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9 Tips to Make the Most of Working from Home

You will love working from home and never go back to work again

Working from home is becoming much more common. The Covid-19 pandemic is, without any doubt pushing the working from home mode to its edge. 

On the surface, it sounds ideal.

You can work in your robe while you talk to your dog. You might even have your favorite movie on in the background. Your boss can’t even track your internet time!

But working from home has its disadvantages, too. It’s not as easy to get things done from home as you might think. You can also go a little stir-crazy if you’re not careful!

Like everything in life, working from home has its pros and cons.

Use these strategies to make working from home productive and enjoyable:

#1 Stick to a schedule

  • If your company is flexible on your hours, make your own schedule and stick to it
  • Get up at the same time each day
  • Stick to your everyday grooming routine
  • Sit down to work at the same time each day
  • Plan your lunchtime
  • Quit working at a set time

#2 Dress effectively

Some people can take care of business just fine in their pajamas. Others might need to dress in their regular work clothes to get things done at a high level. Dress in a way that works for you. We are all different, but keep the following in mind when dressing:

  • A video conference can suddenly come up on the agenda. What image of yourself would you like to transmit to the people on the other side of the screen?
  • Working from home, unexpected visitors can suddenly ring your doorbell
  • Clothing is an essential part of your self-esteem. Take it seriously!

It’s impossible to set a “black and white” rule on a home Office dress code. Use your own feeling and criteria, and be aware of the three bullet points above.

#3 Deal with the other people in your home

Kids, spouses, friends, neighbors, other family members, and pets can all be a distraction. Set boundaries and enforce them. You might have to tell your kids to leave you alone unless there is a real emergency. Friends might have to be told to stay away until 5:00 PM.

Each household is unique. Set rules that work for you, and don’t be shy about ensuring that everyone respects them. Your family members have to treat you and the working environment the same way as if they should visit you at your corporate office.

#4 Put in face time

Use video conferencing tools or actually head to the office occasionally if appropriate. Avoid only relying on the phone and emails for communication. It’s beneficial to see your coworkers, boss, employees, and clients or customers regularly if at all possible.

During this pandemic, many schools have suspended regular classroom lessons. Instead, the classes continue on zoom. The teachers have eye contact with the students, and everything is carried out as usual as possible. Copy that face-time habit and use it when working from home.

#5 Plan for breaks

Part of sticking to a schedule includes taking regular breaks. A break is an excellent time to clear your head, check on the kids, or let the dog out.

In a previous article, we reveal the importance of taking breaks to optimize efficiency.

#6 Get out of the house

At least once a day you should leave your house. It helps your mental and physical health get out of the house for at least a little while each day. You could run to the store, take a Walk, or do anything else that takes you out of your home for a bit. If you have a pet, there are natural breaking times to walk the dog.

Many different things are happening in a household every single day that require your action. Walking the dog, grocery shopping, picking up the kids from school are just a few examples. Probably you can find more to add to your list.

Do not see these activities as something interrupting your work, but rather schedule them as the necessary “get-out-of-the-house” activities.

#7 Communicate more

Communication can be less effective when you don’t have face-to-face contact. That means you’ll likely need to communicate more to make up for the lower quality of communication. Communicate as much as necessary to ensure that everyone knows what they need to know.

#8 Dedicated workspace

Having a dedicated workspace is crucial when working from home. When in the office, you probably have your assigned workspace. Why should it be different when working from home?

It can be tempting to spread out on the kitchen bar. But are your papers going to stay where you put them? Can you have a decent phone conversation here? Are there too many distractions?

Have a dedicated workspace that you and your family will respect.

#9 Get some exercise

You might not think that you get a lot of exercise at work, but you probably get more in your office than you do while working at home.

At work, you have to walk further to the bathroom. You have to walk from the parking lot to your office. When having lunch, you might go out regularly. You have to walk to your boss’s office or take files to another department. The coffee pot might be at the other end of the hallway.

At home, everything is close and convenient. It makes a difference regarding how much movement you experience each day. Think about, and do not ignore the exercise you will get from the activities described in #6.

Explore New Working from Home Paths

New Working from Home PathsEnjoy your time working from home but understand the potential drawbacks.

It can be more challenging to get things done, and it’s much easier to waste time if you’re not cautious.

Working from home can have more distractions. It can also be psychologically more challenging if you’re alone all day.

Or, as Susie Moore said in one of her articles:

“The good news: Working from home has no hard and fast rules.

The bad news: Working from home has no hard and fast rules.”

Take a look at your job responsibilities, home life, and your own idiosyncrasies. Develop a process that works for you.

Many people, especially during this pandemic time, start to view their home office differently. There are no colleagues or bosses “watching” you. The typical corporate office environment fades out, and you’ll get more time to think through what you really are working with.

It’s not a secret that the number of people starting their own business from home increases as never before. Of course, the lost corporate jobs due to the pandemic is one of the reasons. But, there are also many starting to think in new directions. 

Being your own boss is no longer a cliché

If the working hours you spend at home to do a job for others, what if you start to work for yourself? This new path of thinking is transforming thousands of loyal corporate workers into independent entrepreneurs.

The unique situation most people have today, working from home, allows exploring that little idea of being your own boss. Do it part-time, and find out at your pace. It’s highly recommended that you connect to a system and platform with all you need, from ready-made IT-platforms to training and coaching.

Your own business can be up and running this coming week, and with an investment corresponding to what you should spend anyway on a restaurant dinner.

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9 Tips to Make the Most of Working from Home


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