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Marketing online as an affiliate blogger

Marketing Online As An Affiliate Blogger

Marketing online as an affiliate blogger and HTML.

Marketing online as an Affiliate Blogger may prove to be quite a bit more challenging than anticipated. As a blogger, marketing with banners come with a few rules as does most things you do online. Banners with marketing online as an affiliate blogger is best done with plugins. Simply because the banner HTML code can have an impact on your blog SEO score in search engines. Which ultimately influences the ranking capability of your blog as a blogger.

One of a few things all super successful affiliate marketers have in common. They all have their own blogs and use banner HTML. Affiliate marketing is becoming increasingly more difficult as a result of popularity. Therefore if you’re going to compete at a professional level. In marketing online as an affiliate blogger. Then you must have your own blog.

That said. With marketing online as an affiliate blogger. A great WordPress plugin to use for banner ad displays is “WordPress Insert”, also “WP Insert”. And you can find it along with hundreds of great free plugins to use on WordPress (dot) org. By using this plugin as an affiliate blogger the HTML banner code is entered into the plugin. Then displays it as an image inside your blog post or page. Another tip to avoid HTML code interference is by adding an image widget and then redirecting the image to a cloaked affiliate URL.

Product reviews in marketing online as an affiliate blogger.

Affiliate marketing being as competitive as it is. Will require some convincing from your side. And writing a product review will do just that. Curiosity is what leads to success in marketing as an affiliate blogger. But this also means purchasing and actually testing what you intend to promote. Therefore you will spend money to make money online. Because that’s the only way to create quality, unique and useful content. And you need to give your reader something they can use that actually works. But you also need to offer something that will satisfy a common need within your niche. The catch however is, even if you have done all this perfectly. It will deliver little to no results if the target keywords for a blog is not strategically placed.

But strategic keyword placement is covered in “Showing up in Google search results with SEO”. And many tools revealed in the “conclusion” section at the end of this post.

Write a review exceptionally compelling but never share screenshots of impressive income amounts. Audiences are tired of that and it may even raise your visitor bounce rate. Impressive screenshots had sadly become an overly exploited marketing tactic. One which easily result in misdirection as a way to “instant riches”. Responsible for a failure rate of over 95% because of that moment when reality sets in.

YouTube videos for exposure and popularity.

Marketing with YouTube Videos is one of the best ways to drive targeted blog traffic. And video SEO is better explained in “YouTube videos with Google Chrome and Firefox”. But you can create videos for YouTube at no cost to you. Apart from a little creativity and colorful design. Use the tool called “Lumen 5” which is a free video creating tool. There are paid options, but the free version works just as well for getting started. The one outstanding option with Lumen 5 is that you can easily turn blog posts into video. But any marketing tactic still requires superb presentation. And the ability to raise curiosity. By making your reader want to know more without having to use impressive screenshots.

Presentation and first impression.

Marketing online as an affiliate blogger and actually generate sales. Largely depend on presentation which is also the first impression. What does your reader or visitor see first when they click on your blog URL? Does your home page open in under 6 seconds? Is a common need addressed in the post featured images? But more importantly does it offer a solution that actually work? Simple graphic design pointing out the obvious.

And by adding certain colours the first impression will even create a certain mood. Which is an excellent way to leverage curiosity. Because different colors inspire certain moods. Like blue for instance creates a mood of satisfaction and trust. Which is more broadly discussed in “How to make money with a blog online”.

Write blog posts of 1000 – 2000 words. But offer value and improved readability. It is important to add transition words. Leading one sentence into another like; hence, therefore, because, and etc. Making money online as an affiliate marketing blogger is an art, not a contest. And best design requires a lot of time. If you can write a really “high quality” blog post in under 4 hours. Then perhaps you may want to focus a little more on research and offering value. While also strategically place all keywords and search phrases.

Know what you’re up against.

In a word? Fierce! As mentioned before if you’re going to compete at a professional level. Competition with affiliate marketing is fierce and thousands of other affiliates are promoting the exact same banner for instance. Therefore you want to design your own banners and unique content. And if you’re not able to do your own design and write high quality content?

Then research is the only way to get there. Remember that the only difference between super successful affiliate marketers. And the ones not quite as successful yet is time. Where Google is your best friend. Just decide what you’re looking for and use that as a search phrase.

But be prepared to spend months and even years researching. Because you have to stand out from a rather impressively large crowd. And a Multi-Billion Dollar industry with an average of 12% yearly growth. Affiliate marketing is a massive landscape and it takes a lot of time to get to know your way. Where over 95% newbies land in the swamps of information overload. Only master a single step or action or desired result at a time.

The key is tiny objective steps in the right direction. There is no such thing as a giant leap to fame and fortune. And the impressive screenshots you see is the result of years of hard work.

In conclusion to marketing online as an affiliate blogger.

Use free plugins to simplify tasks like banner HTML display and link cloaking. There is also the Yoast SEO Premium plugin for WordPress which is a must have. Leverage YouTube video with Chrome extension tools like “keywords everywhere”, “tube buddy” and “VidIQ”.  Use tools like “Lumen 5” to turn blog posts into video content for YouTube. And a little added bonus, use “Canva” for great graphic design simplicity. Like blog post and page featured images addressing the needs and offering solutions. Social media pictures for posts and even high quality eBook covers. Canva is an excellent tool for outstanding first impressions.

Take your time and get to know your way around these tools. And you will be able to compete at a professional level. Leave a comment and share your thoughts or questions. Even if you’re just getting started.

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Marketing online as an affiliate blogger


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