stop handling such issue with carrot stick which is only but a short measure for them to continually extorting from the troubled region, the better for humanity irrespective of persons.

In my option, I think the best way to resolve such threatening issues is to follow due process and respect the rule of law which is the last hope of the oppressed and common man. Justice cannot be achieved through the application of violation, oppression and suppression of other but, by presentation of evidence and references to show originality therefor, All parties should tender their proof of ownership over lands and the need for those in the appropriate authorities of government to be sincere in passing of judgement.

Charles Eyimofe Pemu.[/i]

The first photo shows Ijaw youths claiming the area, the latter photos show Benin youths doing the same thing.

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Crisis Looms In Edo Over Ownership Of Gelegele Community


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